The Real Agenda

The Real Agenda

LearnThis message is to provide the real agenda to all of the people who have no clue what is going on and is supporting the evil people of the world who are trying to take over humanity.

You are allowing your fear to stop you from thinking clearly with logic and a bit of curiosity.

Note: I, in no way, want to dismiss anyone who has had a loved one die during this horrific period in human history. My heart goes out to you.

But I beg you to ask the right questions about who spread this so called “virus” and why did they release it and why are we being locked up when there’s a lot of proof that the coronavirus is not as bad as lets say the flu or TB.

Even if China did develop it, they weren’t in on it on their own, and it didn’t come from bats. The ongoing story and reasons behind this will make any movie you’ve ever seen look like childs play and YOU are living it.

The nightmare continues…


At first you will shrug me off as crazy or a conspiracy theorist, but that’s just what’s called cognitive dissidence. Plus you’ve been trained to never ask questions and just follow whoever you worship – the government, your doctor and the mainstream media (MSM.)

Cognitive dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is when someone doesn’t want to hear the truth because it’s too painful to listen to, so they go into denial.

Trying to keep this short

I will try to keep what I give you short because overloading you with all of my proof (and I’m not even done researching) will turn you off.

Wake Up to the Truth

The bottom line is that if you want to get out of this nightmare in one piece, we ALL need to gather together and your first step is to wake up to the truth.

Turning against your fellow human by rating them out only makes you as evil as the people who have been planning this attack for hundreds of years.

You may ask how they have so much power to do this?

It’s IMPOSSIBLE! But when you start to go down the rabbit hole and understand how much power and money they have and how they see you and me as just stupid ants on the ground, it all starts to make sense.

When you also understand how many evil things they have been doing for hundreds of years, it will shake you to your core.

How have they gotten away with it you ask?

Well, they literally spread lies and discredit anyone by way of their mainstream media (MSM), or if that doesn’t work or the person is an extra special threat, they kill anyone who dares speak the truth.

How they Control You

These evils have been running and controlling the world forever through the monarchy, religion, the MSM and then the government. They also use hollywood to brainwash you with messages encoded in the TV show so you end up accepting whatever the show wants you to accept about life.

Fast forward to about the mid 80’s, they started using technology to rope everyone in.

While the Internet is a great tool, it’s also used for evil and as a weapon.

You are brainwashed when you use Facebook, Twitter, Google and even YouTube.

All of those companies are controlled by the government and the evils, and they show you what they want you to see, and censor what they don’t want you to see. That directly affects how you form an opinion, who you side with and the censorship has gotten way way worse ever since trumpet got into power.

Yes, they censored prior to that, but nowhere near what has happened to countless sites, YoutTube channels, and Facebook accounts even within the first year that he was put into office.

Brainwashing Is a THING

It’s very easy now to brainwash the masses.

Not that you weren’t brainwashed before, but it boils down to this…

These evils have always controlled the media even as far back when it was newspaper and radio.

If you trust the MSM, you are a brainwashed human who is under their control.

Prove me wrong

If you think everything I’m saying is a lie, then prove it to me. I will listen while you calmly tell me how many years you have been researching these topics and why you think every link I’ve given you is wrong. But you MUST provide me with proof that is not bought and paid for by the evils/government. I won’t accept anything you say if those are your sources, although I have government sources myself, but they are few and far between.

Please do your own research, don’t just trust me, but you MUST skip using the MSM, because again, they are controlled by only 4 HUGE evil corporations and they are all scripted. Same with the government.

That’s why you see the same thing on every channel whenever a story breaks.

Note: I want to state that I never believe only one person. I learn from many different sites and channels, and I form an opinion of my OWN!

Here are your links

I’m starting off with their main plan which is called Agenda 21 and Agenda 30, as they expect everything to be settled by 2030.

Then I’ll jump into the coronavirus. – Agenda 21 – what is really taking place when they released the coronavirus (CV) – Ignore all of her Jesus talk  and instead, concentrate on the message. Unfortunately, most truthers who do some very good research are die hard Jesus fanatics, but this shouldn’t stop you from learning from their research.

I wouldn’t know half the things I know today if it weren’t for them, so I thank them from all of my heart.

Once you start learning from different people, you should hopefully start to figure things out on our own about who knows what’s going on, and who doesn’t.

Even a few days ago I came across new channels I’ve never seen before who know things I didn’t know before and I’ve been studying this for 4.5 years now.

Open your eyes and ask questions. Stop being part of their evil plan and be part of the solution.

When you ignore what I am giving you, you are playing the part of working for the evil cult. You aren’t part of the solution, rather part of the problem.

If that’s how you want to be known, ignore me and move on, but if even one small part of you is questioning what’s going on or you feel suffocated and aren’t happy being a prisoner in your own home, you aren’t happy losing your job or business, and you aren’t happy seeing the worldwide economy crash, please read on. – this is their site that details exactly what they have planned for us, including no more food. Only food grown in a lab and insects. Follow along with the video above from Celeste Solum. It’s a complex site so I haven’t even started reading it yet. It’s there as a reference for you. – ignore all the positive references to trumpet, he’s part of the evil’s plan, but this lays things out easily so I feel it’s important you watch it. – Gates isn’t the only one behind this, but he’s the face of it. They always provide a star so you people will buy their lies. – this is a timeline of when Bill Gates started to prepare for releasing hell on earth.


So if you don’t already know, 5G is a weapon that almost the entire world suddenly started fast tracking either late 2018 or early 2019.

Protests started to happen worldwide as scientists came forward and said that no testing had been done.

Trumpet ignored all of that and so did every other government which probably should have been the first sign that we were on our way to the next holocaust. I apologize for not putting the pieces together, not that anyone would have listened to me anyway.

I’m still on the fence about whether the coronavirus is really the symptoms from 5G.

3 weeks ago I was sure it was, but then I changed my mind after more research and thinking about it.

Now after learning more information about how Italy was one of the first countries in the EU to get 5G, I think I’m back on the fence. That, and the dead birds all over the UK.

This is why it’s so very important I get data from people who have been sick.

If you know of anyone who has become sick, please please fill this out. – this is an indepth documentary on 5G – this is a scientist, and while it’s hard to hear, it’s well worth the interview.

David Icke 2nd Interview – ok, this is a recent video from David Icke who has been talking about this take down for the last 30 years.

He’s often called a nut and while I’ve never been a fan, you MUST watch his last two videos.

On that page above, are videos detailing how YouTube removed the second interview right after it was posted. You will also hear terrible clicking which I believe is ttheir way of trying to scare people off of watching it.

Wach that because that will show you they are trying to suppress the truth. Icke will fill in some gaps for you.

If you want more scientific links, just reach out to me. They aren’t just about 5G, but also 4G which is very toxic and they have been hiding that information from you all these years too, not to mention you can’t even sue them if you get sick or someone you love dies.

1-4G has already done tons of damage worldwide, now 5G is going to finish us off.  – look at all the CEOs who stepped down so they could sell their stock just before things went south in the US. There’s never any such thing as a coincidence. – no one in the hospitals. You are scared about a virus, so where are all the people who are sick in the hospitals? – tainted coronavirus testing kits – scientist backtracking what he said about the numbers – scientists worldwide saying the coronavirus (CV) isn’t as bad as the governments and MSM are saying. STOP WATCHING THE MSM. Everything they have always told you are lies. Get your facts from people who have nothing to gain but helping you learn.

We were once in your position where you are now.

I know it’s hard pill to swallow, so if you ever want to talk, reach out to me and I can fill in any blanks or I’ll tell you if I don’t know something. I always admit when I’m wrong or when I don’t know something.

Be strong and let’s win this WAR together!

We do NOT want this holocaust which is exactly what’s happening here! I call it the holocaust on steroids. Others call it the 4th Reich!

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