Richest Families

Who are the Richest Families?

Richest FamiliesWho are the richest families in the world who control most of the money and have brought us down as a society?

This is NOT an article about Jew bashing, as this site will NOT blame one race or ethnicity for all the troubles in the world, that is just nonsense and scape goating.

While this family is responsible for a lot of harm financially, we THE PEOPLE have to take responsibility for our part in life.

We can NOT blame others for the decisions we have made. Even if we made financial mistakes, it’s our life and we need to be mature and learn from it.

If we allow the government to let thieves get away with stealing from us, it’s because WE allow the government to control EVERYTHING.

ONEBANK is soooo rich, that they aren’t even listed on the list of the 10 richest men in the world.

Read more about it here….

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