Understanding Why Taxation is Theft

TaxationFirst of all, do we give consent for taxation?

No we haven’t given consent, and we can’t leave to go some place else where we don’t pay tax because there’s no place to go. The government will follow us wherever we go.

We can’t build a city under water, we can’t build a space program and go into space. The government controls EVERY aspect of our lives and where we go.

Answer these questions if you don’t think taxation isn’t theft or extortion

  1. Do you own yourself and your body?
  2. If you answered yes, then the next question is, do you own the fruits of your labor?
  3. If you said yes to that question, then why are you giving a huge portion of income to the government against your will?
  4. The logical answer is that the government owns a portion of who you are.If 100% taxation of your income is slavery and 0% taxation means you are totally free, at what percentage are you a 10% slave, or a 25% slave?

    The government isn’t requesting nicely that you pay your taxes, if you don’t pay your taxes, they will send aggressive people to your house to force you to pay your taxes. Or, they will throw you in jail.

    This clearly shows any logical person that you are not a free human being, the bottom line is the government owns us.

    They use demands and coercion or violence against you as a person which means you live in fear that if you don’t pay part of your income to the government, something bad is going to happen to you.

    It’s no different than the mafia who controls the neighborhood and tells you that if you don’t pay up, someone will break your legs.

    The government may not use those exact words, but the implication is the same – they want you to be FEARFUL of them.

    The money is taken from people who work for their money and they give it to people who don’t work for the money. We aren’t talking about welfare recipients or pensioners, but people who “work” for the government and decide where your money is going to go. You have absolutely NO say in where your money goes, and chances are you don’t even think it’s your money, that’s how brainwashed they have you. Most of you have already accepted that it’s not ALL your money to begin with even though you worked hard for it.

So let’s talk about where most people think the money goes

Well first of all they spend the majority of it to line their pockets, and that includes starting wars all the while convincing YOU that the wars are justifiable.

The wars are actually started to line EVIL CORP’S and government people’s pockets. War is HUGE business where everyone involved in supplying the war gets RICH!

The people who suffer are the ones being bombed and killed, plus the young adults who go off to fight in the name of government.

So just remember that you are taking money from your pocket to fund these wars so OTHERS can use your investment to make TRILLIONS.

On a more local scale, the government tells you they they use your money to build infrastructure that we need. And while that may be true, it’s the “sight” vs. “sight unseen” trick where they give us some things, tell us this is what they did for us, but in the end we really have NO idea if we really needed those things.

We also don’t know if we could have built BETTER roads, tunnels, bridges, schools, etc. had there been competitive bidding and people who really care about the quality of what is being built.

Are you absolutely sure we couldn’t have done a better job of building all that we needed to sustain ourselves?

Are you sure that ALL of the money they collect from us is going to things we need?

This business of taxing the people ALL started back when a bunch of men decided they were going to start taxing merchants. Merchants  who sailed to different ports to sell their tangible items so they could make a living. This taxation scam has only gotten worse every year, decade, then century since the government has gotten away with it.

The bottom line is that we have no idea how much better off we would have been had we not been controlled by the government and forced to hand over a portion of our money. No one knows, because these greedy men saw an opportunity to control the masses just like the King and Queen did when they took tariffs from peasants (that’s us) who lived on the land.

And just like all bullies and control freaks, once you give them one ounce of power and they get away with it, their need for power and control just grows and grows.

We are in the year 2017, and the government has built a system where we act like passive little robots. We slave away at our jobs or business so we can make money to give to THEM for every little thing we earn or buy.

  • Income tax
  • Property tax
  • Gas tax
  • Alcohol tax
  • Gift tax
  • Sales tax
  • Death tax
  • Real Estate tax
  • Property tax
  • Lottery tax

and the list goes on. I’m sure you don’t even know how many hidden taxes you pay with your hard earned dollar.

So not only do you lose a good portion of the income you work for, it’s a never ending cycle that causes you to work MORE hours so you can buy what you need because had you just taken home ALL the money you made, you wouldn’t have had to work as many hours. Plus, you could have bought that new car, lived in a better home, or finally gotten that massage once a month that you really needed.

Other examples of how the government prevents you from living a free life due to taxes and other regulations

  1. For some people who live near the water, it would be a lot faster and less expensive to get to their job if they took a boat instead of driving their car. This is whether they owned one or hired someone who has a boat. It would also be more environmentally friendly.

    But the government has decided that you can’t do this and has levied a tax or regulation (again this proves we have NO free will), and so you are forced to do things the way THEY want you to do them. This in turn costs you a lot more money plus wastes more of your time. Time is the one thing we can NEVER get back.

  2. Did you know in some states if you start a new small company buying used equipment, that the government will tax your equipment as if it’s new?
  3. CEOs of companies like Starbucks say that if they had to start their business now, they wouldn’t be able to.


    Because there are sooo many more taxes and regulations now than there were back in the 1980’s. This means it’s much harder for business minded entrepreneurs to start their own business and make any kind of profit.

Here is a book you can download for free that will give you more examples of how taxation really affects your life.

We aren’t saying to stop paying your taxes right this second.

What we are saying is

  1. You should take a LONG hard look at what your life is like. Do you still think you are a free human being?
  2. Are you going to continue to ignore your reality?
  3. At least acknowledge that you ARE a slave, that’s the FIRST step in recognizing you have a problem (yes, just like an addiction).
  4. , Are you going to continue to wait for someone else to fix the problem, or are you going to start to be part of the solution?

For tips on how to slowly start weaning yourself free of your owner (the government), read the book, “Manifesto of the Free Humans.”


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