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Please Join Us in our Think Tank to brainstorm and strategize what we need to do to stop this war we are in.

Join UsI’m taking a much needed short music break after working 7 days per week, 12-14 hours per day, all to help save humanity.

Come join our Think Tank to save humanity from the evils who are clearly controlling us, trying to depopulate the world (there’s lots of evidence of that), trying to starve us (this will start more in the next several months), and in the end, turn us into transhuman robots so they can use us as slaves. Think this is crazy?

I did too until I started seeing the proof all around us.

Not that we weren’t slaves before, but this is slavery to the 100th degree.

Your life and your family’s life depends on whether you act NOW or decide to ignore what is going on and believe the criminals in government and the puppets in your mainstream media who are controlled by the evil corps and government.

I understand if you are new to this and it’s stressful and shocking. Then your first reaction is total denial. Been there, done that.

Us truthers had the luxury of taking the time to go through the process of denial, anger, depression and hopefully coming back out the other side only to pick up where we left off to study more.

Unfortunately, you don’t have that luxury, but we are all here for you.

Humans from all around the world need to stand TOGETHER against these families of EVIL who have been controlling the entire world for centuries. In fact, I’m now realizing it’s thousands of years.

They make regular every day psychopaths look like saints.

Please Join US Truthers…

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