The Truth About Islam That Many Don’t Know About

The Truth About IslamHere are examples of the the truth about Islam, or shall we clarify, “Radical Islam.” The question is, are the lines blurred.¬†Islam is the name of the religion that Muslims follow.

We want to be VERY clear here… We are NOT saying ALL Muslims are bad or terrorists. What we are saying, is that you need to understand the Islamic culture as it goes way back to when Muhammad started his path to creating Islam the religion and why he did it. He ONLY started the religion to gain fame and attention. Nothing to do with being a pious man.

You will also read the great lengths he took to convert people so his so called “religion” would flourish. Hint: they weren’t loving acts.

Most American Muslims are Americanized and want nothing but peace. Unfortunately it’s many other countries and the radicals we need to be concerned with, as there are sooo many Muslims worldwide in numerous countries. And they don’t just radicalize other Muslims, but they have since gone after non Muslims, usually targeting lonely 20 something young adults who are angry at our society (it’s no wonder why), feel lonely, and/or were abused in some way. For these reasons, they are easy targets.

We also aren’t saying there aren’t other ethnicities that are violent, but other than Christians traveling the world for centuries trying to convert others to the Christian faith, no other religion wants the ENTIRE world to convert to their religion and that is what Muhammad wanted. And even today, that is still what many Muslims want, that there be Sharia law (that’s their version of the law), plus for ALL faiths to convert to Islam.

Then there’s the Muslims who do terrible things to women either because she showed herself in a way that was inappropriate (it takes very little for a woman to go against the Islamic religion), she was raped (once a woman is raped, they blame HER and it marks a stain on her family, therefor she is tainted), she fell in love with someone her father didn’t approve of (often she is considered property and only the father can decide who she will marry), she is sold to another family, or they are totally unaccepting towards gays. Even a small petty crime of theft can result in the loss of a hand, arm or life.

If you think this only happens in Saudia Arabia, think again. We remember about 10-15 years ago a Muslim man in Canada (we think it was in British Colombia) killed his daughter because of something she did he didn’t approve of.

Again, this is not something that ALL Muslims do, but we don’t know how many Muslims feel the same way, as they often keep their views hidden from the rest of the world in order to be safe.

We also don’t know how many instances of this make it to the news to keep track of everything that happens that ISN’T a terrorist attack.

Here is a site that tells the story of Islam and how it was created, plus it lists the violence and killings done in the name of Allah and Muhammad. It was NOT written by a Jewish person, as most Muslims accuse Jews of spreading lies about the religion of Islam.

Here is a video that details how certain Muslims have infiltrated areas of the government for nefarious purposes.

We certainly don’t think there’s anything wrong with Muslims being part of the government, UNLESS they have ulterior motives.

Here’s a video that breaks down how Muslims think in various countries including the UK. The data is on the old side around 2009.

And here’s an ex Muslim who says:

“As an ex-Muslim brought up in the UK and spend a lot of time in a Muslim country, I can tell you that these surveys are very accurate. The reason why I write is because I heard people dispute these surveys saying they are fabricated. I also heard the arguments that they “had” to seem to against apostasy and so on otherwise they would face punishment. The truth is that it may even be under reported. However, I also noticed that although over 80% of people in Bangladesh say that would like a Saudi Arabian type of Islamic sharia system, when it comes to voting, only 5% people of people actually vote for the Saudi backed Islamist party.”

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