Police Abuse

Looking At Police Abuse Nationwide

Police AbuseHere are examples of police abuse all across the country.

This is a prime example of America (and other countries) being a police state.

While it may not be as bad as North Korea, no one here is comparing us to the worst of the worst.

ALL police abuse especially when it’s NOT handled shows that the country is a police state.

The government allows this type of behavior because they want to control us. This is just one example that we are treated as slaves. It doesn’t even have to be a black person who is abused by the police, although in 90% of the cases blacks are discriminated and beaten.

  1. Here’s an example in Baltimore, Maryland and how even the internal affairs department meant to oversee the police do absolutely NOTHING when there are complaints of police brutality.
  2. This example happened in 2016 at a DNC event with a reporter who ended up in the wrong area because that’s where the taxi dropped her off. One cop was nice and just told her and her partner to exit. As they headed towards the exit, another cop (we have to point out that she was female since so many people complain that female cops are way nastier than male cops) stopped them and started to give them a hard time. Despite telling this cop that they were leaving, the cop arrested the journalist, put the zip tie cuffs on very tight, and left the journalist in the paddy wagon for over two hours.

    The journalist had never experienced anything like it, and had been clueless that the police can just arrest you for no reason and come up with fake accusations to substantiate the arrest.

    Being that she’s not black, now she knows what it feels like to be a minority and probably what tons of cops do every day when they arrest blacks, hispanics, and other minorities or low income white people.

  3. This police abuse incident happened in Hebron, Indiana when a couple was racing towards the hospital because the wife was in labor. We guess they didn’t stop right away and the next thing they know, the cop is screaming at the man, forcing him ONTO the ground and will NOT listen that his wife is in labor.
  4. Here’s a man who had printed off the laws so he could threaten the police legally when they came onto his property and wouldn’t leave.He didn’t even know why they were there, all he knew is that there were several cops and he felt threatened and so would YOU if you had people with guns showing up at your door and wouldn’t leave when you asked them to.
  5. The guy on the ground, had already stopped struggling when the cop from another cruiser came over and stomped on his head. This is in Georgia and of course the guy on the ground was black. His crime? Carrying some weed and supposedly driving without a license. YUP, that seems like a good reason to throw someone on the ground and then stomp on their head. Watch this video.
  6. Here’s an interesting one. It’s a woman in Minneapolis, and she’s WHITE, and even attractive. So why did the cops kill her you ask? Well if we have to hazard a guess, it’s because it was a professional hit, although it would have just been easier to have the hit man go in in the dark instead of sending in two cops, so that doesn’t really make logical sense.
    She was a holistic practitioner and life couch, and she must have pissed someone off. We can’t have people helping and heeling others if they are NOT pushing drugs.And before you think we are nuts, there have been MANY holistic NDs (that’s naturopathic doctors) who have either gone missing or have had mysterious deaths in the last several years.

    The two cops didn’t have their body cams on (how interesting.) You can watch the news real here.


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