Works With the Government

So Who Works With the Government?

Works With the GovernmentMost people don’t care which company works with the government, but they should.


Because these HUGE giants are working with the government to spy on us.

First they lied about what data they were collecting by telling us it was JUST for ads and helping us be better shoppers, but then because of Snowden, we learned that was NOT true.

All of these corrupt companies data mine YOUR personal information so the government has a very CLEAR picture of what type of person you are and they can get inside your head. Because let’s face it, your computer IS your head.

Everything you search for online, every e-mail you write using gmail, every post or comment you write on Facebook, every review you give on an Amazon book is telling a pretty deep story about who YOU are as a person.

And the government is getting access to this data WITHOUT a search warrant.

So which online tech giants works with the government and provide YOUR personal details to them?

  1. Google

    Google was given money by the C..I…A back when it first started, and it’s been beholden to them ever since.

    Google has so much power, they can control exactly what shows up on your browser when you search for sites using their search engine.

    This means if they or the government wants to get rid of a site they don’t like, no problem, they can just DELETE it from their search engine.

    This is called sandboxing.

    We want the TRUTH! We want to be able to choose for ourselves whom we buy from, who we learn from, and give EVERYONE a fighting chance to be successful and vocal.

    If a blog or business site isn’t on the first page of Google, they are DEAD. There’s almost no way for it to be seen so you can learn from it, or for it to make money to survive.

    Even if it’s not a money making site, but maybe just an informational site, this means you can’t read it (how can you when you don’t even know it exists), support it, subscribe to it, etc.

    According to Robert Scheer of, these government agencies tried to force Google (and Apple) to hand over our data to them. When they refused, these corrupt government agencies run by criminals just CUT into their cables and stole our information.

  2. Facebook

    Facebook is also involved with the government, so if the government does NOT want you to learn about something (usually the TRUTH), they can just tell Facebook to take it down OR they do it themselves.

    While this isn’t the greatest documentary, towards the middle it starts to get a little better showing how Facebook lies time and time again. What most people don’t realize is that Facebook doesn’t JUST want your information so they can sell it to advertisers, they sell your information to governments and EVIL people all around the world.

    Here is an ongoing library of all news related to Facebook. While the site is religiously based and we don’t believe in religion, we trust the content they are putting up about Facebook.

    Look at how this woman was reported by a spy on Facebook and DHS showed up at her door.

    Facebook also has an ad system and recently as of October 2018, we’ve learned that they are blocking Facebook pages from promoting their pages, posts, etc. that have a point of view Facebook doesn’t like.

    No we are NOT talking about posts about topics like how to murder someone, or how to plant a bomb, we are talking about posts that divulge the TRUTH about what is going on out in our WORLD!

    Facebook can also hide posts or comments on Facebook pages and in Facebook groups where there can be thousands of people.

    If Facebook doesn’t like something you say, it can and DOES disappear the posts or comments usually calling it spam or dangerous. It’s happened to us and we’ve read other people complaining about the same thing.

    Then of course, there’s the recent events of Facebook banning TONS of alternative news media’s pages, groups and even many people’s personal Facebook accounts if they are tied to those pages that Facebook doesn’t want you to know about.

  3. Amazon

    Amazon is involved with the C..I.A and the N.S..A and is a military contractor. It’s interesting to us that legally the C..I.A isn’t allowed to work within America, yet it has total control and power OVER American companies.

    So you may wonder why you need to care if the government knows what books or other thing we buy.

    Well, when you are reading books on Kindle, they can see what books you are reading, and can even tell what PAGE you are on. They can even see what you are writing to your friends about that book.

    Amazon has been working on making everything cloud based, and MANY businesses use their services.

    Now we KNOW why Bezos is the richest man in the world. It’s because he makes BILLIONS off of all of this data that Amazon sells to the government. Please don’t think that data means numbers, data just means FACTS.

Each tech GIANT works with the government, and they are also selling this information to OTHER governments around the world.

They can see who your friends are, and if gawd forbid you have a connection somewhere with the wrong friend, who knows what they will do to you.

The C..I…A also invested in a company called Palantir through a dummy corporation to teach them how to use ALL of the data that these GIANT tech companies give them to spy on us.

Now they are using this software to teach police stations ALL over the country how to spy on regular people.


To GUESS which one of us are going to commit crimes. This means EVEN if you’ve never commited a crime in their life, it won’t matter, they will be using AI to GUESS if you are going to.
Ever watch the TV show “Person of Interest?” Or watch the movie “Minority Report?”

Both of those supposedly pieces of “fiction” were about this very topic. Spying on and arresting people who haven’t even done anything wrong. The THOUGHT POLICE.

To watch the full interview with Scheer, click here.

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