Examples You Are a slave

slavesMy other page was so long, that I had to start a new one showing you my Examples you are a slave.

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  1. Geoengineering

    Geoengineering is a complex topic that I haven’t studied in detail, but the bottom line is, they have been spraying us non stop high up in the altitude since at least the 1990’s.

    They spray us with heavy metals and I now believe this coronavirus, and they have been spraying the entire world 3 weeks ago and I think last week as well.

    I don’t have time to follow Mike Morales every day. His videos are long and sometimes I don’t understand him, but he’s highly regarded as knowing his stuff when it comes to geoengineering. You can subscribe to him here.

    To be clear, they have been doing this at least 1-4 times per week in the US for years, but I’m not sure they have been doing it worldwide as much as they have been doing it in the last month.

  2. They are fast tracking our imprisonment

    If you are in the US and not studying this, it probably won’t make sense to you, but I’m overseas and I think that overseas countries are being controlled a lot more than in the US.

    Despite that, make no mistake, they WILL have the US locked down within another few weeks. New York was pretty much locked down and even if it wasn’t, the mainstream media (MSM) lied about it and made it seem like the New Yorkers were.

    They have been RUSHING to lock everyone down. Aren’t you asking yourself why?

    Every day I wake up something NEW has happened to take away our freedom.

    That is PROOF positive that this is a total TAKEDOWN.

  3. Areas within cities on lockdown

    Last week I spoke to someone in another bigger city in the country where I am, and she said their entire city is now on lockdown and she won’t be able to go anywhere. In my city there’s only 2 buses running, and if there’s more than 10 people (I think it is), they won’t let you on AND the buses are only running once every 33 minutes, and once every hour. Normally there’s 5 buses and they each run every 15-20 minutes.

    People are now being told they can’t go out for days at a time.

    What do sick people need in order to get better?


    What are they taking from us? Exactly THAT!

    Watch this video and don’t think for one moment they don’t know that you need fresh air and sunshine.

    Guess part of what geoengineering does…. KILLS THE SUN!

  4. All countries knew in advance

    Three weeks ago I had to kill myself and walk 45 minutes from a grocery store because I forgot that the last bus is now at 8 pm, and obviously I didn’t make it. That was how bad things were just 3 weeks ago when this whole things first started.

    To me this is clear evidence this country was prepared, and if you go search around at every single country’s MSM, you will hear the SAME verbiage spoken from their so called “journalist” government controlled puppets.

    Now ask yourself WHY they are all saying the same thing?

    I’ll tell you why… because they were given a script to read off of just as this was all blowing up.

  5. Covid 19 is a bad flu

    The MSM has been lying about how dangerous covid 19 (the coronavirus) is.

    The numbers do NOT lie and their numbers are fabricated. They are labeling EVERY death now due to covid 19. Here’s a great video showing how they are lying about how dangerous this scamdemic is.

    Yes people can die from it if they were already very sick, and most of those people who are elderly were, but people who are healthy are NOT generally getting sick, OR if they do get sick, they heal within a few days just like you would with a cold, flu, etc.

    Other reasons people are dying or getting sick is if they had received the toxic flu vaccine in the last 3 years. You can read this list of people (of course there are more that we will never know about) who have had terrible reactions after getting the flu vaccine. And yes, some have even died after getting the flu vaccine.

    I don’t trust the scam allopathic medical industry at all. I never did once I became holistic in 1997, and after studying the truth about how the industry started in the late 1800’s, and who was behind starting it, I was only more convinced it’s a scam industry all about the money, making people sick so their body doesn’t function properly, and killing people.

    Even if the person is younger, they have to have been really sick in order to get this the coronavirus, and most younger people are already sick. They don’t live a clean healthy life.

    Come on, they eat fake food, drink coke, have had tons of vaccines since birth, don’t get natural exercise, are on top of their cell phone or computer 24/7,  are often on tons of legal toxic drugs, and are more stressed now than when I was growing up.

    And we don’t know if they got more sick once they went into the hospital.

    Do you know how many people die in a hospital when they were relatively healthy when they went in? Look up the statistics.

    Your allopathic scam industry won’t advertise those numbers to you.

    How many young adults who got sick with the coronavirus stayed home and healed just like they would have with a cold or the flu? We should be comparing THOSE numbers.

    There are way too many questions that need to be answered and I can tell you right now, that the MSM and scam doctors aren’t going to tell us the truth.

    That’s why I created this survey if anyone knows of anyone who got sick and/or died.

    But the most important question you should ask is HOW in the world did countries from all over the world know to force people to stay home and shut down their entire country?

    Since WHEN does the government work in a smooth seamless manner when it comes to anything???

    The US usually does (not always), but in any other country I’ve lived in, it does NOT. And YET every single country, like clockwork, followed this strategy and it was ALL about keeping people locked up in their homes, standing away from other human beings so you would be scared of them, and away from working, money and making people scared and stressed about this lie the evils created.

    Stress is the #1 KILLER of all time.

    You can watch this video about the statistics, and then this video.

    And watch this video of citizen journalists who went around to their local hospital and took video footage of empty hospitals.

    AND, in the UK yesterday I heard that one citizen journalist was arrested for video taping the truth.

    Why aren’t you asking WHY people telling the truth are being arrested fined and potentially killed? We will be eventually, the evils kill anyone who gets in their way, BUT, they can’t kill all of us if we RESIST their plan.

    And I went to go search high and low for a long video from Germany or somewhere taking a video of their empty hospital AND a doctor discussing how you can’t get covid 19 just from someone breathing on you and YouTube has ALREADY taken it down.

    So ask yourself those questions.

    If everything we truthers are saying is a lie, what do the evils have to be concerned about?

    Read this article from scientists worldwide telling you that this is ridiculous and covid 19 is NOT a huge pandemic.
    You can watch this video from a German scientist.

  6. Death is a part of life

    People die EVERY day everywhere in the world and we have NEVER shut down the entire world because of it.

    As one YouTube channel pointed out… there are more traffic fatalities worldwide than anything. Do we shut the entire car industry down or tell our children they can’t have a drivers license because of that?

    Of course not, the automotive industry has HUGE power. We have NONE!

    The statistics show that the flu causes huge deaths per year, and I’m positive that if we studied who died from the flu, we would see a pattern of people who follow a very poor lifestyle (see above) and had the flu shot in prior years.

    Here’s Del showing you how they are filling out the death certificates and making it seem like they died from covid 19 when they didn’t.

    If you do a search and YouTube hasn’t deleted it by the time you see it, a commentor said the following:

    In one of the Italian hospitals, someone died of something yet the doctor in charge marked it down as COVID-19, which infuriated the family, but he openly said “we need to get our numbers up.”

  7. No harm

    I am NOT the type of person to intentionally harm anyone, but when there’s no harm in the first place and I’m being locked down over nothing and know this is the evils’ plan, then YES, I will be upset, and yes, I am very angry about this.

    I’m also angry with the fact that most people don’t understand that this so called covid 19 was released on purpose, and they don’t even ask WHY it was released. They just believe it was the Chinese through some bat.

    Or they just have panic attacks because they worship the government, the allopathic medical industry, and the MSM.

    Even people who acknowledge that the covid 19 numbers are fake, still aren’t getting it. They are only half asleep.

    The other day David Icke was asking London Real WHY he’s only allowed to go out once a day.

    If he goes out once per day and stays away from people and goes out into nature, why can’t he go out 10 times per day and go out in nature?

  8. Agenda 21

    Do you know what 21 stands for?

    2021. We are NOW in 2020. You can watch this video here if you haven’t already seen it.

    And you can watch this video here and along with that, read over this document here

    I admit I haven’t read the document. It’s too long and complex for me to handle right now. The woman says she used to work for the government, so she understands the BS language they are using to confuse the masses.

    One thing I didn’t know that they were planning, is eventually eradicate ALL forms of food, thereby forcing us to eat lab food and insects. This is how they control the people.

  9. Total Worldwide Economic Collapse

    From the getgo, I wasn’t concerned with what was going on UNTIL I found out about 1 week in that they were shutting down the stock exchange for minutes at a time and they were planning on shutting it down for longer.

    That coupled with everyone being told they can’t work, I suddenly KNEW that they were going to bring down the entire economy worldwide.

    Why would they do that you ask?

    If you think the fear was bad now, just imagine NO ONE being able to pay for anything, people can’t eat, and everything is mayhem. Not because there’s no government (like they tell you), but BECAUSE there is government and the evils controlling everything we do or can even say.

    Your ONLY choice is to rely upon the evils for food and shelter.

    Never in the history of humankind have we been in this situation. Even during the Great Depression wasn’t that bad, and that was also a false flag.

  10. Getting rid of cash

    In many countries they are lying saying that the cash will give you covid 19.

    The reason for this is because the evils plan to create a worldwide digital currency so they have total power over what you spend it on and whether you can get it at all since they will only give it to you if you behave like a good little boy or girl.

    China has been doing this for a while now.

  11. Their plans to divide people

    They are forcing people to wear masks promoting MORE fear porn, plus making people scared of their fellow human beings. If people are scared of one another, they won’t support anyone but themselves.

    The evils have been creating divides among people for decades.

    Who do you think ran all the ops to pit

    a) women against men
    b) blacks against whites
    c) whites against Mexicans
    d) people with no money against people with money
    e) gays against straights

    This was all carefully planned and executed.

    I’ve already had people get angry at me on Monday because I wasn’t wearing a mask, one AND I wasn’t allowed on the bus. WTF???

    I literally felt suffocated when I was forced to buy those shitty blue masks and put one on. I even wonder if they are poisoned with something.

    In the last few days in the US they are now fining people $1,000 PER DAY if they don’t wear a face mask.

  12. Keeping people 6 feet apart

    This is classic psychological warfare making people afraid of people they were normally never afraid of before. People are literally just robotically following orders and moving away from you if you walk down the store.

    And what makes NO sense at all (of course) is that if you go into a store, you are close to one another and touch the same things everyone else touches and YET, youa aren’t getting sick.

    You can’t even get covid 19 from being near someone because that’s NOT how viruses are contracted.

    You can watch this video here. I wish the guy hadn’t put all those stupid slides in with his video, but he’s highly intelligent and I guess this is his way of blowing off steam. Other doctors have admitted that’s NOT how you contact a virus and germ theory has already been debunked by many people.

    Last point here… go to your MSM and look at all of your government officials on camera. Are they obeying social distancing and standing 6 feet apart?

    Are they wearing face masks?

    Why are you worshipping these people and thinking that there’s ONE rule for us and they don’t have to abide by their own rules?

    Better yet, explain to me why they aren’t scared out of their mind that they are going to get covid 19 from the person standing next t to them?

  13. People are being encouraged to be the evils’ enforcers

    People see others walking their dogs, going outside, more than 2 people, etc. they then start verbally attacking them in a vicious way. I’ve come across two women stating this in Spain.

    In the US, they now have a police app now where you can contact the police to rat on your fellow humans.

    And the evil corp google just came out with a program to spy on you from space so that if you are closer than 6 feet to someone, I assume they will dispatch the GESTAPO to come get YOU!!!

  14. No human to human contact

    No celebrations, no being around family, being afraid to go near anyone in a line, getting people used to not being friendly, and preparing people to no longer have ANY human to human contact so they will be forced to use AI for friendship, sexual gratification, even long term relationships.

    This is another reason they created social media, so people would become addicted to the site and favor that instead of a real human being. AND IT WORKED. Most people refuse to even talk on the phone, they ONLY want to waste their time typing out BS.

    The evils’ end goal is to make everyone transhuman. You can watch this video here.

  15. People are depressed

    And rightly so. They aren’t working, if they run a business that people don’t need, they are going bankrupt, alcohol sales are at an all-time high, and drugs probably too. People are NOT used to living with their partner and kids 24/7. Fights are already breaking out, I can guarantee you of that.

    Abuses are probably at an all time high and of course, most couples fight about money at the best of times.

    This is EXACTLY where the evils want us and I hope you can see that. This lowers the immune system and increases your risk of getting sick form anything, I’m not talking about the coronavirus.

    Just the fact that they won’t allow people who are either physically sick or emotionally depressed from going outside, is total control to break down people’s spirits.

    They want to make sure that EVERYONE knows they are the masters and we are their slaves.

    This has NOTHING to do with the coronavirus.

  16. Steal your money and lock you up

    And the insane FINES and threatened JAIL TIME if you break any of their tyrannical rules. $10,000 or one year in Canada, and fines and jail time in many other countries JUST for walking around outside minding your own business.

  17. 5G

    So what is the reason for locking us in?

    Besides the fear porn, it’s so they can sneak in 5G EVERYWHERE, including in all of the schools at least in the US, but in other countries too I’m sure.

    People have been protesting this worldwide, because 5G is a very sophisticated weapon that will harm your DNA, cells, control what you do, put thoughts in your head, it can burn you from very far away, track everything you are about, and I’m still trying to find a complete list of what it can do because they may have improved its evil properties in the last few years.

    You won’t even need the phone anymore because you will be the phone. You can watch this here, although it doesn’t talk about the extreme danger.

    And watch this that was recorded years ago. That’s how long they’ve had it for.

    If we weren’t prisoners in our own homes, they wouldn’t be able to do that because people would be livid and trying to stop it.

  18. No protests

    While I don’t believe protests work at all because we are slaves and slaves have no rights, many people use peaceful protests as a way to try and change the evils’ minds.

    Since they put trumpet into office, he’s been preventing more an more protesters from protesting by way of fines and jail time.

    But don’t think for a MINUTE that other presidents haven’t also done this in the past. Almost every American (and other countries) peaceful protest either ends in fines, jail time or people even being killed.

    What happened to all the yellow vest protesters in France and worldwide (except in the US?)

    Italy was protesting vaccines in 2018.

    Lebanon was protesting just last year.

    Now NO ONE is allowed to protest.

    There is NO such thing as a coincidence.

  19. Forced Testing

    There have been movies created with this exact SAME script.

    All over the world now they are forcing tests upon us and I don’t trust their test at all nor should I have to take one since I’m NOT sick and even if I was sick, it’s none of their business.

    If I get sick with the flu, I stay home, holistically medicate myself and I get better.

    If I CHOOSE to go to the doctor to get a test done, that’s MY CHOICE.

    I should NOT be forced to take their test.

    I will have to find a video or article that shows that everyone who gets the test will test positive for it even if they have NO SYMPTOMS. Watch this video here where the tests shipped to the UK were tainted. And from day 1 they have been saying that the test spews out 80% false positives.

    And why is the test done sticking LONG qtips in your nose???

    Since WHEN has any test been performed that way?

    Have you ever had a test done like that before???

    I don’t trust anyone in government, any doctor that’s a part of this scamdemic, NO ONE!

    Where I am located they are trying to test 10,000 people per week!

    If something is in the test to make you sick, then they can say SEE, they got sick because of the coronavirus.

    It already started in Denmark last month, and they will also be forcing Danes to have vaccines.

  20. Gates is now dubbed Adolf Gates

    Bill Gates has always been an evil person during all of his days building up Microsoft.

    Most people think he came from a poor background and was so intelligent, that he eventually created Microsoft and it took off.

    Well, that’s not true. Here are two videos showcasing just some of who Bill Gates really is. Disregard all the trumpet accolades. I don’t believe in government and especially NOT trumpet.

    Video 1
    Video 2
    Article here on Gate’s vaccine plan over the last few years.

    Gates has been spewing his evil propaganda ALL OVER TOWN along with the criminal government spewing their propaganda about how everyone is going to die from covid 19.

    Gate’s agenda is to have everyone tested, vaccinated and chipped ASAP. He’s been very vocal about this, so you can do a search and even find this on all of MSM.

    And if you aren’t a truther or an ex-vaxxer, you probably won’t know that over the years, he’s (well really his foundation that he runs with his wife) been traveling to 3rd world countries to inject women and children with these poisonous vaccines harming and killing many.

    In fact, literally 2 or so months ago I was given a link from someone that stated he was sued by India for all the damage he did. I tried to find the original proof that he was taken to court and OF COURSE, the article was taken down.

    His name wasn’t even mentioned on the India Times website.

    It doesn’t matter if he’s a doctor or not, what matters is that they are forcing a test and vaccine on us and saying that if we DON’T do this, they will not let us go out, travel, go back to work, etc.

    Again, go STUDY the holocaust.

    This is exactly how it played out, except there was no test, vaccine or hi-tech chip.

    But the Nazis were notorious for documenting EVERYONE, and putting stars on every person who had any Jewish blood in them. Even if it was a grandparent.

    Gates would NOT be going in front of the camera selling this idea UNLESS he knew it was going to happen. If it suddenly didn’t happen, he would then look like a fool, which I’m sure he wouldn’t want.

  21. Food shortages

    Even 3 weeks ago right at the very beginning the WHO (world health organization) put out a bulletin that they are already seeing food shortages.  This is all meant to scare people, but it has in fact raised the prices on food

    Who gives the most money to the WHO besides the United States Government (sorry, the US corporation)?


  22. Will they shut off the internet?

    I don’t want to alarm anyone and I don’t know for sure because it may just all be fear porn, but twice now I’ve heard that they can and will.

    What, now they are going to spew their BS that you can get sick from the coronavirus through the internet?

    There’s only 2 reasons why they would want to shut the net down:

    a) to stop people from questioning and spreading the truth about what’s really going on, before they are ready to take us to the next step of tyranny
    b) to force people to lose their minds rush out into the streets so they can shoot them dead. That’s a good way to find out who has a gun they are prepared to use.

    As of today and even a few days ago censoring is in FULL swing.

    A UK government organization warned all so called “journalists” controlled by the evils, that they can’t mention 5G in relation to the coronavirus.

    David Icke’s second interview with London Real that got something ridiculous like 10,000,000 views was taken down the minute it went up on YouTube, so no, it wasn’t because of the traffic and google loves traffic.

    There will be more, you can count on it. They have been censoring non stop since trumpet was placed into power, and this is way too important for them to allow people to find out the TRUTH!

  23. No voting

    Unfortunately slaves have this disturbing idea that their vote matters and they have been brainwashed for centuries that if they don’t vote, they will all go to hell or something ridiculous like that.

    So to stress people out even more (remember, this is all about fear porn and stress), there was this… “Yesterday, despite urgent warnings from public health experts about the need to stay home and practice social distancing, conservative judges ordered Wisconsin to hold an election—and tens of thousands of Wisconsinites were disenfranchised.” I read this in one of the newsletters I get.

    You can see right there as clear as day that the government is in on this (always has been). Even the US Supreme court which is the highest BS court in the land sided with the criminals in government.

So this wraps up this list of Examples You Are a slave. PROOF that we are in a holocaust now and it’s only going to get worse.

The theory is, they are about to ALLOW us to leave our house and then mark everyone’s words, in a few weeks they will raise the alarm bells again and make everyone stay at home, or ONLY allow people who are vaccinated to leave their home while they track them through 5G.

They are also trying to stop the spread of the truth, as a lot of YouTube channels have been demonitized in the last few days, even though they aren’t hardcore truthers. That tells me the evils are very scared, and they are trying to bring ANYONE who stands up to them DOWN!

I want to leave you with this video here.

The ONLY way to get us out of this mess is to stand together. I’ve been saying this for the last 2 years, reach out to me and let’s create a Think Tank.

Why do only the EVILS band together to create evil and havoc in the world?

Why aren’t WE gathering together to create peace and harmony?

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10 thoughts on “Examples You Are a slave”

  1. Rather than create a new article, I’m just going to continue adding to it here.

    Today I heard that the evils have STOPPED us from buying clothes and other things, AND (get this) all gardening tools.

    (Update – I apologize. I may have been misled about this. I’m not sure 100% if it’s just they aren’t selling them in the stores or not selling them at all.) I will get back to you when I know more.

    04-13-20 – Unfortunately the woman I got the info from was correct. They will NOT allow you to buy seeds in a store now. See this video here.

    My intention is never to mislead anyone. Thank you

    If you read my other article and watched the 2nd video about Agenda 21 where she reads just some of their plans for us, you would know that they plan to take away ALL OF OUR FOOD and force us to eat like animals eating only food from a lab and insects.

    This is clearly their first step towards that goal.

    If people can’t grow their own food, we will HAVE to eat whatever they give us or die.

    Still think your government loves you?

    Still think this is about the fake coronavirus which I’m sure they did spread, but is either caused by 5G or is just a flu type bacteria?

    It does NOT MATTER where it came from. Yes, they released it probably along WITH China because all of these countries are in on this takedown. That’s all that should concern you.

    Open your eyes and see that they are ALL doing the same thing, saying the same thing! Go research other countries, NOT just America. This isn’t about America, this is a war against the humans of EVERY country!

    And all that should concern you is that they lied about how deadly it is to scare you and do what they want, which IS, imprison us while they install 5G and get you brainwashed to follow every single ORDER they give you.

    AND they are trying to coerce doctors to put down that the person died from covid 19 when they didn’t.

    See this video here and this video here. That should be enough even though I have others.

    Ask yourself WHY they would do that!

    Now all that should matter to you PEOPLE who have been IGNORING what truthers have been saying for years, is that the evils are speed rolling their plan to take down humanity.

    You need to do a LOT of reading and watching so you understand what’s going on and THEN we need to formulate a plan, otherwise, they will WIN!!!

    This is a WAR!!!

    Decide, are you going to work for the nazis or side with kind loving people (HUMANS???)

    If you are serious, intelligent and interested in joining a Think Tank, contact me.

  2. LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman along with Sam Altman and none other than ADOLF Gates bought out change.org back in 2018 which is an online petition site that I personally used to use to sign TONS of petitions until I finally realized petitions do nothing to change the situation.

    Here’s that article, and it proves to me that they were thinking several steps ahead and who knows how many petitions they manipulated or took down in the last 3 years.

    It’s a good way to get names though so we can move past a digital signature.

    Why do I bring this up?

    Because a truther activist just created 3 petitions in the last couple of weeks on the topics of 5G, the Covid 19 Bill, & ID2020.

    Can you guess what happened to them???


    And she had 200,000 signatures on 2 (that’s 400,000 in total), and almost 150,000 on a 3rd.

    People, this has NOTHING to do with censorship.

    This is just another example of WAR!

    They are using their power, money, and influence to stop us from getting the word out ANYWHERE!!!

  3. I have some very bad news….

    They (the US) are now looking to take your children away from you if they “claim” you are ill or likely to get sick.

    Please write to me if this is happening in your country too.

    Watch this!!!

  4. Ok, I’ve already mentioned before that the WHO (I think it was) mentioned about 2 weeks ago that the food prices were going to increase.

    They know exactly what they are doing, since the WHO is mainly owned by the criminal US government and none OTHER than Gates.

    So now they are taking ALL of our food away.

    You can’t buy the seeds (see above), AND they are literally throwing out tons of food, both produce and meat.

    Real farmers now will go bankrupt!

    And if you think this is only in the US, think again…

    It’s happening worldwide with lies being spread by the evils that chickens in Indian spread the coronavirus.

    This is part of their Agenda 21 plan that NO ONE will be able to eat anything but what they give us which is lab food and insects!

    They are spreading lies worldwide so people get scared and do stupid things.

    You can watch all about it here.


    I heard this a while ago, that the evils created the Vegan movement to brainwash people into thinking that being a Vegan was GOOD!

    Now we can see it.

    Wake up to what is going on!!!!

    Join me in the Think Tank I’m trying to create IF you are ready to brainstorm to fight back!!!

  5. Ok, so I said from the getgo that I REFUSE to be tested, and NOW the next attack from the evils is to get us ALL tested worldwide.

    I don’t know what’s in those tests and I don’t want to know, all I know is it’s something very dangerous to US!!!


    It’s ALL a lie.


    Look at how much they are pushing the test. And they aren’t even saying you have to get tested once, they want you tested day in and day out.


    And since WHEN does the US do any medical tests for free???

    And no, this has NOTHING to do with them making money. That’s just an added bonus for the evils.

    Watch this test. What are they pushing into the back of people’s brains???

    When’s the last time you had a test done with a qtip shoved up your NOSE???

    Here’s a comment from someone…

    “on the news the other day, after you get tested you’ll be tracked, that way they can call you in anytime saying you need to be retested, no lie!”

    I know this is true because my sister flew back from Canada to where she lives now overseas, and once she got to where she was going, they harassed her non stop (police too showed up at her door) making sure she was quaranteened away from her kids, and called her even AFTER the 14 days were over.

    Watch this

  6. While the Emirate airline is the FIRST airline to start this, rest assured, they will ALL be forcing you to take a Coronavirus blood test.

    I can’t even breath on a plane when I’m NOT forced to wear a toxic mask and they expect people to wear them during long flights???

    AND I will NOT give my blood to anyone unless I give them permission.


  7. The tracking of where you go has always been a “thing,” because your smartphones are tracked by google which is owned by the government. But NOW they actually telling you that they are tracking you under the lie that they are protecting everyone from the coronavirus.

    They are also going to make it MANDATORY to take selfies so they can track you.

    They need this so they can feed your face into the 5G database weapon.

    If you are on Facebook, even Twitter, etc. and have been uploading pics of yourself for years, they have your face on file.

    That’s why the government created Facebook in the first place. To track everyone and see what their thoughts are on topics, as well as who they associate with.

    A great WAY to track everyone with THEIR CONSENT!

    Russia has already been using their camera facial recognition program to track people who are NOT conforming to the nazi regulations that have been put out by the evils controlling this theater.

    And the tracking is being done everywhere… Scotland, Ireland, America, South Korea, etc.

    And people who are still asleep and STILL believe their government and the MSM tells them the truth, AND who STILL thinks there’s an actual mass worldwide deadly virus, will WELCOME these immunity passports they are going to force on everyone.

    If you don’t have them, you won’t be able to move about from city to city, country to country and eventually (I assume) even be allowed into a grocery store.

    While it will take time to hit America, make no mistake this is a WORLDWIDE agenda by the evils, and is already escalating in Europe.

    Do remember that this is exactly what happened during the holocaust in WWII.

    Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The evils funded Hitler, so they know exactly how Hitler managed to control and brainwash an entire country.

    South Korea has created a map so any of their robot people who are now their nazi soldiers, will find out if they have crossed paths with a coronavirus patient. Who knows what they will do to these poor people.

    And of course, how do we even know they HAD the coronavirus?

    How do we know the evils aren’t just lying and placing truthers on this map so citizens will hunt them down and beat or kill them?

    And Iran is making their citizens download a tracking app.

    On March 17, 2020, Israel passed a law that the government can spy on their citizens through their smartphones without a court order. They “claim” the data must be deleted after 30 days, but surely no one believes this will happen, do they?

    Singapore created an app that will track people who are within 2 meters of infected people.

    Taiwan has created an electronic fence which tracks mobile data and alerts authorities when someone who has been quarantined, has left their house.

    Austria is using data to map people’s movements.

    Poland is making people take selfies to prove they are quarantining.


    Onto Vaccines that people seem to love so much…

    Robert Kennedy wrote an article on how Gates harmed children in India with the polio vaccine.

    The children got a polio-like illness AFTER they were given the polio vaccine.

    As most anti-vaxxers know, polio has never been eradicated, the government just changed the name of it to confuse the public.

    In other smaller Indian villages, Gates pressured parents into getting the HPV vaccine and many women came down with autoimmune and fertility disorders. Seven even died.

    There’s also epidemics of this polio explosion in the Congo, Afghanistan, and the Philippines. And OF COURSE, they are all linked to getting it from vaccines.

    In 2014, Kenya’s doctors accused the WHO (remember that Gates donated billions to the WHO in 2010) of chemically sterilizing millions of Kenyan women with the tetanus vaccine that the WHO had been working on for over a decade.

    There were similar accusations from Tanzania, Nicaragua, and Mexico.

    In a 2017 study, the WHO’s DTP vaccine is killing more African children than preventing the supposed disease it’s “supposed” to prevent.

    There is 10x the death rate of female children who received the vaccines, and the WHO refuses to recall the vaccine.

    “In 2010, the Gates Foundation funded a phase 3 trial of GSK’s experimental malaria vaccine, killing 151 African infants and causing serious adverse effects, including paralysis, seizure, and febrile convulsions, to 1,048 of the 5,949 children.”

    In another article I wrote, I pointed out that most of the articles regarding the Indian court case against the Bill and Melissa Gates foundation have been taken down. I couldn’t find any information on that on the India Times which is where it originally was.

    You can read Kennedy’s full article here.

    And watch this full video, but more importantly, he cites his findings on his site.

    I’ve just came across this guy’s channel. He seems sincere, but he still isn’t anti vaxxer which concerns me.

    ANYONE who reads about all these vaccines that have maimed and killed children and adults and uses their head and understands that it’s CLEAR that they want to do the same to everyone worldwide and STILL thinks vaccines are okay can’t be all that smart.

    I get if you are new to vaccines and you’ve been brainwashed into trusting your government and allopathic doctors that are controlled by the criminal allopathic industry, but this guy isn’t new. He even sounds half smart that the Universe created us to heal ourselves, so why does he say he’s not anti vaxxer?

    The ONLY reason for disease, is because the evils created it or created the situation that created it, like unclean living conditions, unhealthy food, and poverty.

    And before all you trumpet LOVERS respond about how trumpet is removing Gates, it doesn’t matter.

    There is clear evidence that Gates owned the WHO. Truthers have been saying this for weeks. What, trumpet doesn’t have staff that knows how to research?

    He just blindly lets these two assholes loose on the WORLDWIDE public?

    And there’s evidence that Fauci and Gates were pals.

    Not to mention the psychological damage and brainwashing done on the brainless slaves (yes, that’s you if you think this is all real).

    The evils count on brainless slaves DEMANDING that everyone get vaccinated normally, yet NOW with this scamdemic, it’s even worse. They are the cheerleaders for this horrific crime against humanity.

    And YET, trumpet knew nothing of this over a month ago when Gates and Fauci got onto every TV station promoting testing and vaccines.

    Even TRUMPET has gone on camera to tell everyone to do this.

    My thoughts on this are as follows…

    The evils realized people weren’t worshipping Gates as much as they would have liked, so they told trumpet to pull him.

    Remember, these evils have been planning this attack for DECADES. See here.

    They have thought of every avenue on how this plandemic would play out.

    You are being PLAYED PEOPLE!!!

    They are playing what the Qtards call, 3D CHESS, and you people aren’t even playing the game at ALL!

  8. Last week the government went in and raided a health clinic that provides intravenous Vitamin C.

    What was their horrific deadly crime???

    They were telling people it could help with the scam coronavirus which of course is ALL TRUE.

    The criminal government ONLY silences people when they tell the truth, otherwise they wouldn’t have gone in and raided them so people could ONLY rely upon toxic deadly drugs instead of intravenous Vitamin C which helps with all types of illnesses because it heals free radicals.

    Even back in mid March China stated this is the one thing that helped TONS of people in China with the coronavirus, but then the American MSM and government tried to make it seem like it was all lies.

    They even made a huge SHOW with their white suits that made it seem like the place was a deadly bio-hazard. This is all theater, which is what the government does best which is why they control hollywood, to brainwash and lie to the sheeples.

    Now they’ve shut down a place that can help people and arrested the owner who probably had good intentions to help people. Why arrest criminals when you can ARREST INNOCENT PEOPLE TRYING TO HELP???

    Here’s the news on this.


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