Facebook Censorship

Facebook Censorship

facebook sucksA discussion about Facebook censorship.

Note: I purposely didn’t cap the “F” in facebook because they aren’t worth that type of respect.

Note #2: If you notice any typos or grammatical errors, please let me know. I did edit this article a couple of times, but due to its length, I’m sure I didn’t catch everything. Thank you

So unless you have been totally void of facebook for the last 3 or so years, you will hopefully know that along with other social media platforms, the government controls (or owns) them all, like Twitter, Google and Youtube.

What this means is that these are NOT privately held companies and they have no right to control what we see or do on these platforms.

Even if the government didn’t own them or have major control over them, the very fact that they are public platforms that reach the ENTIRE population worldwide means they aren’t just some innocent corporation. Not that there’s ever anything innocent about corporations that make billions of dollars per year.

As Suzie Dawson said in a recent video she did, no one makes it to billionaire status unless the evils allow them to.

I’m only going to just address facebook censorship in this article, because recently facebook has been causing major damage to people who aren’t even extreme truther journalists.

While I’m a truther activist, I don’t reach very many people.

  1. How censorship has increased big time since trumpet was placed into power

    So just after trumpet was put into power by the evils that control the world, truthers and others who didn’t even know they were truthers started to have problems with facebook.

    Their facebook pages which means they owned a business, were taken down.

    Even their personal facebook accounts were either put in facebook jail which is the term used for facebook censorhship, or they were removed 100%.

    Some got them reinstated, most didn’t.

    And just to put the situation in perspective, some of those facebook pages had hundreds of thousands of followers or likes.

    Every few months more purges would happen and we in the truther movement would hear about them.

  2. How my business facebook page was disabled for no reason

    Fast forward to the end of 2019, we started to hear that Youtube (owned by Google who demolished the once great site after they bought them out) was going to do some major damage and shut down, demonitize or shadow ban truthers’ youtube channels.

    They had already been doing this for over 2 years, but we heard the wrath of the government was going to be really bad after the new year.

    Turns out (at least for me), it’s facebook that is causing me a lot of stress.

    I’ve never been put into facebook jail before, and I have 4 different facebook accounts for various websites, and only one for me personally.

    Almost two weeks ago as of February 25, 2020, I went to connect my Instagram account to my Facebook page because that’s what facebook forces you to do in certain circumstances (facebook owns Instagram), and I was immediately locked out of my account and it was disabled.

    About 3 weeks prior to this the same thing happened, but after uploading my pic at their request, I got my account back.

    Again they asked me for my pic, so I uploaded the SAME pic, but then 2 days later they wanted my ID.

    I hate it when facebook forces you to give them your personal ID, but I uploaded it anyway.

    It’s now almost 2 weeks and nothing, they won’t give me my account back.

    Today I got this NEW message although it’s similar to what I saw days ago.

    In fact, you can’t even complain or ask WHY your account has been disabled because there’s no place to go.

    To get anyone in facebook’s support to look at anything, you need to be logged in to go to the help center area, otherwise, it’s just their FAQ that’s totally USELESS.

    My guess as to why I had issues with my business facebook account was because I had been trying to hire freelancers and in my hiring ad I always put that you must speak as fluent English as possible.

    I was getting tons of responses from low IQ overseas people who clearly don’t speak fluent English, can’t even follow simple instructions, couldn’t even see the questions I asked and kept wasting my time arguing with me that they did speak fluent English, there were no questions, what are the questions, etc.

    So I would tell them they didn’t follow the instructions, answer my questions or aren’t fluent in English, and I’m sure some tagged my account as spam. As I learned later on from another person who’s been to facebook jail many times, all it takes is ONE person to put you into facebook jail.

    How fucked up is that???

    There are a  lot of freelance liars from overseas. That’s not to say there aren’t freelance liars in the US and I’ve been scammed a few times over the numerous years I’ve been hiring Americans, but it’s just more prevalent overseas.

    But this shouldn’t matter. I did absolutely NOTHING WRONG, and I should be allowed to say whatever I want to whomever I want. I’m a free person and unless I’m inciting violence or threatening people or telling people I’m going to kill them, whatever I said was absolutely NOTHING to get your account disabled for.

  3. The Drama with my personal facebook account

    Next drama with facebook censorship … a few days after they shut down my business facebook account, I decided to go into my personal account which I hadn’t been posting on for several days.

    I went to post an article on my personal timeline about recycling. Clearly a dangerous topic to discuss with others. And just so you know, I rarely ever post on my timeline, because I keep it totally clean with NO truther material. Then I went to post it in my holistic facebook group, and I was PUT IN FACEBOOK JAIL for a week.

    When I tried to use this page to complain, I got this error over and over and over again day after day.

    I was shocked because that was now TWO facebook accounts that had been tampered with by facebook.

  4. Blocked when trying to create a new facebook account

    Then yesterday I tried to create a brand NEW facebook account with a totally new webmail email address and then I got this message.

    Now I was really PISSED.

    Facebook asked for a picture and I gave it to them, but clearly that doesn’t help.

  5. Censored when posting on another dormant facebook account

    THEN today I went to another facebook account I haven’t been on in months, at least 8-10 months. I should have tested it before writing up a long response to someone’s post, but I was still too trusting of facebook.

    BAMM, it won’t let me comment and not only that, it doesn’t tell me I’m in facebook jail and tell me when the jail is lifted. It just said this, that I couldn’t comment.

    It did, however, allow me to write to them which I couldn’t do on my personal account.

    Understand that this account was for another business related site and had NO activism or truther posts on it.

  6. Facebook pages are being taken over by hackers

    Also, two days ago I was on an old old facebook account where I don’t belong to facebook groups, I just have old facebook pages for a group of sites I own.

    Why I went into the settings of my facebook pages I don’t know because I normally never go in there, but I did, and look what I found… on every single page I had been removed as an admin and made an editor and of course I can’t get my admin permissions back because only an admin can give you admin permissions.

    Either the person had a fake pic (I can tell them a mile away, they look like a plastic beautiful person), or the pic image was the grey a placeholder.

    I went searching on facebook on how to get admin permissions back and there’s about 5-6 other people who started threads in the facebook help area saying they encountered the same problem.

    Not one person was giving any help, just stupid suggestions from a couple of other facebook users OR more people saying the same thing is happening to them. Some people were even blaming the owners of the facebook pages.

    Note: that some of the people did this to themselves by accident. How you can remove yourself as an admin by accident I don’t know, but I just wanted to make it clear it wasn’t all because their accounts were hacked..

    But it just goes to show you that facebook doesn’t care about hackers taking over your facebook pages, NO, they ONLY care about facebook censorship and shutting down people who have morals, values, ethics, integrity and who aren’t criminals.

  7. Ban lifted

    But wait, there’s more LOL (just when you thought the drama was coming to a close…)

    On Saturday when my ban was finally lifted from facebook jail, I didn’t post or comment right away, but on Sunday or Monday, I did.

    I didn’t post ANY links, but in 3 of my various facebook groups I did mention that I had been in facebook jail and I was no longer going to be posting because people in my groups never post, rarely if ever comment, and they just don’t seem interested.

    Why should I waste my precious time on them if they don’t care, and frankly I’m not happy about being on facebook anyway. The only reason I’m on facebook is because of the facebook groups as I love learning and spreading the truth, and because of business.

    I also gave my groups links to other social media sites where they can find me.

    Then I posted and commented in about 5 other groups about various topics. In one group I mentioned being in facebook jail and was told by two other women that they too had been in facebook jail for the FIRST TIME ever these past few weeks. One had been in facebook jail twice already.

    I was like WOW, that really sucks.

    Today I went to test my personal account to see if I could STILL post and comment and AGAIN I was put on facebook jail until March 2, 2020.

Insecure spiteful people online getting people’s facebook accounts removed

I went searching around and one guy wrote about his myriad of facebook jail issues in and around 2018.

Somehow he thinks it has to do with money which makes no sense to me, but he too was put in jail for things that don’t even matter.

One woman got upset at him because of something he said when she made some idiotic comment and he called her on it.

If ALL it takes is one or a few people to get you put in facebook jail, then facebook is even worse than I thought.

Everyone online gets upset at something someone else says. I get upset at people and you know what I do???

Like a big girl, I BLOCK them or at the very least, I tell them off and then ignore them.

I do NOT rat them out to facebook.

The fake friends on facebook epidemic

The ONLY time I’ve ever reported accounts on facebook is when fake accounts ask to friend me and I have to be pretty sure they are fake accounts. If I’m not sure, I just delete their request.

Besides, 90% of all the people who want to friend me NEVER EVER message me first which is what everyone should be doing so they know WHY people are trying to friend them in the first place.

Unfortunately, most people online aren’t smart, and they think that everyone (just like them) just want to accumulate tons of people as friends even though they aren’t REAL friends.

So unless it’s obvious by their timeline or by me seeing we are both a member of a certain group, that we have something in common, I won’t accept their facebook friend request.

The hidden facebook messages

I’m not desperate for fake friends on facebook. The only reason I add several people as friends is so they will hopefully see my message when I message them because if you aren’t on someone’s friend list and you message them, unless they check their message requests or filtered messages, they will never see your message.

Most people don’t even know about these two areas in their message area. It’s a second layer where facebook hides people who have messaged you who aren’t on your friend’s list.

I only found that hidden filtered area about a year ago and was SHOCKED at how many messages were there from years ago.

Facebook jail and telling your story

So I’m sure many of you will be put in facebook jail this year even if you have done nothing wrong and/or your facebook page or account will be disabled and taken down.

My suggestion is to everyone is start going to other social media platforms and bring your traffic there.

Show facebook you don’t give a shit, you can build a huge following on these other sites.

I also recommend you blast your story on down detector and I’ll tell you why…

Back in March or April of 2019 when facebook was down worldwide for 3 days, I posted on down detector and when facebook came back up, all was fine, but then a month later, I started to get e-mails that people were having problems again.

Once you make a complaint, you are now attached to that thread and it became shocking to me how many people have problems with facebook every single month, some days I can get tons of e-mails with people complaining worldwide, but there seems to be more people in the US who have problems.

You will reach a lot of people with your story because anyone who wrote on there should get your e-mail.

No one should be on facebook

The bottom line is that NO ONE should be on facebook.

It’s an evil corp meant to control you either by getting you addicted to being on there which we all are, but equally to sway what you think about a certain topic (or don’t think) because they either push certain stories to your newsfeed, or push certain groups to your newsfeed.

You are being manipulated and it’s really shocking to me how many people don’t care.

That shows me most people are sooo brainwashed, that they have no problems with people controlling their mind.


If the majority of people and their family and friends just left facebook or at least started going to other social media sites where there is no censorship, or going more often instead of to facebook all the time, facebook would eventually die off just like My Space did.

Here are the lists of the other social media sites

  1. Truther group #1
  2. Truther group #2
  3. Our Free Society group #1
  4. Our Free Society group #2
  5. Holistic group #1
  6. Holistic group #2

As I come across them, I will add more social media sites that say they are all about freedom and won’t censor you or anyone else.

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