Are You Aware of the War on Alternative Media?

The war on alternative mediaA lot of the REAL investigative journalists had to leave their jobs in mainstream media and start writing their own blogs because they realized how the “powers that be” were blocking information from the public. They became aware that their managers only allowed them to showcase news that “other” news media sources had already aired. This way they weren’t going out on a limb.

Often times the articles written by these investigative journalists aren’t even read because no one knows they exist.

Long gone are the days when mainstream news media outlets strive to be the FIRST to break a story. Now it is all about regurgitating what is allowed to be aired in order to protect the owners of these evil corps and their other business interests. They may also be doing a favor for one of the other evil corp owners by protecting them too, especially when it becomes apparent the products they are selling are unsafe or just plain crap.

You can read this book, “Stonewalled: The truth about the media” written by an investigative journalist who was pretty sure she was being spied on by the government because of the stories she was investigating.

She also mentioned how every time she tried to interview someone powerful, they DEMANDED to know what the questions were going to be before the interview.

This is totally UNHEARD of in investigative journalism.

The bottom line is, you can’t believe anything mainstream media airs AND you have to find alternative media sources you can trust to get your news.

Because only FIVE corporations own ALL mainstream media, they are now starting to discredit all “alternative” media because people are waking up to the realization that they have to source the news from alternative media.

Yes, some alternative media sources are just run by hacks who don’t care about the facts and are just in it to make a name for themselves, but others are REALLY trying to make a difference.

Watch this video below about the “War on Alternative Media.”


War On Alternative Media

Posted by Collective Evolution on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

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