What is Agorism?

Who Coined The Term Agorism?


The definition of agorism is: the strategy to do business in an open market. Building counter institutions to the state.

Samuel Edward Konkin III was really the father of agorism.

Born in 1947, in the late 1970’s he published his first edition of his book called, the “The New Libertarian Manifesto.”

His definition of agorism was, “the consistent integration of liberation theory with counter-economics practice. An agorist is one who acts consistently for freedom and in freedom.”

If you are looking to understand how one goes from being a slave or statist (someone who believes or even admires government) to being an free human or agorist, this book is for you.

Konkin also provides his take on how to create that free society and makes these suggestions:

  • Either doing away with the USD which is dominated by the FED, or at the very least having competing currencies so we get to choose how we wish to make or spend our own money.
  • Doing away with MEGA toxic farms, and instead creating community gardens where everyone participates and benefits from an organic garden that doesn’t cost us a fortune to eat healthy nutritious produce.
  • Not allowing the government to take our money from us by way of taxes. Instead, pooling our money together to pay for things the community needs instead of lining greedy politicians with our hard earned money, or using it to start wars for the EVIL CORPS that profit from war (arms manufacturers, clothing manufacturers that create uniforms, private military contractors, fake food companies, and the list goes on.)
  • Being able to operate a business without a license that costs a fortune and only serves to line the pockets of government. There should also be public support for these types of entrepreneurs.
  • Allowing children to go to different types of schools, especially free schools or skill shares where people teach one another the skills they are best at.
  • Being able to create alternative media instead of being forced to watch ONLY mainstream, or what we call, “deadstream” media. This type of media either lies or hides the truth about what is really going on in society. Remember that mainstream media is owed by only 5 or 6 MEGA corporations and this book reveals how they stop investigative reporters from reporting the truth.

Derrick Broze

Derrick Broze has been studying and practicing agorism for many years now, and his take on it is very much like ours.

His thought is that you can’t truly be free UNTIL you work on your own issues as well. He talks about being free in society, and also being free internally. That is what book focuses on – Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality

We do agree, that if we don’t learn how to be free inside spiritually (nothing to do with religion), even we attempt to be free externally in society, it will never work. The healing is two-fold.

All of his books are available for free as a download, but if you can, we encourage you to buy his paperbacks to help support his work, as he puts a lot of time and effort into spreading the message, touring around America, and feeding the homeless.

He and John Vibes wrote the following books:

We hope this helps you further your journey towards FREEDOM!


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