Example of an Evil Corp

Here is an Example of an Evil Corp

Example of an Evil CorpWe’ve decided to show you an example of an evil corp and why we feel they deserve the label of “evil.”

Make no mistake, just because your favorite company isn’t listed here, doesn’t mean they haven’t done something similar to hurt people, whether that’s their employees, customers, or our earth and all the living things that make up our ecosystem which keeps us alive.

If you have an example of an evil corp not listed below, please contact us or add it to the post.

    1. Sears Canada an Example of an Evil Corp

      Our first example of an Evil Corp is a story of Sears Canada’s top executives who are set to be paid up to $7.6 million in bonuses, while axed longtime employees won’t even see their severance pay?

    2. Johnson & Johnson an Example of an Evil Corp

      Our second example of an Evil Corp is that for years, Johnson & Johnson the pharma mafia company has been doing everything in their power to hide the fact that using their talcum powder gives women a 50% higher chance of contracting ovarian cancer.

      We remember our grandmother using it and we too had some in our house. It feels so silky soft you wouldn’t even THINK that it’s deadly.

      Of course the FDA hasn’t done a thing. No news there.

    3. Nestle an Example of an Evil Corp

      Our third example of an Evil Corp has to do with Nestle and the Osceola Township of Michigan. It has a small population of less than 2,000 which is probably one of the reasons why the evil corp Nestle went after them.

      Nestlé wants to build a booster station to pump 400 gallons of water per minute from this township in Michigan so they could sell their fake spring water at a huge profit.

      They could be using money to help clean the water so people aren’t forced to buy bottled water, but of course, that would mean they can’t rape our Mother Earth even more than they already have.

      And for those of you who think bottled water is okay, yes some top of the line companies have created bottles that are biodegradable, but the cheap ones like Nestle haven’t.  Plus most of these low-end bottle companies either just put tap water in the bottles, or purify it slightly. It’s not PURE quality spring water.

      This means it’s not clean, pure or healthy,

      When the Osceola Township denied Nestlé’s application, Nestlé got mad and sued the poor township.

      Nestle has also done other things, like fighting the people of Mecosta county when they found out that Nestle was pumping water out of their area.

      In 2003 after years of costing the people over $1 million in legal fees, the judge ruled that Nestle was depleting the area’s streams and wetlands.

      Of course, Nestle had to APPEAL to continue to bully this area even more and they finally settled in 2009, but Nestle STILL continues to rape their land of water even if it’s fewer gallons.

      Now Osceola Township is already $30,000 in debt from fighting Nestlé, so if you can help them through SumofUs by donating even $1, that would be great, and please pass this along

      Our Free Society has already donated.

    4. General Electric (GE) another Example of an Evil corp

      In fact, they outrank even ENRON and by a whopping 45%.

      To give you a bit of backstory:

      In 1879 Thomas Edison and his assistant Francis Jehl created the first long-lasting incandescent light bulb.

      Unfortunately, Edison wasn’t a good business person or writer, and his patent wasn’t accepted. He also went in a different direction when it came to the type of current the lightbulb would use.

      Once word got out about his invention, the competitive vultures came out and a battle started between them.

      Most of the companies merged, and in 1889, J.P. Morgan managed to gain control over Edison’s General Electric.

      Edison was ousted and GE took off.

      You may know of J.P. Morgan as one of the several businessmen who created the Federal Reserve that has ruined America by controlling the US dollar.

      All The Evils GE Has Done

      Owen D. Young and Gerard Swope of General Electric was also tied to the rise of Hitlerism and the suppression of German democracy.
      They have done everything from Defense Contracting Fraud back in July of 1992, to continuously violating what’s called the “False Claims Act” which is supposed to protect the federal coffers (savings chest of the government.)

      1992 – they diverted $26.5 million from the U.S. foreign military aid program.

      They used this money to finance General Electric’s sale of F-16 jet engines and support equipment to Israel.

      They were also convicted of defrauding the government out of $10 million for a battlefield computer system, and $800,000 from the Air Force from the “Minuteman Missile Project.”

      In the years between 1990-1994, as a defense contractor, they were caught to have defrauded the government 15 separate times.

      GE had to pay huge fines anywhere from $20,000 to $24.6 million, with allegations that ranged from misrepresentation, money laundering, defective pricing (twice), cost mischarging (3 times), false claims, product substitution, conspiracy/conversion of classified documents, procurement fraud and mail fraud.

      1995 – GE was hit with another lawsuit regarding them not having tested several thousand jet engines they had sold to the military. Later on, they were found to be safe.

      January of 1997 – the US Department of Justice alleged that GE charged them, and yet didn’t test circuit boards for hundreds of aircraft engine controls.

      GE had to pay out millions in regards to the improper sales of radar systems to Egypt.

      GE also bribed the Puerto Rico Water Resources Authority.

      Securities Laws

      In September of 2004, the SEC charged GE with not disclosing all of the retirement benefits that went to Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE. This was between the years of 1997-2002.

      Labor Issues

      In 1980 GE got rid of most of their unionized plants and started demanding wage and benefit concessions or work-rule changes.

      Welch (the then CEO) also applied this same labor squeeze at NBC when they bought them out in 1985.

      While there was a strike, the strike was eventually called off and the workers never got one thing they asked for while GE was allowed to hire temps, they axed MANY jobs, and they started using robot cameras.

      Even Internationally they were known for strangeling wages and weakening unions in 23 countries that housed GE factories. Brazil and Columbia were hit the hardest.

      They were known for their aggressive management stress that evoked a fear of job loss so they got top notch productivity for less.
      Retirees even said GE used accounting gimmicks and other methods to reduce pensions.

      Abuse of the Environment

      OSHA Rules – Occupational Safety and Health Administration – The law requires that employers provide their employees with working conditions that are free of known dangers.

      Between 1990-2001 they violated at least 858 of these rules, and in 1994-1999, 98 were considered very serious violations.

      GE was known as a racist work environment for blacks where they were subjected to KKK symbols, swastikas and hangman nooses. A lawsuit was filed by two black employees.

      1991 – there was a $590,000 disability claim for GE’s refusal to provide accommodations to a machinist with a back injury.

      GE’s two manufacturing plants in Hudson Falls and Fort Edward have contaminated the Hudson River with PCBs.

      This went on from 1980-2000 and the cleanup brought on due to the investigation by the EPA wasn’t even due to start until 2009.

      The entire time GE denied they were doing anything wrong. It went so far as Welch claiming to his shareholders that that PCBs aren’t even a health risk.

      Even the EPA who of course can’t think for themselves and are almost always working for the EVIL CORPS was telling everyone that GE says PCBs aren’t a health risk when it was a known fact they are a serious threat including cancer.

      The PCB problem also spread to the Housatonic River in Connecticut and the Coosa River Basin in Georgia.

      1996 – the Florida Department of Environmental Protection informed Greenwich Air Services that it was seeking penalties of $278,555 for violations of the state’s hazardous waste law at its Miami facility.

      1998 – toxic releases at its silicone manufacturing plant in Waterford, New York.

      1992 – NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) GE violations – regulations at the fuel fabrication plant in Wilmington, North Carolina due to lax safety controls.

      GE has designed nuclear reactors all over the world that have a flaw that makes it 90% certain that if there were a meltdown, radiation would be spewed into the air and the environment and people would have no protection at all.

      2004 – the California Department of Pesticide Registration announced that it would seek $202,959 in penalties for violations by GE’s Betz Water business of the State of California.

      Human Rights Violations

      1995 – GE did human experiments with nuclear radiation.

      1996 – Representative Edward Markey, D-Massachusetts held hearings which disclosed that the United States and General Electric had conducted experiments on hundreds of United States citizens who became “nuclear calibration devices.” These people were the elderly, prisoners and hospital patients.

      It was also disclosed that back in 1963, 64 inmates at a prison in Walla Walla, Washington near Hanford, had their scrotums and testes irradiated to determine the effects of radiation on human reproductive organs.

      Anti-competitive and consumer protection

      1982 – paid out over $4 million for faulty wiring and cables of New York City 754 subway cars.

      1998 – GE imposed restrictions with software licenses with more than 500 hospitals throughout the country. The restrictions prevented the hospitals from competing with GE to service medical equipment at other hospitals and at clinics.

      1992 – 11 state attorney generals brought a deceptive advertising suit regarding GE’s energy saving light bulbs which they found out only delivered less wattage, not less energy.

      1999 – GE had to recall 3.1 million dishwashers due to a side switch that could melt and ignite. It was said that they knowingly failed to report the defects to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission.)

      They also told consumers the problem couldn’t be fixed, gave consumers a partial rebate so they had to go out and buy a new dishwasher.

      Unlawful Debt Collection Practices

      1999 – GE Capital had to pay $100 million for unfair debt collection practices. They would make the debtors pay them and they didn’t tell the bankruptcy courts.

      For more info about GE, you can read this page.

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  1. Michelle at 2:24 pm

    Quantum Minerals is trying to revive a project that Northern Dynasty started four years ago to create Pebble Mine, which is a massive open-pit copper and gold mining project.

    This project threatens the largest sockeye salmon run in the world in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Over 40 million sockeye salmon come to Bristol Bay every year and the bay is home to all five species of Pacific salmon found in North America.

    Of course they could destroy up to 93 miles (150 km) of salmon-supporting streams and thousands of acres of critical wetlands.

    Both companies are Canadian.


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