Who was Killed on Boeing 737 Max 8?

Killed on Boeing 737 Max 8And why does it matter to you?

The backstory…

If you aren’t already aware, the governments around the world (mainly America) have been poisoning us in the sky and trying to decimate our Mother Earth for almost a century. One name for this project is “The New Manhattan Project.”

For years, people have been told a pack of LIES that says we are responsible for climate change.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

These EVIL PEOPLE are responsible for ALL of the weather storms we have been seeing for the last few decades. Make NO mistake, they have been using geoengineering going as far back as the 1930’s, maybe even prior.

The definition of geoengineering

“the deliberate large-scale manipulation of an environmental process that affects the earth’s climate, in an attempt to counteract the effects of global warming.”

Of course, we don’t believe for one second that they are doing this to counteract Global Warming.

In fact, how do we even KNOW if the earth actually warmed up and they didn’t cause the warming with their weather weapons?

If they have been doing this since the 30’s, did we even have unbiased scientists who were looking into climate change back then?

If they’ve been working on this for THAT long, how come nothing has worked?

It’s because their goal wasn’t to reverse climate change, but it was something way more sinister.

How We Suffer at Their Hands

If you have experienced a storm, fire, massive flood, monsoon, extreme tornado, etc. and it has decimated your life, understand this has all been done ON PURPOSE.

This is NOT Mother Nature just randomly doing this to you. This is done by very very EVIL PEOPLE who want to kill off a good portion of the population worldwide, and/or use geoengineering as a weapon for WAR!


Learn More About Geoengineering

If you want to learn more about what’s going on currently with geoengineering, you can watch this video by Jim Lee, and get more of a backstory via this video by James Corbett with his guest Peter A. Kirby.

Peter talks about the first paper he found that mentions using weather as a weapon. This was BACK in 1958 when GE Labs was involved in this. Do you buy anything from GE (General Electric)? A company that has convinced us it’s a wholesome family company?

If you do, you are helping SUPPORT all of the things they have been doing to us.

MIT, The 3 Scientists, and The New Manhattan Project

Peter discusses how MIT and these scientists were the same group who developed the atomic bomb. They were also responsible for developing a lot of this dark technology (The New Manhattan Project), INCLUDING being able to control a plane via remote control.

911 anyone?

Cloud Seeding

The first form of weather manipulation was something called “Cloud Seeding,” and has been around since 1946, but it was local to the US and the topic was out in the open.

The New Manhattan Project is covert, and is used WORLDWIDE.

So Why Are They Trying To Harm Us?

And just so you know, all humans and the Universe are made up of energy. In fact, if people work to connect with the Universe, they will get a HUGE burst of energy from the Universe that will make them very happy. This energy heals us on so many levels… physically, emotionally and spiritually.

From this energy source we will be able to realize things we didn’t know before. It literally opens our mind and spirit.

We have to assume this is ANOTHER reason they are trying to harm the Universe and the SUN, because we are connected to them, and if only more people knew how to connect to the Universe, we would all be a lot better off.

Unfortunately due to religion hiding this from us so they can control us, and most people only believing in what they can see, not everything else that’s around them, people don’t want to use methods to create to the very source that created us, the Universe.

The EVILS that be don’t want us to be healthy, happy and connected. They want us as slaves and ignorant and people have given them EXACTLY what they want.

We also know that before religion was forced upon people, MANY thousands of years ago, people wordwide worshipped the sun.

What does geoengineering harm?



You can get Peter A. Kirby’s book here.

In the video, he discusses this book briefly that EXPOSES how the government that everyone TRUSTS has been poisoning people for decades…

In the 1970s Americans learned for the first time that they had been used for decades as unsuspecting guinea pigs in a series of astonishing experiments conducted by the US Army.

This book also exposes scientific research done on us – the dark side of science, although in our opinion, almost ALL science is dark because it’s created, owned, and funded by EVIL PEOPLE including the governments.

Health Studies Done on Geoengineering

James Corbett also talks about the ONLY research done by these two scientists, Utibe Effiong and Richard L. Neitzel. Out of ALL the scientists worldwide, only two have studied solar radiation management, which proves that this is harmful to our health and that we need MORE research done.

Frankly, we already know it’s toxic. We are smart enough to know something without waiting for years from scientists.

The sprays are made up of TOXIC metals that already cause HUGE health issues if they get into your body in other ways like mercury from your teeth’s fillings, mercury has seeped into marine life due to ALL of the poisons from EVIL CORPS. Aluminum from aluminum pans, and so on.

Ask yourself WHY no other researchers have studied solar radiation management?

It’s because it’s a covert weapon being USED on humans, and all living things.

Peter thinks that there HAS been many studies already done, but the government doesn’t want US to know the conclusions of the studies and of couse they would have to admit they are doing this to us.

Even with the older cloud seeding method, very little health research has been done.

So onto the reason we started writing up this article…

This is a list of all of the people who were KILLED on March 10, 2019 on Flight ET302 on the Boeing 737 Max 8 crash in Ethiopia.

Notice how so many were humanitarians trying to help people around the world?

Several were headed to Kenya and the UN geoengineering governance conference. This was a conference meant to put rules and laws into place about what governments and scientists can do with geoengineering.

Both the US and Saudia Arabia do NOT want LAWS that will restrict them from doing whatever they want.

We don’t know who on the plane they killed on Boeing 737 Max 8, but we feel this was definitely a terrorist attack against one or several of the people to stop them from whatever they were planning on doing once they got to that conference.

Even if so many of the other people weren’t part of the governance board, so many of the others spent their entire adult lives helping children, helping people to grow their own food, etc.

This is what these EVIL PSYCHOPATHS do to people who are trying to make a difference.

We will repeat AGAIN…

We have to GATHER together, create a Think Tank with a plan, and stand up to them.

Please like, spread this info, and STOP hiding in the sand.

By now you have to have become aware of what’s happening out there.

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