Intentional Communities

Intentional CommunitiesMost people don’t know what an intentional communities are. They are also known as eco-villages and they are located worldwide. They are NOT just for “hippies.” The concept is for people who want a free community void of destructive governments and evil corporations trying to control them.

Intentional communities can be as small as 50 people, or upto as many as 1-2,000 people who all have the same mindset on how to run a community. They usually care about being sustainable (growing their own food), Green, collaborating together, and living in peace. They also usually offer the skills they have to make the community work.

You often have to buy a house or piece of land to join which is sometimes why people who are on limited funds can’t afford it, but for many, giving up isn’t an option, they forge ahead anyway.

They are usually democratic in nature, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges such as disagreements and the people who founded the community wanting to exert their ego. For this reason it’s best to really research the founders and members about how they handle disagreements before settling on intentional communities. Figuring out if most of their personalities are compatible with yours is also a good to analyze.

There are also intentional communities that had good intentions of starting, but because of lack of funding and organization, never got off the ground, so be mindful of that when joining one that isn’t off the ground yet. We’ve sometimes e-mailed a few community websites never to hear back from anyone.

The Fellowship of Intentional Communities is a good site to find like minded people or communities looking for people. They have a classified area, so you can contact individuals or even planning committees for people looking to start, you just need to register.


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