Holocaust Deniers

There Are People Who Are Holocaust Deniers

Holocaust DeniersIt’s amazing in this day and age that there are Holocaust deniers spreading likes, and the situation is getting worse.

We often wonder if these types of people are just low on the IQ scale, or there is something mentally wrong with them. Or, they are filled with such hatred towards Jews and other minorities, that they go around spreading this lie, knowing that people of low intelligence level will believe them and also spread the lie.

We don’t know if these are Natzi lovers, or Muslims who hate Jews. All we know is that their claim that the Holocaust never happened is sooo ludicrous, yet people out there actually believe them.

They somehow think that the following holds no weight as evidence:

  • All the documentaries that comprise of real live black and white films that were filmed by the Natzis (we aren’t talking Spielberg’s Schindler’s List)
  • The testimonials from thousands of people who were held prisoner in concentration camps and managed to survive
  • Witnesses from Germans, the English, the French and the Poles when Jews and others were dragged away
  • Witnesses from the resistance
  • Organized expert documentation the Natzis were known for about every single thing they did to the Jews including but not limited to:a) How many they rounded up and shipped off and to where
    b) How many they kept alive vs. how many they sent to the gas chambers or killed by gun so they all fell in piles upon piles of ditches
    c) The people they did medical experimentations on WHILE they were alive
    d) The loot (what it was, how many items, etc.) they confiscated from all of the homes as they rounded up the Jews
  • Last but not least, the testimony FROM the Natzis themselves in many different courts worldwide admitting they did these atrocities

So there is ALL this evidence, yet these deeply disturbed people go around spreading these lies online and in person, that the Holocaust never happened.


Are they trying to gear up for something just as disturbed?

Why do they have so much hate in their hearts?

When someone can explain that to us, we’d like to hear it.

In this Ted Talk you can listen to the academic, Deborah Lipstadt, talk about how she was asked to research this disturbing lie that has been spread not just recently, but has been growing in number for years now.


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