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Here Are the Definitions of Words For Our Free Society

Definitions of WordsIn order for us to communicate properly, we all need to be on the same page about the definitions of words. If we aren’t, this leads to unnecessary fighting even though we ALL want the same thing – Freedom, Peace, Abundance, and Love.

Many words have been defined by our slave owners (the government and the secret society elite.) They have coined a language that is filled with fear so you run to them every time you have a problem instead of working it out yourself.

Read these definitions of words below with an open mind, as your conscious will resist understanding these terms since you have been brainwashed for generations that government is good and anarchy or having freedom is evil.

  1. Government – this is our definition based on the history of all governments. They establish and promote a monopoly of institutionalized violence.
  2. Statist – someone who believes in or even worships the STATE, aka government.
  3. Propaganda – information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.
  4. Plutocracy – a country or society governed by the wealthy.
  5. Tyranny – a nation under cruel and oppressive government.
  6. Libertarian – the philosophy that includes self-ownership, anti-authoritarianism, and individual sovereignty. Nothing to do with the Libertarian party which is contradictory.
  7. Oligarchs – a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.
  8. The Ruling Class – a social class of a given society that decides upon and sets that society’s political agenda. … Refers to the small group of people with the most political power.
  9. Anarchy – a society based on self-governing without authority also known as government. Mainstream society has worked very hard to spew their propaganda that anarchy is something to be afraid of and this is of course because they don’t want us to be free.Anarchy doesn’t mean NO rules, it means a society without one authority ruling over others.
  10. Anarcho-Capitalism – people who are anarchists and still believe in capitalism.
  11. Relational Anarchism – the concept that if humans work together and learn how to relate to one another, that creates freedom. “In this perspective, relationships determine levels of human freedom. The process of human interaction is more important than content.”
  12. Capitalism – the private ownership of the means of production and distribution.
  13. Panarchy or panarchism – a world where people are free to move in and out of competing economic and political systems.
  14. Counter economics – An all peaceful economic activity that takes place outside the purview and control of the state.Taking money out of the corrupt FED system.Dealing with the black and grey markets. Not to be confused with the red markets where you do harm to someone else.Black markets are things such as selling illegal guns, dealing drugs, prostitution. Areas that don’t harm another person, but are considered illegal by the state.Grey market examples – hiring your local kid to mow your lawn or shovel your snow without a contract, babysitting or waitressing for cash, selling something without a license, using apps to hire a company where there is no tax involved, using bitcoin or silver instead of using or your local currency, bartering, creation of alternative educational programs, free schools or skill shared, and independent media.
  15. Agorism – the strategy to do business in an open market. Building counter-institutions to the state.One of Samuel Konkin’s definition – the consistent integration of liberation theory with counter-economics practice. An agorist is one who acts consistently for freedom and in freedom.As per James Corbett – “It’s not one or the other and one must be consistent between thought and action. “Philosophy that seeks to create a society free of coercion and force by using black and gray markets in the underground or “illegal” economy to siphon power away from the state.”
  16. Agorist – “One who acts consistently for freedom and in freedom.” by Samuel E. Konkin
  17. Minarchism (Minarchists) – Minarchy is the idea of having less government or bare-bones government, but it is the purest form of statism, as well as the most dangerous, immoral corrupter of the human race. It’s the initiation of government and or the monopolization of initiating physical violence and the coercion against free and voluntary people.
  18. Party Arcy – the anti-concept of pursuing libertarian ends through statist means especially political parties.
  19. Blackstream – refers to the mainstream media that chooses to brainwash, hide the truth and spew propaganda so it creates fear, anger, and patriotism so you don’t go against the government. It also keeps you inline so you can’t think for yourself.
  20. Anarcho Communism – remember that communism is usually only evil when a government is involved, otherwise it’s about the people in society working together to look after one another.

    Other terms could also be Libertarian Socialism, Anarcho Syndicalism, and Social Anarchism.

We hope you have now understood these definitions of words and ask yourself  – Why are you afraid to govern yourselves in a Free Society? What’s REALLY holding you back?

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