Holocaust Update for August 2020

Here is my holocaust update for August 2020, September 2020, and October 2020.


My intent was to publish it before October, but I didn’t get a chance, so I’m publishing it now .

  1. This is an older expose from Project Veritas, but I only found out about it a month+ ago. This won’t surprise anyone in the truther community, but it’s good to know that CBS hired or used hospital staff to be fillers acting as people when they were filming. This was to make it seem like the lineups for testing for covid19 were LONG. Again, this is all part of the larger covid-19 SCAM. Here’s the video.
  2. The evils are using their weather weapons to harm everyone in America. They once again started raging fires in California and now they are hitting Oregon. Look at the sky here in Oregan. People all over in Colorado, even in Pennsylvania are being harmed by smoke from California and Oregon and the poor people are being displaced in those two states, but not everyone is.
  3. I’m now almost 100% certain that the reason some people are getting sick is of course NOT due to covid19 (a virus), but due to chemtrails.Here, watch this.
  4. A woman in Germany organized a large protest against the fake plandemic and they committed her to a mental health facility.

    This is what the evils have done for YEARS and I’m talking going back hundreds of years.

    Every time there’s someone they want to get rid of, they used to throw them in the dungeon to rot. Then they started throwing them in mental asylums.

    Even wives or family members who were due for an inheritance and they wanted to steal her money, they would pay off a doctor to say she was insane and she would be locked up and drugged for years.

    Two soldiers who heard people planning the assassination of John F Kennedy ran to tell people (BIG mistake, but this is what happens when you trust the evil government) and they were both thrown in a mental ward. Here’s the link to that story.

    This is why I say that protesting does NOT WORK. These evils do NOT fuck around. They are beyond evil, can’t you see that?

    This is NOT just the government that’s evil, but the government is 100% run by the evils and that’s worldwide. You can see that by how each government worldwide is doing the same things to their citizens and no, I have no idea why Sweden went rogue.

  5. Now they are coming up with terms to describe ANYONE who doesn’t agree with their scamdemic. They are calling us all sociopaths and that’s very very dangerous, because they can just kidnap us, drug us, and lock us up in a mental asylum for years eventually killing us. Here’s more on that from James Corbett.
  6. An Aussie woman was jailed for 6 months for breaking her imprisonment in her home. She went to her boyfriend’s. OMG, she wanted to be with her boyfriend because all humans need human support, but the evils don’t want that SOOOO, she SHOULD be locked up in jail. Here’s the article.
  7. In Ireland a University is forcing all students to sign a pledge. In the pledge there are threats such as threatening the students that if they don’t behave and do as they are told, they will be thrown out of the University. That they MUST report if they even cough and if they don’t, they will be thrown out of the University. You can watch the rest here.
  8. Hawaii is doing checkpoints and forcing testing, plus the quarantine camps are coming soon. See the article here.
  9. I already knew they were brainwashing the kids because the NEXT step will be to tell them to kill the parents. Mark my words.If you thought TV was bad, reality is EVEN WORSE!!!

    If you haven’t already seen this video about Fortnite the video game, watch it here.

    This Wiki How page telling kids how to sneak out of the house away from their parents to get a vaccine. WAKE UP PEOPLE. When are you going to realize we are AT WAR HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Okay, while this bill has NOT passed, the fact that anyone would even DARE to write it up means this is their next plan. And look at it here. This was written up January 2019 before most people ever HEARD of a coronavirus or covid19. Here’s the bill, and here’s the video that was done on it and yes, it was already taken down by goolag.

  11. Ohio wants to imprison kids from their parents and put them in FEMA camps. FEMA camps are NOT here for your safety. They are controlled by the evils. Here’s the article.
  12. On September 5, 2020 someone released evidence that the World Integrated Trade Solution had shipped millions of the scam test kits all over the world in 2017 and 2018. Of course this was long before this fake virus was spread all over the evil controlled mainstream media (MSM) and the normies fell for the scam.

    After the news went viral, World Integrated Trade Solution changed their database to say “Medical Test Kits” instead of Covid-19. Of course that’s against the law, but what does the law matter when the evils make up the law and it’s only meant to control us, not them. Here’s a PDF on the test kits I got from another site. Not sure why the top part is overlapping. They are the PCR tests that the inventor Kary Mullis unequivocally stated was never to be used to test for viruses and suddenly died in 2019 just before the scamdemic started.

  13. Richard A. Rothschild from the United Kingdom patented a system for testing COVID-19, back in 2015. This was found on a Dutch website for patenting inventions. Sorry, I don’t have the original link to where I saw this so I went to try and dig it up and, OF COURSE, the first page was all goolag burying any proof of this and calling it all a lie by conspiracy theorists.I found this through a tweet (see here) and then this guy said this, “When a patent is filed it can relate to a previously filed patent. The first of these chain of patents was filed in 2015. The claim her is that “COVID-19” was known about in 2015. This is nonsense. The term only appears in the 2020 patent filing. There is nothing suspicious.” which made no sense to me because the date CLEARLY shows 2015, so if someone wants to say it in plain English (I’m too tired now) so that I understand, I’m all ears.Of course if this was the ONLY evidence I’d agree with the asshole, but of course there’s a mountain of evidence this all started 70+ years ago by the evils.
  14. The World Bank shows that COVID-19 is a project that is planned to continue until… the end of March 2025. Yes, YOU heard it. They plan to keep us as obvious slaves until 2025! You can watch that here. Everyone who is a normie who asks me when this is going to end, I tell them never.

    Just because they put down 2025 doesn’t mean they will stop this war in 2025. People, WAKE UP!!! WE ARE AT WAR!!!

  15. A woman’s brain started leaking after the PCR test. I keep telling people NOT to get the test. They are accessing our brain with something, whether it’s to get our DNA or put something up there it doesn’t matter. It’s EVIL!!!. Here’s the article. I’m surprised Bezos allowed this to run.
  16. Besides Kill Bill hosting Event 201 with John Hopkins back in 2019 preparing a simulation for what they had planned for us, he also tweeted this in December 2019 – “I’m particularly excited about what the next year could mean for one of the best buys in global health: vaccines.”
  17. Wow, back in 2013, this rapper Dr Creep wrote a rap song called PANDEMIC and one line read… “2020 combined with CoronaVirus, bodies stacking.” Of course the evils also had him include the riots in his song, “‘The State is rioting, using the street outside. It’s coming to your windows.” His answer as to why he wrote about it made no sense to me even though it made sense to the writer somehow. He said he was investigating conspiracy theiorists who said there would be a pandemic between 2020-2030. Really? This is the first time I’m hearing about this. The evils were planning it, NOT truthers – smh
  18. “In September 2019 – also right before the outbreak – the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board released a report titled ‘A World At Risk’.” The picture cover had people wearing masks and in the report it reads, “‘The United Nations (including WHO) conducts at least two system-wide training and simulation exercises, including one for covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.’”
  19. “In 2018 The Institute for Disease Modeling made a video in which they show a flu virus originating in China, from the area of Wuhan, and spreading all over the world, killing millions.”
  20. In 2015 Anthony Fauci gave this very lab 3,7 million dollars. That’s the Wuhan lab that everyone keeps claiming the virus came from which is BS. Even if it did come from there, China wasn’t in on this all by itself as you can see. I don’t buy this story about this scientist who escaped China (how coincidental) and went on Fox news saying she feared for her life because she wanted to tell everyone that the so called “virus” is spread among humans and China told her not to say that. And that now she’s hidden away from China for fear for her life.

    If it was THAT contagious, everyone would be sick and as you can see if you are actually HONEST, people are not getting sick at the drop of a hat.

    They are either getting sick due to toxins the evils are giving us, the moronic corrupt white coats, they were already sick with something, or they are making themselves sick by thinking about getting sick 24/7 and they are wearing toxic masks which causes all sorts of health issues.

  21. The lists of movies that predictive programmed this scamdemic are: “Dead Plague” and “Contagion.”
  22. “In 2012 a strange comic book was produced by the European Union, for distribution among their employees only. (2B) The title of the comic is ‘INFECTED’ and it shows a new virus originating in a Chinese lab and spreading across the world. The solution for this pandemic is outlined in the comic book: globalists enforce one global health plan.” The comic book read, “‘The safety measures that followed made our existence totally unbearable.'” Yeh no kidding.
  23. Then of course the 2012 British Olympics and here is the video for that.
  24. We already knew that the fires in California, Oregan, etc. were started by their weather weapons and here’s proof it’s laser beams. If I get proof that this is how the fires started in Australia, I’ll let you know, but I’d assume it was.
  25. October – they are systematically getting rid of all of our food supply worldwide. Here’s what they did in Michigan with the cow’s corn, even though corn isn’t what cows should be eating.
  26. October – in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan someone set the grain silo on fire, so not only did they lose all the grain, they lost the silos. Again, I don’t believe in conventional toxic grains (yes it’s very toxic what they do to it), but most people eat this toxic garbage, and now there’s nothing for them to eat.
  27. This woman knows the virus is a scam, so she decided to go to work despite the Canadian federal government imprisoning her in her own home for 14 days for not being sick. Now the Canadian criminal will probably imprison her in jail for 6 months, or steal money from her by making her pay $750,000. Here’s that article.
  28. More abuse towards the elderly (but everyone really) as the elderly are sick and dying alone in old age homes. They are trying to fight back. I keep telling people this is a physiological war, it’s not like the wars you are used to. And the evils’ war is WORKING, especially when the very very low IQ people (especially the ones who believe in sciencetism) think it’s okay to psychologically harm others because they believe everything the evils tell them.

    They believe that the virus is real and you can get it for no reason at all DESPITE they probably know no one who has died from it or if someone they know did die, they are told they died from covid-19 even though they didn’t.

  29. October – a student in India committed suicide because he broke the family cell phone and due to all of the pressure from the scamdemic and their family barely being able to put food on the table, he lost all hope. You can read that here.

That’s it for this one.

Stay safe from THE EVILS!!!

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