Proof this is the holocaust

Proof This is the Holocaust

HolocaustYou want proof this is the holocaust? I call it the holocaust on steroids.

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So if you have no clue what happened just prior to the holocaust taking on steam where people were kidnapped from their homes and sent off in trains to slave labor camps, you won’t see the correlation here.

I recommend you read some good books or watch some good documentaries.

While the situation and their methods may be slightly different, the message is very clear. We as a human race are UNDER ATTACK!

While this isn’t new to truthers, the evils’ plan has escalated and they are trying to make you think this is normal or that in order to save yourself and everyone else, you have to do as they say which of course, is all LIES.

As I always say, they may be WAY WORSE than the definition of your typical psychopath, but they ain’t STUPID!

But we are smart too. contrary to all the degrading names they call us and how they laugh at how stupid humanity is. And once you understand their long term plan, things will start to fall into place for you.

I wish this wasn’t the case and I wish that truthers hadn’t been right that this was going to happen. I too was in denial that this would happen during my lifetime. I was glad I am older as I was hoping I wouldn’t have to deal with what was coming, but in only a few short years, what I’ve learned is now starting to come true.

Truthers have been studying this topic of what the evils have planned for us for years. Some have been studying it for over 30 years. I’ve only been studying it for 4 1/2 years, but I learned a lot in that short period of time.

And guess what… One of the reasons they created a high inflation society where you have to work non stop just to pay your bills, is so that you have no TIME (or energy) to question anything or start learning.

But now you have the time since you are a prisoner in your home, and it’s your DUTY to learn about what is going on.

And other reasons you probably hadn’t studied it are any of the following.

  1. You had no curiosity which is a shame.
  2. You live in a state of denial about what is really going on.
  3. Nothing overtly caused you any discomfort so you didn’t see the need.

    This one is important, because back in the 1930’s, the people in Germany (especially the Jews), also didn’t feel immense discomfort, so they also didn’t study what was really going on.

    I still haven’t studied the holocaust in detail (the true version, not the fake lie version), but I do know that it was pre-planned and funded by the evils. Hitler was just their puppet. He was actually related to one of them.

    Living in a state of bliss while others are in discomfort is, in my opinion, selfishness. If it’s just a one off example, no it’s not, but if people are getting beaten, imprisoned, or killed while you sit by and do nothing to help, that speaks volumes about what kind of person you are.

    Now I’m not saying that you want to be selfish, and I’m not saying everyone should be an activist, BUT understanding where you are living, how the world lives and what is REALLY going on, I think, is very important in life.

    As a whole, I also didn’t know the truth until I started studying one topic which led me to the next topic, and the next. And as we say in the truther movement, I fell down the rabbit hole never to get up again. But generally, I knew that life wasn’t even close to being perfect and that there was a lot of division and anger AND, that things were getting worse every year.

    You can’t even make what I learned up and put it into a movie. It would shock the hell out of everyone and they would never want to see a movie again.

    ALTHOUGH, if you are a huge movie and TV buff like I am and you are older, (not a 20 or early 30’s something) you will see clear evidence that many movies and TV shows, and even books, have foretold this future or provided evidence about whether something is true or not.

    Like back in around 2007 or 2008 I read the last book Michael Crichton ever wrote before the very intelligent loving man passed over. I loved his work and had read everything he had including his nonfiction, but this one really triggered me because it was a story about how global warming was fake.

    I couldn’t understand WHY he would write such lies as he usually wrote only the truth in his books, even if they were fiction.

    Well, after years of researching things, I now know that what he was writing about wasn’t fiction, he just hid it in his books so he wouldn’t be noticed by the evils. They may have given him cancer, I don’t know. I only found out a few days ago that one of their weapons is to give someone cancer when they want to kill them.

    Fast forward to a year or two ago, I finally realized WHY climate change is all a lie. In fact, I’m still putting the puzzle pieces together and what is happening right now plays a part in that.

    They use fake words like “sustainability,” to pull at our heartstrings and follow whatever they say. They are trying to make it seem like what they are doing to us is for the good of the PLANET, but if you look at all the things they have done to harm the planet since the industrial revolution, you will see THEY purposely harmed us and all living things. It wasn’t us, it’s THEM doing all of this. I won’t overwhelm you even more with other examples of what they have done to harm us and our planet.

    This is what they do, they use what’s called “word salad.”

    Confusing words that really mean one thing and you think they mean something else.

    I learned about 3 years ago that if you want to know the TRUE meaning of a word, you need to understand the definition of it in Latin or Greek. That’s what the true scholars of the day used, usually Latin. Them and the Vatican and they are one of the evils.

    The evils control hollyood (always have) and they always plan these things this way for two reasons:

    a) So when a truther starts talking about it, they can make fun of them and say it’s all fiction and they are crazy for believing fiction. You, then believe the evils and discount everything the truther said.
    b) So they can brainwash you. Prepare you for what will come whether it’s today, tomorrow, or 30 years from now.

    George Orwell’s “1984” is a prime example of that and so is “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley. Both books were written in 1949 and 1932 respectively, and yet they describe society and what is happening now more than EVER.

Let’s get onto my evidence that this is just the beginning stages of the holocaust on steroids

This is so long, I had to divide it up and the list alone is very long. That’s how much evidence there is that this is a holocaust.

Read here…

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