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Off Facebook ActivityLearn how to disable Off Facebook Activity so fakebook doesn’t track you for at least this part. sigh

Don’t give me shit for still being on fakebook. I don’t live on there and yes, I know most people on there are low IQ and very brainwashed.

I have to be on there because where I live that’s the only way to get information.

In fact, I wasn’t even using fakebook until I was forced to.

I had an account but never used it until 2015.

Besides, I like the groups as I belong to hundreds on a myriad of topics although most are garbage. And a lot of people STILL have facebook pages. AND if you can’t get a company on the phone or by e-mail, you can almost always get them on their facebook page by outing them in their comment section.

Plus there are tons of videos live on the ground about what’s happening in this war that you will never find anywhere but on fakebook.

These are directions from a PC since I don’t use toxic cell phones to do work. I only use it when I go out.

If you can believe this, when I tried to remove fakebook messenger from my Note 9 I had just bought a year or so ago, the fucking phone wouldn’t let me.

I had to go into cache settings and clear the cache and then turn it off, but it’s still on my phone.

I’m going to be uploading a video I finally finished in the next week or so. I have to do more research on this topic down the road, but it’s about mind control through our phones and computers.

Anyway, here are the instructions

  1. Top right of your screen click on the down arrow
  2. Select Settings & Privacy
  3. Then click Settings
  4. Click on “Your Facebook Information” in the left column
  5. Then click Off-Facebook Activity
  6. Click on Clear History
  7. Click on the blue “Clear History” button to clear that
  8. Then click “More Options” on that small menu on the right
  9. Manage Future Activity
  10. Click on the blue button that says, “Manage Future Activity”
  11. It will say “Future Off-Facebook Activity”
  12. Turn the slider to the left to turn it off

There you go.

Hope that helps

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