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Healthy GirlPeople with no symptoms of covid-19 will be thrilled to learn the following…

I have some great news, although I don’t know how much it’s going to help the brainwashed masses.

Most people love living in a state of fear, most people don’t want to be happy and live in peace even if they claim they want to.

You know how I know?

Because most people do absolutely nothing to create that reality for themselves and their community.

They didn’t do it before this scamdemic started, and they certainly aren’t trying to accomplish that now.

There’s the odd exception to the rule, but now it’s unfortunately too late because the evils have already started their overt holocaust/war.

Now onto the GREAT NEWS!!!

As of late May, the government wrote that asymptomatic people (people with no symptoms) do NOT give people Covid-19.

Why the government is admitting this now is beyond me, because the factions within the government who are criminals certainly don’t want us to know this, but my guess is this won’t change a thing because people are too far gone already.

I’m going to take a screenshot of the entire page just in case they try to take it down or re-word it because that’s what happens all the time.

Here’s the article on the NCBI site.

Here’s the screenshot.

If you’ve been reading my blog, watching my YouTube channel, or you’ve been on my list since the beginning of this scamdemic, you know I don’t believe this Coronavirus covid-19 is even real.

I believe that it’s the regular flu that they somehow altered to give people different symptoms.

In fact, I’ve heard non stop since March that the lying MSM and lying government hasn’t mentioned a THING about the regular flu which is called influenza.

AND the numbers have suddenly dropped LOL

So where are all the people with the normal seasonal flu???

I’ll tell you where, they are the ones who they CLAIM have covid-19.

And remember the facts people… in the last several years, more people have died from influenza or TB, than this fake covid-19.

And I say that because the numbers on their site AND the numbers the MSM tells you are all inflated and fake.

Here’s why.

Watch video #1
Watch video #2

So why do people have the same similar symptoms?

Well, because you can have those symptoms for a myriad of reasons that have NOTHING to do with covid-19.

Just like due to my illnesses that I’ve had for years, I can suddenly start sneezing non stop, but that does NOT mean I have the flu or covid-19.

Why not do a search for each of the symptoms of covid-19 and see what other reasons they could be for.

In fact, they recently started adding NEW symptoms to the list just so they can petrify MORE people, lie to them and tell them that they have covid-19.

Remember, they need to convince the entire world (or most of it) that covid-19 exists so people will live in FEAR and beg to be treated like a slave and beg to be:

  • imprisoned
  • suffocate themselves with toxic masks full of chemicals, toxic plastics and toxic dyes AND
  • be injected with a toxic poisonous vaccine that will forever change the DNA of humanity and track us like cattle

Then they want everyone else to be treated like a slave TOO. And to do the bidding of their slave masters to round up anyone who resists slavery.

This is what slaves have done forever every time they live in a state of fear and/or are so insecure that they need the love and affection of their master (government) to make them feel like they belong to something.

In fact, I think that most people who are getting the symptoms are literally making themsleves sick.

People are soooo full of fear sitting in front of the brainwashing TV listening to the liars on the fake news networks that they are probably falling asleep to them talking about the coronavirus and that seeps into their subconscious.

These people continue to believe their masters (the criminals in government) and the fake scientists and doctors. This then makes them sick with the symptoms.

There were plenty of doctors and scientists that came forward and said that this illness did NOT warrant closing up the entire world.

Doctor #1 – Professor Doctor Sucharit Bhakdi
Chiropractic Doctor – Eric Nepute
Italian Politician who knows it’s a hoax (I know he’s not a doctor or scientist, but remember Italy dealt with this lockdown long before we did, so he’s had months to evaluate.
Forensic Doctor in Hamburg, Germany
Military and scientist from Tanzania, Africa of all places. They figured out it was a scam pretty quickly.
Dr. Coleman – the UK

If you have studied the mind, you will know that the mind can produce anything in the body and when people are under a huge amount of stress, they make themselves sick with all sorts of illnesses.

They wanted you to live in fear so they could control you. They wanted you to be scared to death so you would believe everything they told you.

And that’s why if you are WOKE, I’m afraid this article will do no good at all.

The brainwashed slaves are too far gone at this point.

BUT, I’d love for YOU to prove me WRONG!!!

And lastly, the two videos that prove that viruses don’t exist


Be well, and stay safe from the evils trying to take us DOWN!

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