Criminalizing Marijuana Costs You

Are You Aware of How Much Criminalizing Marijuana Costs You?

Criminalizing Marijuana Costs YouMost people think that legalizing marijuana is just a social topic because they don’t understand just how much¬†criminalizing marijuana costs you.

Even people who don’t smoke marijuana feel it should be legalized because they are undoing YEARS of propaganda that pushed the agenda that marijuana is bad for you.

Here is the full article that outlines just how much criminalizing marijuana costs you.

It discuses:

  1. The cost allocated to the war on drugs
  2. How much it costs to house an inmate in a prison and how that money keeps the greed of the privatization of prisons lining these company’s pockets.

    This is mainly at the expect of prisoners who were thrown in jail for having anything to do with marijuana, even just smoking it.

    Here’s an article about how these private prisons gouge the prisoner’s phone calls charging them upto $17 for 15 minutes of talk time when they want to talk to their families.

    And here’s an article detailing how your tax dollars is lining the pockets of greedy evil corps under the guise that they are there to take care of” these prisoners.

  3. How the criminalization of marijuana puts money back into the black market.

Whether you smoke weed aka marijuana or not, the fact is that it’s less harmful than alcohol, it helps some people who are ill, AND it’s not an addictive dangerous chemical drug like heroin, crack, cocaine, speed, X, etc. suggests you can take a closer look at legalizing this natural drug.

If you keep your mind open, you will be amazed at what you can learn.

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