Science as Scientism

Science has been a religion for a while now and people don’t even see it.

They don’t care if the science is RIGHT, just that it’s labeled SCIENCE.

Almost ALL science is bought and paid for by the evils and don’t think it’s not.

Even the so called “journals” are bought and paid for.

Do you know how much it costs to do a study?

Where do you think the money comes from?

The money tree in their backyard?

You can’t trust science EVER unless you get someone who is both a scientist and spiritually conscious, because you have to be open minded to be a real scientist, and 90% of them aren’t.

And then find out who’s funding the study and how many people, animals, etc. were in the study.

Do you even know what they do to the poor animals?

I never really knew until I started seeing pictures.

And here’s a great video from James Corbett that’s educational about science and how it’s all corrupt.


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