What do masks represent?

MasksMasks represent more than just a health hazard.

This is a list I’ve added to that I already knew much of, but hadn’t yet formulated until I watched one of Dr. Vernon Coleman’s videos.

Vernon Coleman is from Britain who used to be a GP and then after all the scamming within the allopathic industry he finally had enough and left. I believe he’s more holistic now.

While he doesn’t yet know about the evils, he’s a former GP who clearly hates the government and for the most part, he’s one smart cookie. He knows something is behind the government, but he probably doesn’t know how far back it goes and how it’s all tied into even the British royal family, Vatican, etc.

He’s been posting videos non stop since he found out about this scamdemic holocaust we are in and he too predicted a lot of things that were going to happen, but he predicted them back in February if you can believe that.

But even with him being spot on with his predictions, he was surprised at some of the things that have taken place that he missed.

Please sub to his channel, and here is his site.

  1. Masks dehumanize us as a humanity.
  2. Besides masks making us sicker and more susceptible to other illnesses, masks take away our personality, individuality, keep us unsettled, and isolate ourselves from one another.This is exactly what evils want. Why do you think they are ALSO ORDERING imprisonment and social distancing?
  3. It’s difficult to have a conversation with someone when they are wearing a mask. Most communication is done through body language and facial expressions.
  4. You can’t see anyone who smiles. How do you even know if someone is angry or happy with you?
  5. Good news doesn’t sound as good when you hear it from someone wearing a mask.
  6. Bad news is more painful when you hear it from someone wearing a mask.
  7. There’s no real connection between 2 people wearing a mask.
  8. Doctors and nurses all wearing masks is more frightening to the patient.
  9. Workplaces and public transport is more depressing with everyone wearing a mask. I can attest to this just watching people on the bus. They no longer talk to one another like they used to.
  10. Masks create a whole range of psychological problems. This WHOLE scamdemic holocaust has always been about psychological warfare.
  11. Robbers and bandits wear masks.
  12. Masks keep reminding people that there’s something constantly dangerous at play even though there isn’t.
  13. Masks are there to keep people very very afraid.
  14. Masks are here to keep people obedient.
  15. The masks are NOT here for our safety, they are here to keep us weaker and more fearful.
  16. Masks have killed people. I’ve already read one article and I’m sure there’s tons of other examples worldwide.
  17. Breathing in the toxic material from masks and the dyes in the masks is harmful to our health.
  18. If you are wearing a cotton mask, unless it’s organic, you are breathing in toxic GMO cotton and glyphosate.
  19. More and more people are attacking others verbally (some physically) for not wanting to wear a mask. I’ve experienced this 3 times now within the last 2 weeks and I fear for my safety with the brainless sheeples rating me out to the police or criminal government.
  20. I heard that in a few months they are going to force everyone to wear a 3 layer flannel mask. How do you think you are going to breathe then???
  21. I also heard they are trying to train their master AI computer system that tracks everyone worldwide through their weapon 5G, to figure out who is who with their masks on.
  22. Lastly (thanks for a commenter on Facebook), it exposes who is complying with their slave owners, and who is fighting back so they can target them.

If you have any other items to add to this list, just add a comment below.

And look at what I just came across – sigh

Mask Rats

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