Worldwide Protest

Worldwide DemonstrationThere’s a Worldwide Protest taking place on March 20, 2021.

Now before you ask WHY I’m posting this if I don’t believe in protests, well because I’m here to try and provide as much news as possible, I don’t want you to lose out on going if you want to, and you probably need to bond with others of like mind.

This is a good one, but again, protests don’t work, they only help to build hope and comradery which is needed, but does NOT solve the problem.

Now if people were doing other things to solve the problem besides protesting and begging their masters for freedom, I would have more encouragement, but they aren’t.

I started a Think Tank in March 2020 and it never took off because only 5 people approached me, some didn’t even know what a Think Tank was (what?). Or either people wanted me to save them (sigh), they disappeared, or their online communication skills were so bad I couldn’t handle it. I can’t stand it when people can’t answer ALL of my questions. I get we all have brain issues, but you need to re-read the original e-mail or comment and see if you covered everything instead of making others repeat their questions over and over again. This is a huge problem online even with companies who hire subpar workers to answer e-mails.

Have you read my Actions to wake up the normies article?

So after all that, nothing was ever worked on to solve this problem, AND we are still slaves and even more enslaved now than we were last year because of course, Agenda 21 is moving along since the 99% really don’t give a shit. See my playlist on Agenda 21.

If they did, they would have started fighting back, let’s say MINIMUM 6 months after the war started in March 2020. It’s been a year now.

Here are 2 good videos that explain why protests don’t work.

Video 1

Video 2

If you STILL believe that we need to worship the cult of government and you are too insecure to take care of yourself, then there is your problem.

You need to GROW UP already (we all need to, not just you) and take self-ownership,instead of expecting the government to be your Mommy and Daddy.

Natural Law

Here is the 3rd part Natural Law lecture that will hopefully start you on that path, but you also MUST work on releasing your childhood trauma and emotional issues by way of alternative therapy. You can reach out to me and ask me for my excel file that I’ve added to every time someone gives me another option.

Back in 1997, a week-long alternative therapy course saved my life.

When you find a good one, they work WONDERS and actually provide results, UNLIKE the BS psychiatry which is VERY dangerous, and psychology which is you just paying someone to listen to you talk. If that’s what you need, I’m a very good listener and can use the money and I’ll charge you way less (I’m serious, but also being sarcastic.)

What you need is to RELEASE your pain!

Natural Law Part 1
Natural Law Part 2
Natural LawPart 3


And here’s some good revolutionary books.

Building Communities

And here’s a good explanation as to why it’s best to build smaller communities.

If you haven’t already started looking around to either start your own community or join with others to build a community, then you are STILL brainwashed and NOT a truther.

What are you waiting for???

You do know they are getting rid of ALL of the food right?

You do know that if you don’t have their nazi passport to get into grocery stores, you won’t be able to buy food, right?

Quit your JOB!

Your only job now is to learn how to farm in an organic biodentical way. Go back to farming and grow/raise food so you don’t starve to death. And of course, to make sure you have a stable house and you don’t have to depend on the mafia government for your utilities.

Of course I only recommend alternative methods for all of this, and just make sure you watch out for EMFs. If you are putting up solar panels, you need to know how to hook them up so you aren’t frying yourself with EMFs.

Back to the Worldwide Protest

Here is the Telegram channel to find your city’s location, but it’s shocking that there’s hardly ANY locations in the US. At first there was none, then only Florida, now I noticed Califormia,

The protest was an idea started in Europe and then Africa and expanded from there.

Also, the evils are trying to hit back by having ANOTHER demonstration on the same date. No such thing as coincidences, and it’s all about racism to AGAIN, try to divide us as a human race.

Here is their site.  Not that I think you should spend time on them, but I just wanted to show you.

I hope you get something from the protest and KEEP SAFE from the evils while you are there.

And make a very good sign (front and back) with big bold colors and a message that explains a lot.

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