Forced Vaccinations

Forced-VaccinationsSo if you have studied anything about the evils and what their plans are, you know their plan is total worldwide control and depopulation using forced vaccinations and 5G.

Bill Gates is spearheading this mass extermination because everyone adores the psychopath and will do whatever he says.

You can read more about his agenda here.

You can read my other articles about the coronavirus false flag and how this was all pre-planned starting here. There are links throughout, but my links to my other articles are at the very bottom.

I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors, I don’t have an editor, I’m in a rush to post, and I have serious brain issues due to all the toxins I’ve been subjected to. This doesn’t mean my intelligence is gone, just my ability to work like I used to and remember things.

Saying that, I barely know even one person who doesn’t have brain issues even if they won’t admit it. I can tell by how they talk, write, think and/or what they forget from one minute to the next.

The Coronavirus (covid 19) was let loose worldwide so they would scare the people who trust everything their government and media tells them. These people would eventually DEMAND forced vaccinations and total alienation. It’s usually the younger ones who are demanding this, but not only them as they have scared all the seniors as well.

The evil psychopaths already got their total alienation. Total alienation means we can’t gather in groups to fight back.

It also means we can’t support one another except online or the phone.

All humans need tactile touch. It’s in our nature.

They may also shut down the Internet down the road to stop us from communicating and spreading the word. Don’t be surprised if this happens.

The following are countries or states within the US who are going to be forcing the coronavirus test on their citizens and this test has an 80% false-positive rate.

The evils don’t care about how good the test is, it’s not meant to tell if you have the coronavirus, what I’m hearing is that it maps your genetics. I will update if I hear something different.

What I assume this means is that they can then lock onto any one person through their genetics and of course their face, using 5G. I’m still trying to find a better video or article that can clear up exactly what 5G can do to us. I have a feeling that whatever an expert knows is not the total of what 5G can do because I’m sure the evil corps and criminal governments have enhanced its ability over the years.

It may not be today (depending on where you are), but it will be as soon as they get 5G set up WORLDWIDE. If you are paying attention and not just sitting home watching TV, you will see how fast this takedown is.

Just tonight trumpet extended the lockdown until the end of April. He, of course, is changing his tune every week because he’s controlled by the evils.

I am in NO WAY excusing trumpet. He’s a psychopath like the rest of them, but he’s the face of the US, so that’s where we are. These evils have actors who play their role in convincing the masses that all is okay while they are destroying the planet and all of humanity.

My guess is they will turn on 5G in the countries where they want to bring down the most people who know what’s going on. I assume the UK and the US first.

Remember that this is a worldwide THREAT, it’s not about taking down only one country, although they did a good job with China and Iran to start.

The vaccines are probably to inject something into our bodies that the 5G latches onto, and makes us very sick or kills us.

If you welcome vaccines of ANY type, you are a threat to civilization and humanity.

This tells me you have NOT done your vaccine research, that you are brainwashed and believe everything the government, the evil’s worldwide organizations like the WHO, and the media tell you.

AND if you agree we should be tied down and forced to have poison injected into our arm against our will, that to me is a THREAT!

I am not threatening YOU, but I hope you will have enough sense left in your brain to come to your senses and at LEAST start to ask questions. You have NO RIGHT to force me to do something against my will. Only very dysfunctional people or psychopaths behave in that manner.

Are you brain impaired?

Are you a psychopath?

If not, then take a step back and start asking questions and start learning.


Unfortunately, if you don’t start questioning and you support the evils, you are too far gone. The evils’ test run was last year when they wanted to gauge just how easy they could manipulate the slaves.

That’s when they had their MSM spread the lies about the measles.

This then scared people about measles which is NOT a deadly disease.

If they could get idiots to demand that everyone should be FORCED to vaccine because of a childhood illness that everyone (including me) got and it was over within about a week, then they could control anyone for any new fake story they make up.

As I stated in my other article, yes there is coronavirus, but the odds of you dying from it are very low. You have to already have a compromised immune system and/or be very old.

I’m not saying it’s okay for those people to die, what I’m saying is that you should put blame where it belongs, WITH THE EVILS.

Here is the list:

  1. Denmark – as of March 13, 2020, they got the government to pass this vile law. Look at how few people showed up to vote on it. Ask yourself WHY! Read the article here. I will reach out to Danes to see what they have to say about this.


I will keep updating this page, so please keep reviewing it and share it.

Our Free Society is NOT to be taken DOWN!

PEOPLE WAKE UP, this is the holocaust on steroids. They have already started working their one world digital currency in place. Their next plan is to starve you to death.

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