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HumanityWhat is Your Role in helping humanity right now with the evils attempting to take us down?

It’s to SPREAD THE WORD and educate people that they created this coronavirus, that it’s NOT as bad as they are reporting, and that not that many people have died to it compared to other diseases and ways that others die.

This is how they create fear and panic so you will do what they want.

This is Your Role in their plan – Plain and simple.

If you cower in fear, you are letting them WIN!

If you strike out at other humans because you fear death and don’t strike out at the evils, you let them WIN!

This is a good video from David Icke.

I don’t watch David’s videos as sometimes he rubs me the wrong way, but we have to admit that he’s been talking about this happening for the last 30 years when people thought he was crazy and made fun of him.

Now here we are and I will summarize:

  1. This is a war between the humans who want to wake up to the TRUTH and the humans who want to continue worshipping their criminal government and the evils who control us.

    It’s your choice which camp you fall into.

    Do you want to be known as the stupid one who ignored what everyone was saying just because you thought it was crazy?

    Do you want to be part of the problem that is helping the evils turn us into worse slaves than we were before?

    I know it’s a lot to digest. You will have to rethink everything you’ve been taught and felt for your entire life.

    It will shake you to the core.

    It shook me when during my research I started to put the pieces together and realized just how evil these things are. I can’t even call them human. BUT, I will be here for you. Other truthers will be here to support you.

    Just do the right THING!

    Don’t be like the people in Germany just before the Holocaust. This is the Holocaust on STEROID!!!

  2. These evil psychopaths have no conscience at all.

    As David says, they make regular psychopaths look like choir boys or girls.

    They will stop at nothing to kill us off or control us.

  3. They have been working towards this isolation now for years ever since they created the PC and put us in front of it. Then it was the tablets, then the mobile phones. I could never understand why they were pushing the mobile phones on the entire world. I thought it was just because most people can’t afford a PC, but now I know, it was all leading to this!

    I personally saw that society was dying when I kept hearing how teenage kids prefer their cell phone or avatars and robots to humans.

    This current home imprisonment is their next step to keep us away from people.

    Self-isolation, self-quarantine is all the same pre-planned agenda. It’s all psychology and part of their technocracy. Others have talked about this as well, that it will be AI, programmers and engineers who will run the world. As if they don’t already.

  4. Their plan now is to take down every single job, small business, medium business, and even some of the larger corporations if they aren’t part of the inner sanctum.

    You will have nothing LEFT to do because they have already taken away your ability to make money. This is why they want the digital currency and are dangling a small amount of money (like a carrot) so you will do as they want.

    They will control just how much money you get keeping you just poor enough that you have to do everything they say. This is what China has been doing with their social credit system.

  5. But the US government will bail OUT the LARGE industries like Boeing, the airlines, and the hotels. And trumpet wants to bail out the cruise ships (WTF??? LOL) as if ANYONE is going on a cruise now WOW!!! All the while we will lose our businesses and our jobs.

    This is why I had two panic attacks just over two weeks ago. I could immediately see the writing on the wall once I heard what they were doing with the stock market.

  6. Even Amazon (Jeff Bazos) who is the richest man in the world is asking us, the customer, to pay for his employees while they keep us in prison. What NERVE!!!

    He’s part of this as he’s had contracts with the government for a while. Their plan is to take every penny from you because they want to create a one-world currency that they will control. That’s already moving its way through the system. Watch here.

  7. They own and run all of the food supply worldwide, and they also want to control us by putting the fear in us that we will starve to death. The UN, another organization controlled by the evils, said the other day that there are now food shortages because there are no workers.

    For the people who were truthers and preppers long ago and had some land, they had already started growing their own vegetables and raising their own livestock, chickens, etc.

    I’ve been trying to convince people to gather with others to take turns manning a garden, micro-farm or get to know your local farmer and buy direct. STOP buying from the evil corps that control our food supply, not to mention what they sell is all poison – again, pre-planned.

  8. Their main goal by 2030 is to make us all transhuman. Part human, part AI. We will be forced to be connected to their IOT (internet of things) which is controlled by 5G.

  9. Since humans are made up of energy, David said something I’ve never heard before…The reason we are so addicted to the computer and cell phones is because the energy from them is interacting with our energy.

    I know it’s depleting our energy and causing us all to get sick, but maybe he’s right, maybe it’s doing more than that by manipulating our brains.

    The evils LOVE to brainwash and manipulate. I’ve said it before and so has David, they are very good at doing that. They’ve had centuries of experience.

  10. He also believes that it keeps people’s brains in a loop which is why it’s so hard for them to break out of their paradigm (thought pattern.)

  11. Jeff (the host) says that the evils and government have had a way to emit certain electrical waves so that they can make you feel fear, be happy, etc., just by the electrical wave they emit.I’m spiritually conscious and I know that we are all made up of energy which is why we are all connected to the Universe.

    Please study this if you don’t understand.

  12. The next way to control us is through 5G which is why it has to be STOPPED!

That’s it for now.

I HOPE you are starting to wake up, even if it’s just a little bit and what your role is in helping save the human race.

Our Free Society is here if we all just work together instead of against one another which is what the evils want and why they have pitted race against race, religion against religion and political party against political party.

Stay safe!

To get more information on the coronavirus pre-planned attack against the world, you can start reading here.

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