Coronavirus Update

caronavirusHere is my coronavirus update.

I say update because it’s taken a while for me to wrap my head around which direction the evils are going with this virus they concocted that by all intensive purposes looks like a flu. So far it looks like the covid19 started in Wuhan around late September. This from a commentor on a video who spoke to a friend in Hong Kong.

Clearly the coronavirus is just a cold or flu that they probably tweaked in a lab. Now there may be different stages of the virus.

People are going to get sick at all times of the year, especially in the winter.

Unfortunately, people are scared due to the fear porn the mainstream media peddles for their evil owners including the government, and so they are probably also making themselves sick worrying about whether they are going to get sick.

This is essentially another false flag like 911 was.

To be clear, when I say “false flag,” it doesn’t mean that the event doesn’t happen in real life and that it’s NOT terrible because it is, it just means that it was staged theater. The evils created the drama on purpose to scare the world, keep them in line, manipulate the public to do whatever they want, etc.

We should all be sensitive to people who get sick or lose someone during these horrific times because they are the brunt of the false flags the evils create.

Right away it was obvious this was pre-planned because they had talked and simulated a supposed “pandemic” at a conference last year in October 2019. They held the conference in New York with 130 people including the World Economic Forum and none other than the Gates Foundation. It was called “Event 201.” Here’s the details on that and here are the videos they recorded.

Then we became aware that Gates had a patent for a vaccine for coronavirus back in 2015, so this was all evidence this was a pre-planned false flag attack.

Going further back to June 2017, the World Bank launches “pandemic bonds.” See article here.

I wasn’t sure if they were just blowing things out of proportion or what. I mean we can’t trust the mainstream media of course, so unless people were dropping like flies (no disrespect), I wasn’t about to believe that this is a pandemic like they were claiming.

Up until now March 20, 2020, all evidence points to the fact that they are lying about how many deaths there are. In fact, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg from Germany says that people are just blowing things out of proportion.

He also says that the tests aren’t well developed as they were rushed. Here’s a short article and part of a documentary on the coronavirus.

I also wanted to get more context on what the evils and the criminal governments were trying to achieve, especially when they started to lock entire cities down.

I did hear from certain YouTube channels that people in Italy were NOT dying as the media was saying. They were lying to the public on, but the governments all had to be in on this because one after another they locked down all of the cities.

As I’ve been saying for a week now, governments are not that organized, let alone a whole WORLD of governments. Not unless they had ample warning.

So I will continue to update this thread as I learn more and I will link to the videos that have their points of view and what I think about them.

  1. The first video I watched did a good job showcasing that this wasn’t the coronavirus, but rather symptoms of 5G. I did buy that theory initially, but then nixed it.

    We don’t know all of the health symptoms of 5G, other than the typical headaches, total exhaustion, etc. I’m guessing every symptom under the sun will eventually be because of 5G as it eats away at you since you are being radiated.

    The thing is, they haven’t rolled out 5G worldwide, so the countries where they claim coronavirus is killing people means this explanation isn’t likely.

    Now I do have a theory that they can “claim” that the coronavirus is causing XYZ symptoms when really it’s 5G (this way they can hide how deadly 5G is), but I just don’t feel in this case this is what is going on.

  2. One thing I do think is correct, is that they are using the lockdowns to do something really bad.

    It makes no logical sense that they would try to evacuate everyone from the streets UNLESS they were setting things up they don’t want anyone to see.

    This could very well be 5G and 6G infrastructure which they can then turn on any time they want some time down the road. By the time I finalized this article, I was correct. The evidence is there that they are rushing to put 5G in every school in America and probably many other countries.

  3. This video is quite good.

    He details how the evils who have been controlling the weather and using it as a weapon since the 1940’s had ramped up their attacks against our Earth (and us of course) in the weeks prior to the coronavirus hitting the media waves.

    How in hotter climates there were less reported citings of people getting sick because people were outside, and the best way to cure the flu is by going outside and getting fresh air and especially getting the SUN.

    This is why the evils have been trying to kill our sun, because the sun is one of the most important parts of our Universe.

    It’s used for curing all that ails us as well as keeping us warm, growing food, keeping animals and insects alive, etc. You can watch this video from a guest on Mercola’s YouTube channel. He is an expert on all things sun and health-related.

    This is also why they have been selling us bullshit for decades now about how the sun is dangerous and we need to wear sunscreen because if our bodies don’t get sun, we get sick and it’s much easier for us to die.

    So the opposite is true, the colder the climate due to the geoengineering (using weather as a weapon and spraying toxins from above), the more coronavirus cases he saw.

  4. Another reason for the coronavirus is to move the people on earth towards their One World Government also known as the New World Order (NWO.)

    They have been planning this for at least a century if not longer (sorry I don’t have the first date it was mentioned.)

    In order to do that, they need to create a huge false flag attack where the majority of the brainwashed humans will accept their agenda, and this is clearly the next stage.

    In China they are already forcing people to scan a QR code using their cell phones just to be able to go from one city to the next, get on a train, go into a mall, etc. You can watch this video about that here.

  5. Another method to scare and control the masses is to lump both the coronavirus in with the fake climate change. Remember that global warming (they now call it climate change) is just a hoax meant to scare people.

    We are NOT causing climate change, the evils are and always have been.

    We do NOT run manufacturing plants, the huge toxic corporations do, and they are the ones polluting the air and water, have killed our soil, etc., but pollution and climate change are two different things.

    All of these HUGE weather catastrophes are caused by the evils and their weather manipulation and geoengineering.

    Here’s a video on that.

  6. Did you know that the evils and their puppet trumpet pre-planned and may have even advertised the coronavirus back in 2017 on “The Economist?”

    It was on the front page of their magazine with trumpet on a tarot card (how disgusting is that, since tarot should be used for peace, not evil) sitting on the entire earth with a flag of what appears to be toilet paper underneath him and a crown in his hand. If you didn’t already know, Carona stands for “crown” in some languages. Here’s the image.


Questions to ask about this fake coronavirus that most people aren’t asking

  1. There was no test. Now the test may be faulty. I heard that from many people including doctors online, so how do they KNOW that everyone has the coronavirus?

    They don’t.

    Lie #1

  2. How did EVERY country in the entire world (even the small towns) get these supposed tests to even determine that a patient has this illness?

  3. The coronavirus could be symptoms from 5G being switched on in certain areas of the world. Again, we don’t know for sure, but by the time I finalized this article on March 20, 2020, I read a great comment from someone who definitely thinks so.

    I’m going to paste part of it here and edit it because it was poorly written…Note: I have not fully researched this, but I want to get this out there since so many people still believe this is all about coronavirus.”The Chinese were all given mandatory vaccines last fall.

    The vaccine contained replicating, DIGITIZED (controllable) RNA which were activated by 60 Ghz mm 5G waves.

    This was turned on in Wuhan (as well as all other Countries using 60 Ghz 5G ) with the “smart dust” that everyone on the globe has been inhaling through chemtrails.

    That’s why when they say someone is “cured”, the “virus” can be “digitally” reactivated at any time and the person can literally drop dead.

    The Diamond Princess Cruise ship was SPECIFICALLY equipped with 60 Ghz 5G. It’s basically remote assassination.

    Americans are currently breathing in this “smart” dust through chemtrails. Think of it like this….. add the combination of vaccines, chemtrails (smart dust) and 5G, and your body becomes internally digitized and can be remotely controlled.

    A person’s organ functions can be stopped remotely if one is deemed non-compliant.

    Wuhan was a test run for ID 2020.

    It’s a bioweapon intentionally released which, of course, is their Agenda 21/30 plan.

    Economy is done.

    So yeah, I believe in biological warfare. But I do not believe in vaccines. You will have to murder me and I’ll make sure it’s recorded in public view when it goes down.

    What if all this shit is to scare you to take a. s h o t , to force va((inate to sterilize you ????

    FURTHERMORE, what if Corona virus is just to cover up 5G related symptoms and death just like SIDS was the cover-up for infant death related to Vaccine poisoning?

    FURTHERMORE, I know a lot of people with 5G/60GHZ microwaves radiation poisoning, and it has the same side effects. It’s also the smart meters.”

    Thanks to Lue Keyboard Warrior for her input.

  4. The coronavirus could be a poison they are spraying on us from their planes just like they do with their chemtrails/contrails.

  5. Why are all of these high profile people (actors and athletes) suddenly coming out and saying they have the coronavirus as if this is something they should be proud of?

    Clearly they are paid to promote being quarantined as IF this is okay for people to be locked in their house and not allowed to leave. Or the government just uses their names to show people that LOOK, this important person is taking it, so follow what they do. Look how they used Mary Tyler Moore’s name and she never took the swine flu shot or even gave them permission to use her name.

  6. How come we don’t hear any names of people who have died from this?

  7. How come we don’t see any interviews of people whose family members have died? I just saw one picture today of someone getting the vaccine for coronavirus and someone found her online. She’s a paid actor.

  8. For all the trumpet lovers, why is he not wearing a face mask and he is shaking hands with everyone? View this image. The article claims that trumpet cares more about the people than his own health. LOL

    Just one more lie that comes out of his mouth. Unfortunately, many trumpet lovers will belive anything this chronic liar says.

    And he’s a germaphobe to boot. There’s no way in hell that if he really thought the coronavirus was dangerous, that he would shake anyone’s hand.

    Where I am, every worker is wearing a mask and scared that they are going to catch something. Clearly trumpet knows this is all theater.

So I hope that has cleared some things up for those of you who aren’t already truthers.

Be well and please don’t let the fear get to you even though I know it’s hard. I myself have been going through issues not because I’m scared of the virus, but because of what the evils are doing to us.


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2 thoughts on “coronavirus update”

  1. Italy admits that people who died had other illnesses, so the numbers are definitely skewed.

    I only care about people who ONLY died from covid 19, not people who were already very ill and could have died from anything that pushed them over the edge, even just the regular flu.

    I am NOT trying to be callous, but when you IMPRISON THE ENTIRE WORLD, take down the ENTIRE WORLD ECONOMY, force people to LOSE THEIR JOBS, force people to WEAR SUFFOCATING MASKS, force people to NOT BE AROUND OTHER HUMAN BEINGS, throw away TONS OF FOOD, cause the cost of food prices TO SKYROCKET, force small, medium and large BUSINESSES TO GO BANKRUPT, you


    But anyone who has a brain and is doing their research from anyone OTHER than the evil government-run mainstream media, KNOWS this is all a HOAX!!!

    Here’s the article.


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