Race or Politics

It’s Not About Race or Politics

Race or PoliticsPeople think that the division between you and me is about race or politics and it’s NOT.

The 1% Criminals

The EVIL people who try to control us have engineered it so we feel divided by race or politics, religion, ethnicity, even gender. This is called social engineering where the person (or people) manipulate others so they can get what they want from them.

These criminals actually hire actors and people to create the conflict online, in books, articles, on TV, etc. so eventually people who see these lies, start to separate from other people who aren’t exactly like them.

CLASS is what divides us, not race or politics.

What do we mean by class you ask?

Remember back when the peasants were of a lower class than the king?

That’s what we mean by class. Our status in society or as perceived by society as a whole.

The 8000-8,500 Satanic worshippers who control the ENTIRE world’s economic system (the 1%) and are creating a new world order, and THEY are WHO we are different from.

We personally never believed there were satanic worshippers, but while learning a new topic a few weeks ago, we were shocked to learn that these satanic worshippers are the ones who have ALL of the control over the world.

This isn’t a joke or some movie script, this is REAL life!


The rest of us are all the same boat (our class) because we are NOT part of these group of 1% criminals. We are the slaves they have been controlling and manipulating for centuries, and their efforts to control us has been ramping up since around the 1930’s.

We are the ones struggling to survive while they do absolutely NOTHING to improve our lives all the while making us work long hours so many days per week and year with little money.

Not only that, WE the people are the ones who actually pay the money to support the system through local and federal taxes, while THEY pay NO federal tax.

These 1%ers hoard their money, so it’s not like they spend it and it improves everyone’s lives, they don’t.

They’ve also increased inflation. This was something they did on purpose. It’s not because of some societal event like the so called “study” of economics would have you believe.

The higher the inflation, the MORE you have to work just to survive. That is why 40-60 years ago decades ago it only took one person working to pay the bills, now even with two or more people working it’s stressful and most people live in debt.

You can watch this interview with an ex-banker who tells some of what the 1% does to harm us. It’s a long interview, but well worth learning from someone who was very high in the inner circle of these psychopaths.

What the 1% Does to Harm Us

The 1% is also responsible for raping our earth and causing every living thing on it (including us) illness. If they can poison us, we can’t think straight and we have no energy to do anything, let alone fight back.

We believe this is why they do poison us through our water, air, and food. The 3 elements that ALL humans and living creatures can’t live without.

These 1% criminals are also the people who get away with raping and killing children and adults, while WE are the ones who go to jail if we dared do such a thing.

This isn’t just about them having MORE money than us, this is about how they control their own fate which is why they rarely if ever get arrested or convinced of a crime.

They own or can control anyone worldwide, and this drama all started in the Netherlands and then spread itself out worldwide.

It’s a fact that they are responsible for sex slavery. They would have you believe that it’s just some small time European group of men who are responsible, but they (the 1% or politicians or actors/actresses) are the ones who buy these children FROM these European criminals.

They rape, beat and psychologically traumatize and brainwash these little kids to be their sex slaves. That’s both female and male.

More and more people are starting to come forward (even if it’s covertly to people they think they can trust) to tell their stories of being sex slaves for government officials all the way upto the president or prime minister of countries like America, Canada, Mexico.

If you don’t know why you don’t see this in the mainstream media, it’s because they COVER IT ALL UP!!!

Here’s a British documentary on the Franklin Coverup. We hope Google won’t take it down like they do a lot of videos that must be seen.

If anyone tries to fight them, tell the truth, or don’t do what they are told to do, the secret agencies for that government get these people into compromising situations and then blackmail them.

Your Vote Does NOT Count

These so called “elite” have their own clique, and it doesn’t MATTER what side of the stupid political spectrum they are on because it’s ALL a show.

Just like their brainwashing where most people think that race or politics is what divides us, regular people have also ignorantly believed that the political system that gets you to vote is all real.

In fact, this is why they SELL the propaganda that you MUST VOTE VOTE VOTE because they have brainwashed the masses into believing their vote really counts when it doesn’t.

Whoever is elected has already been decided LONG before you cast your vote.

There’s even examples of that coming to light if you’ve been involved in those political circles.

If you open your eyes and look at what is going on with an OPEN mind, you can see how right after the charade of the so-called “election,” the person who “supposedly” won, NEVER DOES anything they said they were going to do.

The media that is controlled by the 1% then spreads further lies and social engineering to come up with all types of reasons WHY these promises can’t be fulfilled.

It’s ALL theater that the masses believe because they don’t know the truth or they are in such a deep state of denial that they don’t want to know the TRUTH.

The promises were never intended to be fulfilled, they were just used as carrots to make YOU believe you are a part of the political system. THAT’S THE POINT!

How to Start Your Freedom Drive

If you can focus MORE on wanting to be free and making decisions in your everyday life that reflect that desire, that’s a start.

We aren’t saying we can just snap our fingers and ALL be FREE tomorrow, but FIRST each and every one of us has to start internally recognizing what is REALLY happening.


We know it will be difficult for most of us to accept the TRUTH since for our entire lives we have believed one thing only to find out it’s all been a LIE.

But saying that, do you REALLY want to live a lie the rest of your life?

Understand and Really Believe

  1. We aren’t FREE. Most people still actually believe they are free. The Ruling Empire has worked very carefully to make you believe you are free.
  2. Decide if you want to be FREE. Some people don’t, some actually need to feel enslaved.
  3. Ask yourself what decisions in your everyday life can create more freedom for yourself and society.

What Actions Can You Take Now?

  1. Education is key. Start reading articles every week. Watch YouTube videos only from alternative media channels and STOP watching mainstream media news which is meant to brainwash you. If you don’t educate yourself which does take time, you will be stuck in limbo and be part of the problem, NOT the solution.
  2. Work with others in your community to promote change. It can be as simple as holding a weekly or monthly meeting to discuss what you have learned. You are all in this together, talk about FREEDOM, and put your heads together to come up with solutions, then post your solutions on your website or you can use ours.
  3. Spread the word to others even if they aren’t ready to hear the message yet. People usually need to hear/see something many times before it starts to sound plausible to them. You don’t know if the person you talk to has already seen something and is ready to accept, or you will be the first person to help plant that seed of doubt about the world they are living in.
  4.  Grow your own food with others in your neighborhood or city.
  5. Band together with others in your city to create small businesses or work together to come up with the funds to pay for your bills.
  6. Stop paying the EVIL CORPS who are poisoning us… McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Outback, Kelsey, etc. These EVIL CORPS have created their food in a LAB meant to keep you addicted, not to mention what it does to kill your brain and body.
  7. Try not to buy from the EVIL companies who went out of their way to bankrupt EVERY small company that used to be in your city. Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc. have WAY too much power. We know it can be difficult if you are on a strict budget, but this is WHY they want you penniless, so you can feed the companies that are part of the bigger picture and then you become reliant on them. If you have to buy from them, at least once per month buy from an independent store or person to help offset that.

Is Freedom Feasible?

All of this has to first start in our heart and mind.

Then once you are totally invested in moving towards FREEDOM, you can learn how to make daily decisions that will reflect your desire for FREEDOM in your personal life.

And your actions will then permeate out into your inner circle of friends and family and their hearts and minds will eventually change and so will their actions.

If everyone did this, our numbers of wanting and accomplishing FREEDOM would grow.

We HAVE the power to be FREE, as we far OUTNUMBER them.

They fear us because they KNOW we outnumber them


Our Free Society

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