Are aliens behind this?

aliensThe question I have now is… Are aliens behind this?

So since the age of around 9 or 10, I’ve believed in aliens. I didn’t need to see any UFOs, after reading a book or two, I just knew through intuition that they existed.

I NEVER watched any of the TV shows because to me they were all fluff and fake, so I was never a trekkie, and the only movies I fell in love with were “ET” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” I think it was.

Remember that the evil controlled hollyood ALWAYS shows us the truth through their TV shows and movies. This is to both brainwash the masses, and also to get people to laugh at truthers when they bring up the topics as being truthful.

My mistake though was thinking that all aliens are light years ahead of us in love.

They aren’t. There are kind loving aliens and then there are DARK energy-sucking aliens. And no, I’ve never watched one video from Icke on this topic (I’ve only heard that he talks about alisns), so I have no idea what he said.

Then in the last 2-3 months prior to the scamdemic and the evils trying to further enslave humanity, the Universe started bringing me people, sites and YouTube channels who knew a lot on the topic of aliens controlling our world.

I have only a small amount of notes on the topic, so I won’t write anything up here, but I started loosely researching the fact that the dark aliens are behind the actual controlling of the evil humans that are taking down humanity and who have kept us slaves for so long.

In fact, I’ve heard several times that over the centuries, they have changed our DNA which could very well be WHY the governments want to test us for covid19 since the rumor was that they are doing it to collect our DNA.

One woman who didn’t believe anything that was going on said they already have our DNA from when we were born, but not everyone was born in the US, AND if our DNA has changed, they would need a fresh reading.

I have no idea if our DNA can change if we are constantly poisoned. I think that’s a good question to ask an open minded DNA scientist because we’ve been poisoned for so many years now, who knows what they have done to us.

Now I read this about aliens…

As for their technology, I have been hearing for years that the US government has been hiding technology that they got from certain aliens, and obviously if the aliens control them, then of course they would give them some of their technology to control us.

Travis Walton has first-hand knowledge about dark aliens, because he was abducted by them and somehow managed to escape. He wrote a book about it called, “The Fire in the Sky,” and it was also made into a movie later on.

Of course there are many other people who have had these experiences. Some fake and some very much real.

So what about the kind loving aliens?

Why aren’t they helping us???

Well, from what I understand, it goes back to the same reason the Universe won’t help us UNLESS we all reach out and ask for help at the same time… We as humans were created with free will. WE and only we can change our lives and reality.

This is why our life is SHIT!!! Because people keep worshipping everyting BUT themselves…

  • This gawd or Jesus they think is going to save them
  • Their criminal government
  • Their fake clergy who are almost always full of ego, abuse, and many are downright criminals (look at the pope and the Vatican as a whole) – there are always exceptions to the rule.
  • Some charity (most charities are run by the evils and they lie and steal from you)
  • A singer, actor or sports star – you think they are better than you and they ARE NOT!!!

And as I’ve said time and time again, YOU are the only one who can save you and it’s everyone’s job to help save HUMANITY.

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