Masks Don’t Work

Masks Make You A PuppetMasks don’t work, so now I want to see everyone who thinks that masks protect us from this flu explain all of these scientific studies away.

That’s ALL that CV is, is a flu. And I’m even beginning to hear that when they test you with their toxic fake inaccurate CV tests, that everyone will test positive if they had a cold in the last 10 years.

How many people do you know who have NOT had a cold in the last 10 years???

So because we’ve all had a cold, we should ALL be put on a list just like they did during the holocaust and just like they do in China and North Korea???

We should lock ourselves up in prisons AND muzzle ourselves, torture ourselves, AND force EVERYONE to lose their job AND business because you believe the lies and live in a constant state of FEAR???

If you still AGREE that all of that should be done to humanity, you are so far gone mentally that I plead with you to get serious help and not from a shrink, as they are dangerous.

If after all the evidence (and I have tons more), you clearly still believe/worship the criminals in your government, I don’t know what else to say to you.

I’ll stop here and say no more.

Here is the scientific compilation of studies that show that Masks Don’t Work

Now if after reading that, your brain starts working again, ask yourself WHY they are forcing us to wear masks if it doesn’t help.

And what ELSE they are lying about?

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