Rewards for covid19

Rewards for covid19 – for the scientific proof that covid19 actually exists. Get your free money here along with your scientific proof.

Germ Theory

Is Germ Theory True

Is Germ Theory True – Here are tons of links to prove it’s not and that we have been lied to for hundreds of years now so they can control us.

Healthy Girl

People with no symptoms

People with no symptoms are of no risk to you as we already knew, so stop behaving like a child and supporting slavery.

Jim Meehan MD

MD talks about masks

MD talks about masks and how they don’t work and we shouldn’t wear them. If you go to his site, you’ll even see articles where he says they are dangerous.

Wake Up

Message to all the normies

Message to all the normies who still think that there’s a virus going around. It’s time to grow up and learn the truth about what’s really going on.

Nurse Megan Watkins

Nurse Megan Watkins details her experience working in New York City during the coronavirus outbreak. You may be shocked at what you learn.


Masks Represent

What do Masks Represent and why are we being forced to wear them? Why do all of the governments worldwide want to harm us by forcing us to wear masks?

Masks Make You A Puppet

Masks Don’t Work

Masks Don’t Work Masks don’t work, so now I want to see everyone who thinks that masks protect us from this flu explain all of these scientific studies away. That’s ALL that CV is, is a flu. And I’m even beginning to hear that when they test you with their toxic fake inaccurate CV tests, … Read more

What Really Makes You Ill

What REALLY Makes Us Ill

What REALLY Makes Us Ill. Learning the truth after years of lies. Viruses don’t exist except in our bodies to fight off infection. You can’t catch a virus.

Breathing in Co2

Wearing masks outside

Wearing masks outside is dangerous, but they want to force you so you get sick and then they can blame it on the coronavirus, not to mention control you.

coronavirus truth

Coronavirus Truth

Coronavirus Truth – getting the truth about the covid 19 is like pulling teeth, with all the lies the media and government throw at you.


Examples You Are a slave

These are Examples You Are a slave being controlled by the evils. Nothing could be clearer in my mind and I hope you wake up to the truth!


Your Role

Your Role in all of this is to learn what is going on and help save humanity. If you decide to support the psychopaths who are harming us, this is on you.


Forced Vaccinations

The Forced Vaccinations is finally here. We warned you about it! and you didn’t care because you blindly believed the lies. The Holocaust on Steroids!

Bill Gates

Bill Gates and the Coronavirus

Bill Gates and the Coronavirus and the timeline of how he spearheaded the entire process to bring us to where we are today. They want forced vaccinations.

Governments suffocating people

Government Suffocating People

Is your Government Suffocating People within your city, province, state and country? Soon the entire world will be on full lockdown just as the evils want.

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