When Marijuana Was Criminalized

Do you know when Marijuana was criminalized?

When Marijuana Was CriminalizedMost people think it was during the 80’s when the war on drugs started with Ronald Reagan, but the fact is, that is just NOT TRUE.

Like all things harmful to our society, it starts with the greedy rich (not all rich people are greedy) businessmen back in the 1930’s when hemp was totally legal and used for many things such as clothing, paper, oil (by Ford himself in his cars), replaced weaker steal, protein as a food source, and of course for smoking. It also grows much faster than trees (5 months), can grow in ALL types of climates, and when processed, doesn’t pollute as much when manufactured like trees do.

They even had tea houses (1930-1937) where you went to drink a tea, listened to jazz, and smoked hashish which comes from the marijuana plant.

Once these evil corp owners saw that hemp could stop them from making MORE money, they spent money through legislation to criminalize marijuana.

This is of course ruined many farms who were growing hemp and axed many jobs. Even Britain has a similar story to what happened.

Then there’s all the medicinal benefits to marijuana, but because the pharmafia can’t control marijuana, they have continued to use their money and power to prevent marijuana from becoming illegal.

Read more about it in this article on when marijuana was criminalized and make sure you read the comments too.



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