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Alt media and their lies

TruthI’m sick of the Alt media and their lies. That goes for truthers, as well, who spread links and their opinions around without doing any research to see if it’s even true.

I expect this from the mainstream media (MSM), NOT from us!!!

We are supposed to be ALL about the TRUTH!

I’m guilty of that sometimes too, but I always try to use my intuition about whether something is true based on all the facts that I already know is true.

There are many times I won’t spread a video, article, or meme around if the person who gave it to me can’t back it up somehow.

Even if I do spread it around, at the very least I’ll say I’m not sure if this is 100% true.

I also try to apologize when I get something wrong or take it down ASAP.

Of course I’m NOT talking about all alt-media, but the ones who are either controlled opposition (CO), or all they care about is getting people upset, so they embellish the truth even though there are plenty of things out there that will make people upset, you do NOT need to lie about the truth.

We ALL need some good news – Grrrr

This has been irking me for a while now, especially when it comes to the criminal mafia government and their bills aka laws.

I started to learn two years ago that every time a truther or alt media tells me a law just passed that is horrific for us, that 90% of the time it hasn’t. I’ve even seen videos about this or that law passed and I had to start asking my legal guy what it meant and if it’s a real law.

I have yet to have him tell me anything passed, but I try to keep an eye out on some of the bills the evils do create to see if something finally does pass.

So why am I writing this now?

Because in this article the writer wrote this…

Trump promised a veto of the Covid relief package which included language to criminalize online streaming and meme sharing. Seriously.Here it is highlighted.

I no longer trust this site due to another article they also wrote yesterday, I stopped donating to them. They literally wrote this, “Roman is not some delusional pandemic denier,” WTH???

While they were great at divulging when cops harmed people, I started to wonder if alot of what they said was embellished when I’d see a video they posted and it was really hard to make out what they “claimed” had happened.

Then in the last month or two even though I don’t read every article they write, I noticed they were writing the word “pandemic” all the time.

That meant to me that they believe the pandemic is real. I was like WTH???

They are considered truthers and even anarchists.

I even got upset once and commented on it and the next thing I knew, within a few hours, the article was gone.

Back to the trumpet bill… the writer got me very nervous because I thought this meant that ANY truther who creates or shares a meme or video about the truth can be arrested.

Why else would he put it in that article?

If you don’t know me, you won’t know that I know that trumpet is an evil, so I, in NO WAY, support trumpet or anyone in government. In fact, I used to love Ralph Nader for years going all the way back to when I saw him on Donahue UNTIL I had been a truther for around 3-4 years and I realized he was promoting things that just weren’t true. (I don’t remember what they are now, so don’t ask.)

Considering he’s supposed to be a very intelligent man, how is it that he continues to not see that government is evil, and he promotes keeping us in a state of slavery? It’s not like he was born yesterday.

That’s when I started to become suspicious of him because I’ve even had someone tell me that Noam Chompsky is part of the evil collective and so are many other prominent leftists. (Very sad, although I never understood Chomsky, so it’s not too disappointing, but anyone who is CO, is a danger to society.)

Anyway, back to the bill. This is the bill if you want to read it which I doubt you will since it’s so long.

Here is what my legal guy said…

You can’t get arrested. The bill creates a quasi-administrative tribunal to address small-dollar claims of copyright infringement. Small meaning under $30k. It basically allows adjudication of small claims copyright cases. Nothing implicating criminal law at all. The revised rules only affect people who profit from the copyright infringement, so the meme stealing headline itself only applies if you swipe someone’s copyrighted content AND then sell it or use it on a monetized website of your own.

As with any bill passed by Congress, it only applies to individuals within the jurisdiction of the United States, and does not change any procedural rules regarding how tribunal or any court, gets personal jurisdiction over another party.


If you don’t monetize the site and aren’t selling stuff on those pages, it’s no harm, no foul. Also fair use is still an absolute defense (again assuming you aren’t profiting off the images). I’d attribute work when you can & maybe put a blurb somewhere in the fine print about use of any copyrighted images are excepted as fair use.

Realistically, you’re only going to get pushback if the content creator doesn’t share your view of the subject matter of your page & doesn’t want this work promoting it for free. Even then I think they have to demand you take it down first before approaching that new tribunal.

So in the end, this was ALL about the BS copywrite laws. And my website coder thinks it has to do with the live stream Twitch video platform and people playing music while they do a live stream. Twitch has supposedly had to take down videos because of this.

I’m sure it’s also due to some expensive images people steal, but it had NOTHING to do with the truther movement (is my point.)

I hope that allays your fears (if you had any) about that bill and if you are, PLEASE, stop spreading lies.

If you do it by accident okay, but if you did it just to induce FEAR, you are no different than the evils.

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