Meditation For HEALING Negative Childhood Wounds

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Here’s the other meditation video I wanted to upload for you from Lisa A. Romano –

Here is her site –

I was so blown away by this other meditation that raised my vibration and helped me release negative energy and pent up emotions, that I decided to give you this one too as I’ve had good results with it as well –

I’ve been telling people for 2 years prior to the scamdemic that we need to heal our childhood traumas. That is step #1.

If you decide to ignore your responsibility in healing yourself, then you might as well give UP and just sit back and watch the shit show as they take down you and humanity.

You will NOT be able to fight the evils without first realizing the power that you have inside you and you won’t see that UNTIL you work on your childhood trauma. It’s that simple.

You need to learn how to love and respect yourself first before you can truly help save humanity.

I’m not one of those New Agers who believes everything is fine and dandy and we should ignore what’s going on around us and also NOT use our left brain. Did you know that the evils invented the New Age religion to dumb people down?

I’m spiritually conscious and have been since 1993.

I don’t believe in religion and I know that it was created by the evils to cause humans to fight among themselves and control people.

Unfortunately, most people ignore their spirit, their right brain, and the fact that they are spiritual human beings and, THAT is a huge problem.

It’s also WHY the evils are so powerful and have been able to harm us for thousands of years.

So I implore you to start working on your issues. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all have issues and we need to heal ourselves both emotionally and physically. It’s a process. You can’t just snap your fingers and be healed. Remember, that’s the BS lie the evils invented. Fast food EVERYTHING.

Did you know that most illnesses are caused by stress and childhood trauma?

If you want to stay sick, by all means, it’s your choice.

I hope these 2 videos help you as they have helped me and if they don’t, that’s’ fine too. Maybe you just aren’t ready, but find another meditation that will help you. Walk your own path.

So first you will need this to RIP it into MP3 audio since you don’t want the YT video to start playing commercials in the middle of your meditation, and you won’t be watching the video anyway –

I love Clip Grab and use it every day. Great support and yes I donated.

You do need to be alone, in the dark with no interruptions and as few EMFs around as possible.

You also need headphones that can pick up low vibration (yes they can be expensive, but they are worth the investment), but even if you don’t have that, try it with just regular headphones.

2 years ago I invested in a high-quality armchair that’s really comfortable and of course, allows me to lean back so I can fall asleep during my mediations.

I also do Qigong exercises that also move your energy around plus helps you work on your internal organs. I uploaded them onto this channel and created a playlist for that too.

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