Did You Listen to The Trump Speech to Congress?

Did You Listen to The Trump Speech to Congress

Here is a breakdown of what is REALLY going on after the Trump speech to Congress.

Ralph Nader takes apart Trump’s Speech to Congress on March 1, 2017 and tells us THE TRUTH!

  1. Trump is going to get rid of regulations which will allow EVIL CORPS to rape and pillage us EVEN MORE.He wants to get rid of the already weakened Dodd-Frank Act, so he signed a directive with that in mind.That act was there to protect consumers from scam investments and was enacted after the 2008 meltdown.
  2. Trump claims that corporations in the US pay some of the highest taxes at 35%, but Nader argues that yes, that’s what they are SUPPOSED to pay, but they never do because they rig the system by finding all the loopholes that benefit THEM.Companies like General Electric (GE) or Verizon end up paying NO federal tax. Verizon never used to pay Federal tax until just recently.By Trump’s own admission before he won the election, he TOO never paid a dime in Federal Income Tax.

    Or if these EVIL CORPS do pay taxes, they pay very little at 16%.

    So it’s people with NO money who keep America afloat, while EVIL CORPS just skate and the government LET’S THEM!

    And if you think they spend their money so it goes back into the economy, THINK AGAIN. Companies like Walmart just sit on the cash and/or buy back all their stock so the stock increases and the GREEDY executives can rake it all in.

    With Walmart, their employees make less now than they did back in 1968 because inflation has gone up so much and their wages haven’t.

    In the last 7 years, these EVIL CORPS have spent $2.5 TRILLION on buying back their stocks.

    In the meantime, their employees don’t get raises, they don’t develop much of anything that benefits America, and they certainly don’t make sure their employee’s pensions are stable.

  3. Trump is cutting funding for the FDA.Not that I trust the FDA because they are in bed with pharmamofia and they lie all the time, but he’s taking away funding from them.
  4. He’s taking away funding from the EPA (environmental protection agency.)The EPA is crucial to our health, even more important than the FDA.They are the ones who help protect our health.

    Unfortunately that’s only your health in the workforce, because there are no laws protecting us from indoor air pollution in our homes which is why so many people get sick from things like mold poisoning, asbestos, lead poisoning from the paint, etc.

    The EPA helps to protect us from those things, PLUS our air, water, earth, ecosystems, etc.

  5. There will be cuts from the Auto Safety Agency, Consumer Product Protection Agency, Consumer Financial Protection Agencies, and more.
  6. Trump has put 6 new laws on the books that will prevent or deter injured people from suing the companies responsible for their injuries.
  7. Who does Trump WANT to give MONEY to???He wants to continue to pour money into the pentagon budget which has absolutely NO regulation at all. Every other agency has to file for audits every year, but even though they are supposed to, the pentagon budget doesn’t and they get away with it.The pentagon lost over $9 billion dollars during the first few months of the Iraqi war. Mainstream media never mentions this because they keep these dirty little secrets hidden.

Now here’s things Trump Won’t Talk About:

  1. All the immigrants who are murdered by Americans born in the US. Yes, there are fanatical dangerous immigrants, we acknowledge this, but they aren’t the only ones who go around killing people. A lot of immigrants open high risk retail stores such as all night convenient stores or gas stations, and they or their staff often risk their lives being gunned down over money.
  2. Another topic Trump won’t talk about – over 250,000 patients die every year in hospitals due to mistakes from the nurses, malpractice from doctors, mistakes with their medication, infections, etc. These are ALL preventable deaths.This is why you ALL need to learn about holistic health care and preventative care, and NEVER set foot in a hospital unless you have no choice like you were in a car accident.
  3. Medicare is being defrauded every year by corporations and other scammers in the health care industry. Fraud such as computerized billing fraud. $340 billion.Instead of addressing this, Trump just wants to do away ObamaCare and so far we see no replacement, but again, WHAT ABOUT the FRAUD???

To listen to the entire interview with Ralph Nader, click here.

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