Who Is Bill Gates Full Documentary 2020

Bill GatesOk, here we go…

I know it’s long, but it’s a MUST WATCH, as it ties “KILL BILL” into eugenics and his worldwide control agenda.

But I don’t want to say it’s HIS agenda, because it’s not.

He’s just a puppet, although he’s been groomed to fill this position since he was a child since eugenics runs in his family.

And there should be no sympathy for him as he’s been evil since he was a young adult harming humans every chance he got, but like James, who created the documentary said, eugenics is an ideology. Even if we put Bill Gates in prison tomorrow, someone else would just take his place. I knew that 2 months ago.

These evils have been planning this for probably at least 50 years just like they planned 911 for 50 years.

So please watch the video and share it. It’s hopefully the video that will WAKE PEOPLE UP!

If not, expect things to continue moving along because the test is coming soon and while I’m not 100% sure as I need more evidence, it WILL give you something that will make you sick.

I already knew that months ago too, but for the first time today I heard something in a video that stated that.

And if you think this is all bullshit, do you really want to take that chance that us truthers are right and this is what’s happening?

Be well and stay safe from the evils.

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