Why America People Can’t Think

Here we will describe just some of our views about the changes in the American people

American PeopleMost of them can’t think for themselves and their brains are foggy even if they are intelligent. They may not admit it or even notice it if they don’t know their bodies, but we have a strong feeling this is all due to the poisoning and mind control that is going on worldwide. If they control our minds and make us fight, they have us right where they want us, fighting one another instead of THEM!
We believe this has affected our personalities, which then affects our relationships.
It doesn’t matter who THEY are, what matters is we are falling for it!

Here are just some of the ways we have been poisoned and brainwashed

  1.  Fake food
  2. Toxic water
  3. Toxic soil so even the produce is toxic
  4. Toxic animals
  5. Mindless TV. Almost all the good shows get cancelled, almost all the ones for low IQs remain
  6. Non stop commercials including fake news that only tells us things that will scare us. We never hear the complete truth. People in fear can’t think or do.

    Ever wonder why people freeze when they are in a state of shock or fear? It’s a natural state of fear.

    Stress also deteriorates the body and brain. It is THE leading cause of disease.

    Everyone is STRESSED. They have no life, they are working hard just to pay the bills because they aren’t paid enough and the cost of living has increased so much.

  7. Chemicals everywhere spewed out from the manufacturing plants owned by EVIL CORPS.

    This pollutes the air so we can’t breath and when we do breath, it warps the brain. Same with the water, fluoride harms the brain. It’s a fact, and they fight us tooth and nail when we say we DON’T want it in our water.

    Ever wonder why they are forcing us to drink, cook, bath and wash in toxic water?

  8. Doctors who are really just drug dealers pushing chemicals. Most of them are complete idiots.

    We know more about the body than they do just due to learning about health because of health issues.

    So many people are non stop sick, and they can’t even afford to see doctors (conventional or holistic) and when they do go to conventional doctors, most times they remain sick or just come down with another illness.

    We can’t eat healthy food because the healthy food is double the price of the fake food.

    Due to all the poisons dolled out in record number by the EVIL CORPS, toxins like mold have become so strong, it is poisoning so many people now.

    While mold has always been dangerous, it’s only in the last 5-10 years that more people have been getting sick due to mold, and yes, people die from it too.

    Even EMFs is a poison and we are doing research into the idea that EMFs cause mold to grow.

  9. Violence non stop (more fear).

    War after War, after War.

    They even start wars in other countries clear across the other side of the globe. This way they keep American citizens fighting for their lives. MORE FEAR!

  10. They promote violence by providing a poor education, and making the prison system into a money making machine.

    They don’t want to rehabilitate criminals, they ONLY want to keep them locked up. Locked up prisoners means MORE money.

    Then they convince Americans that everyone who does something wrong (we ALL make mistakes) deserves to be locked up and the key thrown away.

  11. They train Americans to be competitive in schools, so instead of learning how to love, have compassion, empathy, sympathy, and working together in a positive way, it’s ALL about violent sports, winning at ALL costs, constantly competing, and teaching the kids how to make money. There is nothing wrong with money, but that’s NOT what society is all about.
  12. Instead of learning, it’s all about taking tests.

    Kids aren’t even encouraged to think for themselves, every child is treated and taught the same even though humans are not the same.

  13. People are told they can’t say how they feel, and they can’t use certain words. When they finally do say how they feel, it’s full of anger that has built up over time.
  14. It’s a society based on judgment, spying and tattling. (More Fear)
  15. Because America is still steeped in religion, there is a lot of control, judgement, anger, and violence.

    While other countries in Europe used to be like that, they eventually learned that religion wasn’t the answer.

    In America is considered a badge of honor and is still used to manipulate all the way upto the President where you will hear him constantly say, “and god bless America.”

    America “claims” that religion isn’t part of the state, when in fact it is. All they did was swap the church out with the government and now instead of the church controlling the people, now the government does.

    And instead of people keeping their religious preaching to themselves, in the church, or at home, they are constantly trying to brainwash others into joining the religion or make references to it even in just every day conversation.

    We have noticed an increase online both in Facebook groups and in You Tube discussions where people are constantly spouting off about Jesus this, and Jesus that. Or this passage in the bible and then literally pasting the entire entry of the bible.

    These threads have NOTHING to do with religion and we find it very concerning since it’s happened at least 10-20 times in a one week period. SCARY!!!

  16. Men for the most part now hate women and have constant fantasies about killing them, raping them, and keeping them as slaves.

    And this is NOT just a fantasy, it happens every day in the US behind closed doors.

    The violent video games, rap and porn (due to the net) have advanced this train of thought.

  17. Women are STILL not equal and men are getting angry when women have even a little bit of power. This is due to their feelings of inadequacy because they no longer feel and act like real men. Their lack of freedom both at home and in the workplace makes them feel like they have no control in their lives. This of course creates anger.

    We also feel the poisons in what we mentioned above increases the behavior of anger, frustration and sadness.

    On the other hand, women are responsible because they decided the ONLY way to compete in a male dominated world that clearly does NOT work, was to act like men, instead of just being a strong caring women. Of course there are exceptions on both sides.

  18. The divorce rate is at 50%, and the government makes it so it’s a VERY stressful situation. You have to deal with lawyers, and instead of encouraging mediation, fighting and winning is the goal promoted. More than half the time the couple doesn’t even want to go through the fighting, but the lawyers encourage it. Or they use secrets their clients tell them to bait the other side.

    Lawyers are part of the government.

  19. In schools kids are never taught to take responsibility for their actions, so as adults, people don’t ever take responsibility for their actions, they constantly blame everyone else. This is a problem WORLDWIDE, not only in the US, but it’s seen more in America.
  20. Everything is about sex now, NOT love. Most people have no clue what love means. They certainly don’t love themselves because religion has taught them to ONLY care about others, not themselves.

    Then the schools teach that.

    Then the employers teach that.

    When you don’t learn how to love yourself first, you can NEVER love anyone else. This is why there is so much anger inside that builds up.

    No feelings of love, so no real love in the family, or love for a partner or wife.

    And because sex is STILL, in 2017, considered shameful by a good majority of America, most of the US is sexually dysfunctional.

    On one hand you have the religious people who shame anyone who talks or thinks about sex which is a NATURAL part of being a human being, and on the other hand you have people running ramped to have cheap casual sex over and over again to fill the void of no love.

    And since sex education is just a clinical course in school and religious America has fought every year to keep it out of schools, instead of Americans learning how to harness their sexual energy, learn how to love, and  have a healthy sexual relationship, they just robotically have sex, even with their partners and wives.

    Things are so bad now that kids in school as early as 12 years old are giving oral sex to other kids who aren’t even their boyfriends. They have parties where boys just stand there waiting to be serviced, and girls and boys are constantly sexually harassed or slut shamed.

    This is what happens when you teach a society that sex is wrong. They fight back in the most unloving way.

    And America has the highest teenage pregnancy rates than any other first world country. This is because parents don’t even discuss protection and once again, religion shames these girls, so they think protection is a bad thing.

  21. The toxins are so bad and have been getting worse every year since the industrial revolution, that we are seeing a HUGE increase in people who feel they were born in the wrong body. And they may very well have been due to the development of the egg and sperm being out of wack.

    Instead of the fetus growing into a boy (or vice versa), it grew into the opposite gender. We already know that in places like Sarnia, Ontario, most babies being born were female and not male. Since Sarnia is surrounded by chemical plants on both sides of the American Canadian border, it was obvious that toxic chemicals were the cause. We haven’t investigated what has happened since then, but we know BIG OIL wanted to take control of a study about the situation and we all know what the results would be when that happens.

    Even if the baby is born a male, chemical damage to other parts of the body including the brain can affect the way a person thinks about themselves. The brain controls a lot.

    Overall, men are becoming more feminine, and women are becoming more masculine and this is upsetting the balance of nature.

  22. All the jobs out there never teach their employees anything, it’s just one big assembly line. They give them a script to read from the computer, and they are NOT allowed to think for themselves.

    A good amount of time they sound like robots on the phone. There is clearly not much going on upstairs.

 Americans USED to be FREE and the people USED to think for themselves, but those days are long gone.
While the people of America have been slaves for a very long time, it was never this bad.

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