The Lie About Electric Cars

The Lie About Electric Cars being better for us and the environment. Yes, there’s the cost, but why are they pushing it on us is the question.

Madonnas Lucifer Ring

Madonnas Lucifer Ring. She shows it off to Arsinio Hall back when she had just sold her soul to the devil for fame and fortune.

It’s Mosquito Week

It’s Mosquito Week is what the evils are doing to force vaccinate us. Bill Gates in particular heads this kill shot.

Obama – Michelle Trans

Obama Michelle Trans. Michelle Obama like many others in power is a trans. She or he was born a male. Obama screws up twice on camera.

Root Cause

Root Cause is all about your teeth and your health problems. If nothing you do is helping you heal, this may be the cause.

Safety Mask Song

Safety Mask Song showing how the braindead are addicted to masks. They believe all the lies and continue to harm themselves with masks.

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