Svali ex-Illuminati Member Interviewed

IlluminatiThis is Svali ex-Illuminati Member Interviewed back in 2006.

I guess the illuminati is on schedule because whatever she’s saying was going to happen is starting to happen now with this new war/holocaust.

Here’s the site for the radio station where the interview took place.

And here are my notes from the interview

(I purposely don’t cap any word that would give the evils any respect, so that’s why several words aren’t capped even though technically they should be.)

  1. ArcticBeacon’s Greg Szymanski radio program, 1.18.2006 – the Investigative Journal.
  2. One girl went through the induction ceremony and eventually committed suicide by jumping off of the vatican. That’s how Greg got interested in this topic of the illuminati, as he was working in Italy during this time.
  3. Svali was born in Germany, but her family moved to the US when she was very young.
  4. When she was 12, she went for a ceremony back to Germany because she’s from the German house.
  5. The ceremony was in Rome where she and 2 other children, and around 9 other adults and Catholic officials attended.
  6. They all watched while a 3 year old was sacrificed. She was accompanied by a French father.
  7. She said everything is underground in the Vatican in a round room with 13 catacombs leading into this room.
  8. There’s a gold pentagram on the floor, and on top of that, a Chinese black marble table with channels to collect fluid.
  9. After the ceremony, she had to kiss the father’s ring who was dressed all in maroon.
  10. He told her that the same or worse will happen to you if you ever leave or tell anyone.
  11. The illuminati members are full of fear and loyalty.
  12. Her German father told her she did a good job, and this will help you rise within the family.
  13. These men are called fathers, and there’s a house of 12. One for each European country. The main ones are Britain, Germany, and France.
  14. The spiritual power base is in Rome.
  15. The illuminati didn’t go into the US until after it became a country.
  16. In the US there’s a national council with 13 men.
  17. You have sister groups
  18. Then there are sub-regions.
  19. Then local regional councils.
  20. They use the principles of MK Ultra on all levels. They have a deep understanding of the physical sciences.
  21. The members just come from the children who are born into the system generation after generation. They don’t bring in outsiders.
  22. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the main spiritual power hub in the US.
  23. Right after Bush was elected, he went to Pittsburgh and talked to a masonic group there.
  24. East Coast is east of the Mississippi.
  25. Alexandria, Virginia is where the administrative financial day to day operations are.
  26. The west coast power base (West of the Mississippi) is in San Diego, California.
  27. She was sent there from Alexandria where she started off.
  28. Any major city could have 5-15 groups depending on the population.
  29. 1% of the population in the US is illuminati.
  30. They want to rule the world.
  31. They are intelligent leaders and they consider the rest of the world as sheep.
  32. They have infiltrated the media, education, government, and the financial system.
  33. They’ve infiltrated Europe, the US, and other countries too.
  34. They are into porn, gun-running, selling military computer codes, child prostitution, white slavery, and gambling, but then they also put their money into regular businesses.
  35. They are never there during the transactions. They get their patsies to collect the money. Then it passes through 2-3 people before they get the money.
  36. The mafia is scared of them.
  37. No one can ever leave. If they do, they are killed.
  38. They aren’t satanists, they study luciferianism.
  39. There are 6 main branches of learning: science, spirituality, military, government, leadership and scholarship.
  40. She was tested at age 2. They left her in a room for over 24 hours with no water or food.
  41. Eventually her mother came into the room with a pitcher of water. Svali begged her for water because she was so thirsty. Her mother poured a glass of water and drank it herself.
  42. Svali started crying, and her mother slapped her out of the chair and then took the water away.
  43. Time passed and her mother did that again, slapped her across the room.
  44. The third time Svali didn’t ask for the water. Her mother left and then a man came into the room and said she did well and gave her water.
  45. She was taught not to want for anything. Not to recognize what she needed. To look outside of herself to find out what she needed.
  46. A person is considered an adult by the age of 12. That’s when they do the ceremony.
  47. She was a trainer when she was 7.
  48. At the age of 12 she became a full trainer.
  49. She entered the leadership council at age 22.
  50. She worked a real job during the day, and at night time worked for the illuminati.
  51. They act one way during the day, and another totally different way at night. Just like when you have a job you behave differently than when you are at home.
  52. She would travel to Europe for a month.
  53. They train the children not just to harm them, but to help the child to develop their potential. All the training has a goal. They are trying to induce an experience with the child.
  54. At group meetings they have security at the 1, 3, and 5 mile perimeter.
  55. If a person they don’t know suddenly shows up and acts like they want to continue through the security, the security will radio ahead a secret code word and everyone will pick up and leave within 5 minutes.
  56. The person trying to enter will also be killed.
  57. They have the parents teach the children at early ages.
  58. She was involved in science and spirituality.
  59. They have controlling interests in banks too. They buy shares over time until they own a controlling interest.
  60. They are taught patience from a very early age because their goals span generations and centuries.
  61. They know that they may not see the illuminati taking over the entire world, that it may be their children or grandchildren who will see this plan come to fruition.
  62. They already own the world, it’s just that people don’t see it. They are ready to come forth now to show themselves.
  63. They are trained from a very early age to be loyal to the group first and foremost no matter what happens later on.
  64. They are also taught never to question anything. They don’t like it when you question anything.
  65. They are trained to fill a role whether it’s a journalist or whatever.
  66. Greg (the interviewer) noticed that most journalists now come from very rich backgrounds which was never the case years ago.
  67. She was a trainer and did what’s called tune-ups (programming) because they are trained from a young age and still need to be trained (brainwashed) even as adults.
  68. Children know how to shoot and put a gun together by the age of 8.
  69. They are also taught martial arts.
  70. They were trained to wake up within 10 minutes of a meeting and they sleep with their clothes on.
  71. They had split personalities. Warm and loving in front of whomever during the day, but a cold ruthless person at night time.
  72. Housewives with children could go out at night to run documents. You would never think she was part of the illuminati.
  73. Svali taught at a Christian school.
  74. In San Diego they have military bases there where the kids learn and even wear military uniforms.
  75. 20% of the group in San Diego was high ranking in the military.
  76. They can’t mind control someone who is not part of the group.
  77. She was in charge of training children and later adults.
  78. If they didn’t do things properly over and over again, they would strap people down on the table and be given a drug regiment.
  79. There are tons of teaching which she could go on and on about. Obedience, loyalty, hackers, management, everything.
  80. During training, she would model what she wants them to do.
  81. When they didn’t do it properly the first time, they would get a shock (positive-negative reinforcement).
  82. They traumatize the children first to fragment their personality.
  83. They are giving ding ding ding noises to get them to do XYZ.
  84. Once they do it well they are given praise or a hug.
  85. Then they repeat this over and over again which is why trainers have to be very patient people.
  86. George Washington was a 33 degree mason.
  87. What they do is psychological, human and spiritual warfare against humanity.
  88. There were some people who loved it in there because they believed in the cause, but many hated it and would have left if they could get out.
  89. They are all arranged marriages for either compatibility or bloodline just like the Clintons.
  90. Many people don’t leave because then they would have to give up their husband, children, the money, family on both sides, etc. And some people who have left have gone back because they couldn’t handle it outside.
  91. Some kids go to public schools, others go to Christian schools which some are Illuminati, some are not.
  92. Two of the public schools she went to were burned down.
  93. Illuminates can be from Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, etc. backgrounds.
  94. When she left, she had major problems with her husband.
  95. He lied to her and told her that he would also get out and he would pick up the kids. What he did was pick them up a few days early, then set a court date, and told the judge she was crazy. That everything she said wasn’t true.
  96. She couldn’t see her kids without supervised visits for 4 years.
  97. She finally got unsupervised visits which is when the children told her they were being hurt.
  98. She went to CPS, but they didn’t believe her.
  99. Her husband eventually let her kids go because Svali told him that they were petrified to go back.
  100. He could have had her arrested because she was breaking the custody visitation.
  101. That’s when he also left the group and apologized for putting her through all of that. He had held her kids hostage saying if you don’t come back, you can’t have the kids.
  102. The illuminati believes heavily in Atlantis. That people were highly intelligent and enlightened, and they were Luciferians there too.
  103. The prophet of the enemy (gawd) stated he was going to destroy the planet if they didn’t change their ways.
  104. Note: I didn’t understand what she said, the audio is terrible on this podcast. They killed someone. The prophet or something.
  105. They enjoyed all of the things that Atlantis gave them and the few people who were left over from the destruction were the founders of the Illuminati.
  106. They teach things all spiritual and occult to their members. Skipping time, time travel, out of body, psychic battling, etc. She experienced many spiritual natural things that can’t be explained by logic.
  107. They told her that the world would become the NWO (New World Order) by 2050, but that they are now pushing the timeline up.
  108. The timeline always changes.
  109. They lie to their members all the time. First she said that it would be during her lifetime, then in the second interview, it was when her children are older adults.
  110. She’s been hurt once when she mentioned specific dates and times which is why she rarely gives interviews.
  111. At the time of this interview, she had left them 10 years earlier.
  112. She was told that there would be a huge economic collapse that will start in the US and then move to Europe.
  113. This would make the Great Depression look like Sunday school.
  114. That it would bring war and a lot of pain, riots, panic, and no food.
  115. Then the military would come in to do crowd control.
  116. They feel that out of the chaos will bring order.
  117. They teach the public their goals in children’s cartoons, like morphing, power battles. Harry Potty, and the Matrix.
  118. They are trying to teach people the occult, but to teach people not to trust themselves.
  119. Gang stalking, MK Ultra, infiltrating groups that are trying to do good (peace groups).
  120. They also infiltrate satanic groups, although they are on a lower level.
  121. (My notes: she said some contradictory things. She said they think they are trying to help these groups to become one of them, but the said you can’t become a member, you have to be born into it.)
  122. The interviewer Greg said that you just have to look to the Vatican. That’s what he realized when he was working in Rome.
  123. Pope John Paul I was killed. He was trying to clean up the banks, the freemasons, and the Vatican.

    He made the mistake of giving a list of names to a Cardinal Jean Villot, Secretary of State for the Vatican and the Vatican bank, and that was it. Thirty-nine days after he was in that position, they killed him making it look like a heart attack. His papacy started on August 26, 1978 and he was killed on September 28, 1978 which was 33 days later. 33 is a freemason number. He was an Italian pope.

  124. They tell the lower people within the illuminati that this is all for good because they call us sheep and think we aren’t smart enough to rule ourselves. They say they are encouraging a better world. The higher ups are really evil.
  125. She was from a multi million dollar family.
  126. How do you give up your family, best friends, your whole life. That’s why people don’t leave.
  127. Americans are too naive and don’t believe any of this, but Italians know what’s going on.
  128. Had she stayed with them, she would have moved far up the ladder.
  129. She left because the guy above her was moving to the regional leadership. She also had a German seat on the council because she was German, so she would have held 2 seats. They asked her to do something which she refused to do.
  130. The council in Germany is called the council of 144.
  131. The Italians call them the Black Order. The Italians just ignore them and go off on their own not paying them the money they are supposed to.
  132. She won’t be doing another interview for a long time. She’s doing it to educate people and pay restitution for what she did when she was younger.
  133. They are setting up Iran to take the fall.

So that is the end of the interview Svali ex-Illuminati Member Interviewed. I still recommend you listen to it in full even though the audio is pretty bad. I had to jack it all the way up and still couldn’t hear or understand certain parts.

All of this is happening now. If you are WOKE, you can see it.

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