Rewards for Covid19

GoldDo you want the money from the rewards for covid19?

So considering 90% of the world STILL believes in the lies that the evils have spread that there is such a thing as covid19, a coronavirus, at least 2 doctors that I know of have offered a reward if someone can prove to them that covid19 is real and exists.

Of course so far no one has taken them up on their money which begs the question why?

I get attacked occasionally on Facebook or YouTube because people think they are so smart and I’m nuts.

So I recently started saying okay, if you are so smart and I’m the moron, then why don’t you cash in on this money that these doctors are offering?

So I’m going to list these 2 doctors here and if you have any others I’m not aware of, just e-mail me and I’ll add them to this list.

If someone can actually come up with the PROOF (scientifically of course), they can bank a good amount of change here.

I implore every single die-hard worshiper of the criminals in government AND the criminals in the allopathic medical-industrial complex to TAKE THEIR MONEY!!!

Let the world know once and for all whether this so called “virus” is REAL.

That the evils and the government had good reason to:

  • Muzzle us with toxic masks and make us sick by wearing them.
  • Imprison us in our homes so we can’t go outside and get fresh air, sunshine and we are actual prisoners.
  • Stop us from being around our friends, family, people we love, special occasions, can’t even go to graduation, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, churches, synagogues, mosques, etc.
  • Stop kids from going to school.
  • Stressed the kids to death.
  • Take away our jobs.
  • Close our businesses so we went bankrupt.
  • Make millions of people homeless.
  • Caused everyone to fight with one another.
  • Take away our food supply so we will starve to death.
  • Stop people from being able to travel, move to other countries, visit people, etc.
  • Stop everyone from having fun, relaxing, enjoying life.
  • Caused people to die in their homes because they were too afraid to go to the hospital OR they were told they couldn’t go.
  • Seniors are dying when they didn’t need to because they are all alone in old age homes.
  • Doctors in hospitals are killing patients by venting them for no reason at all.

We really want to KNOW!!!

Here are the people offering the rewards for covid19:

  1. Hans U. P. Tolzin
    Widdersteinstr. 8
    D-71083 Herrenberg
    [email protected]
    He’s offering 100,000 EURO. He’s come up with 10,000 EURO and we have to come up with the rest if someone proves it.
    Read the entire process here
  2. Dr. Tim O’Shea – here’s the video with his offer of a $5,000 US reward. Here is his site

If anything changes and someone DOES provide the evidence, please let me know, but of course I already know they won’t because THIS IS A SCAM!

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