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What To DoThe most common argument from almost every statist that wants to continue to be stuck in that “slave” mindset is, “what to do” about this problem or that problem.

Or how do we deal with services that the corrupt government has supposedly taken care of for us for all of these years?

First they argue that we need government to control people who are nasty, steal, murder, do drugs, etc. as IF everything has been nirvana since the government started “protecting” us.

Anyone who thinks the government has done a GREAT job of providing products and services to us either hasn’t been paying attention, or is a classic state of DENIAL.

Examples of how government has ruined society:

  1. The war on drugs didn’t stop drugs from being used, bought or sold. Instead it has cost us trillions of dollars, has killed many innocent people, and has locked non violent people up in jails also costing us tons of money. Here is more information just about the war on marijuana.
  2. Police haven’t stopped murderers, rapists or people who steal. Either they throw these people in jail, OR the ones with money and power get away with the crimes they have committed.
  3. People work very long hard hours with almost no return on their investment and little to no time to spend with family and friends which is a CRUCIAL part of a human’s social existence. Most people work at jobs they HATE because the cost of living is so high, so they have no choice but to work for an EVIL CORP in order to pay the bills.
  4. We do NOT have proper healthcare available to us for free or forget about free, even at a reasonable price. And even the healthcare you do pay for is corrupt. It’s just private hospitals finding ways to fill the beds, and drug dealers (the doctors) pushing drugs for the Pharma mafia. Doctors also providing expensive complicated surgeries instead of making sure the body and mind receives nutrients by way of clean nutritious food, is as stress free as possible, and people are taught how to prevent illness instead of waiting until they are ill to try and combat it. NONE of those methods are promoted by the government. In fact they go out of their way to STOP these methods from being published, and they lie to the human race because they are partners with the PHARMA MAFIA who peddles their drugs. Most conventional doctors are very uneducated about even the simplest of things and are taught by universities FUNDED by the PHARMA MAFIA.
  5. When we retire, we have very LITTLE we can live off of and this current baby boomer generation and Generation X probably won’t get anything because the government used all of it to fund wars and subsidies for EVIL CORPS.
  6. We have little to no property of our own. The government and banks get to decide who owns what, when and how. Of course if you have millions or billions of dollars, you just grease someone’s palms in government and you get whatever you want.
  7. We live in a toxic world because the governments have allowed it. This is just one reason why so many people are sick and have a poor quality of life.

So protecting a government that has NEVER done a good job of providing and protecting us either means you are part of the corrupt government, part of one of the EVIL CORPS that has ruined society, you have been seriously brainwashed (we can’t fault you for that), or you just really love being controlled and you can’t fathom actually being in control of your own life.

Government does put on a good show pretending they do take care of us, when in FACT they have ALWAYS caused more chaos within society.

They have taken away people’s freedoms, which is why people have become more aggressive.

Animals, and yes, humans are animals, are NOT meant to be locked up. Whether that’s in a literal cage or a metaphorical cage.

When you lock up an animal, they either do one of two things:

  1. Become depressed and try to hurt themselves to numb the pain (drugs, alcohol, self mutilation, addiction, etc.)
  2. Become violent and act out.

So, if you are serious about working towards freedom, your very FIRST “what to do” step is to recognize that you have a problem, that you feel nervous and scared when you aren’t being controlled. Admitting that you really aren’t FREE, you, just like so many, have bought into the greatest government myth that you are “free.”


Unfortunately most people these days can’t think for themselves, and we certainly aren’t expecting everyone to have the answers to EVERY problem that needs to be solved, but we DO except you to put your heads together with others and figure out how to solve problems.

That’s why the government has done such a good job of keeping humans enslaved. First they keep you VERY busy working so you don’t notice what is going on, you are too exhausted to think, they feed you fake food, toxic water and you breath in toxic air, and this dulls our brains so we can’t think clearly. They tell everyone that they don’t need to think for themselves (in fact that’s DANGEROUS), they will do it ALL for you. Just grab a can of toxic coke, and a bag of toxic chips, and go sit on the couch and have another puff of that toxic cigarette.

Just like controlling unskilled parents who don’t let their children learn by way of growing up, making mistakes, experimenting, etc., that’s exactly what the government does to its citizens. The difference is that the government is NOT our parents and never should have been allowed to be.

Acting like an adult isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely rewarding.

Once you allow yourself to have freedom and every decision you make is based on the concept of freedom, you will naturally start acting like an adult and advocate for FREEDOM. This will also allow you to take responsibility for your actions, thoughts, decisions, etc., instead of always blaming others for your life.

Once you grasp that, then you can let go of your belief in government, you will stop advocating for government, and stop allowing them to control you and everyone else around you because that does NOT equal FREEDOM.

We understand that freedom IS you stepping outside your comfort zone. It’s no different than convicts who have spent years in jail and are released. They go through very strenuous psychological trauma because they don’t know how to relate to society in the outside world. They perceive this outside world as freedom (it is definitely more freeing than jail), and they just don’t know how to act or think.

It will take time to adjust and we are always here to help.

Just remember, that once you make up your mind about FREEDOM, you will no longer be able to act like a child in the classroom expecting the teacher (aka government) to fight your battles for you.

It may take time for our brains to rewire themselves so we can start problem solving on our own, but it CAN be done.

We don’t mean problem solving the corrupt way which is how society has been run for centuries, but rather problem solving based on FREEDOM. Creating products and services based on FREEDOM.



So instead of asking us “what to do” in a FREE and open society, sit down and make a list of how YOU would run your own FREE society if you were actually given the choice an opportunity.

It’s been done before. There have been free societies before. That doesn’t mean everything was rainbows and fairy tales, but it was definitely a MORE positive society than it is now.

Can you imagine and just taste the freedom?



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