It’s wartime

It’s WarTime

People from all over the World, it’s WARTIME

wartimeIf you haven’t already read my article (it’s 2 pages) detailing tons of evidence that we are in a war, please do so here.


Every day (even a few times a day) they are pushing us more into the prison.

We have to work non stop now until they close down the Internet. I heard it may be today or Monday April 13, 2020 . Even if it’s not on either of those 2 dates, make NO MISTAKE, they will eventually shut it down once they have their next plan in place.

I’m here to see who wants to join my Think Tank.

I’m starting a Think Tank so we can move towards saving humanity.

I’ve already started typing up a plan of how we can start.

Please message me if you are serious with your name, e-mail and phone number, along with your skills. I will add it to a private list.

I would like to have a meeting within the next 3-4 hours around 3 pm EST US time.

This is wartime, and people need to WAKE UP, and stop waiting for something to happen. We need to save ourselves.

I’m going to call it “The Fight for Love” unless someone has a better name they can think of.

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