Prostitution was healthy

Prostitution was healthy in the 1800’s

Did you know that prostitution was healthy for the wild wild west both socially and economically and helped to empower women?

It was only afterward when some powerful men tried to bring down women and outlawed prostitution, that all the problems started.

This act by religious men and women shunned women who had been doing nothing wrong. There’s still nothing wrong with it even today, but because it’s illegal in America, it attracts all types of judgemental people (religions and non religious) who ultimately harm and degrade everyone connected with the industry.

Then it attracts criminals (because it’s illegal – same issue with marijuana) and makes the industry dangerous for the girls both on the streets and in escort agencies, dangerous for escort agency owners, and even the customers who see the girls.

Watch this video about the history of prostitution in America and how it grew the West into what it is today.



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