Should governments exist

Should governments exist

Here’s the question, should governments exist?

Today a lot of people distrust the government, but they STILL want the criminal empire to exist.

They live in a state of brainwashed HAZE!

Here are the reasons the slave people think the government still needs to exist

    1. This is all they’ve ever known, so they can’t think outside their narrow scope of reality.
    2. They think that all hell will break loose if there is no government, despite the FACT that hell broke loose ages ago WITH government. We’ve noticed that a lot of TV shows portray that everyone will start harming everyone if there is NO violence, control and government.

      People have been brainwashed into believing this through TV shows among other things.

      This means people have no faith in themselves because if they did, they would have trust and faith in others that we can live peacefully with rules and the Laws of Nature in a society where we aren’t oppressed by others.

    3. They feel they need the protection of the government, and that people need to be controlled. They don’t believe in self-ownership, and that people have the right to total freedom.

      They feel that EVERYONE should be just like them. This goes back to the religious indoctrination. Most religions teach their followers that THEIR religion is the BEST and anyone outside of that cult is to be shunned, looked down upon or strange!

    4. They don’t see that the government controls us and that we are SLAVES, so they never even question should governments exist. They just accept it on blind faith. Again, this is an example of how people worship the government.
    5. They don’t believe they have the power to make decisions on their own, to be free and be a part of the bigger picture. Again, this can be traced back to religion where people are taught they are really nothing. That GAWD is the almighty to be feared¬†AND has all the knowledge and power.

      Yes, there is a higher source of energy (it’s called the Universe), but we are ALL part of that source. We have power too!

      Religion and Government (can you tell the difference?)

       They NEED to have a government since this stems from their mommy and daddy issues.

      Mommy (the left) to hold and comfort them, give them everything they need, and

      Daddy (the right) to protect them from all the supposed ills in the world and control what they think, say or do.

      It’s a deep insecurity that MOST everyone has.

      This deep insecurity, the need to be enslaved is the REALITY of our world.

      Anyone who says otherwise isn’t paying attention to how the government controls us, or is too stupid to see things for what they are. They are living in some false sense of reality and lying to themselves and therefore to others.

      NOTHING positive will start to change UNTIL people start taking Action!

      MOST people are all talk and NO action.

      They sit behind their computers complaining, but do NOTHING to change themselves and do the WORK.

      Which one are you?

(Understand that this doesn’t happen overnight and no one is watching you to keep track of your progress. You do what you can so long as you are making some headway each day, week month or year, but be AWARE, that time is ticking)

The List of Where to Start

  1. Really ask yourself “should governments exist?” It will take a while to get used to this and you you will definitely resist for a while until you start to see all the harm that government does to people.
  2. Understand yourself from a spiritual perspective and start HEALING.

    We aren’t talking about religion, We are talking about deep alternative healing. (Need a list? Just reach out for our list of alternative therapies. Conventional therapy does NOT work!)

    Unfortunately, MOST people don’t want to get to know, understand and heal themselves. They use addictions to mask their pain instead of doing the REAL work.

    They don’t want to study spirituality, metaphysics, psychology, philosophy, and sociology – what makes humans and our world tick.

    What makes THEM tick.

    You can NOT move onto helping the world UNLESS you’ve mastered helping yourself.

  3. Study the Laws of Nature and the occult. Religion (one of the most evil cults out there) has brainwashed people into thinking that the word “occult” is blasphemy, when it simple MEANS, to learn the unknown.

    It’s the ancient truth/knowledge about the world. It’s the VERY tool (KNOWLEDGE) that the EVILS use to control us, and they are only too happy that the dead (that’s what they call people who aren’t WOKE) have no interest in learning the occult.


    Because this gives them free rein to drive MORE people into the ground.

    It’s NOT a level playing field, BUT they aren’t responsible for that, only the MASS majority of the population is by ignoring the TRUTH and why we are on this planet.

    To be clear: the occult isn’t for good or evil, it’s a tool. It’s what you do with it that matters.

    Until you have a firm grasp about what it is and how it relates to our earth and humanity, you can’t even begin to teach others.

  4. You need to ADMIT that there are EVILS in the world.

    This isn’t a fairy tale about evil, those people really DO exist, and we aren’t talking about some man or woman who was put in jail for killing one person. They are child’s play compared to how many people the EVILS harm and murder.

    For all of the people who spout the BS of… “just think HAPPY thoughts and ALL will be fine,” they are MORONS. In fact, these people have been brainwashed BY the evils.

    If people run from learning the truth and are living in la la land, they can’t fight. Right?

    These types of people just want to live in a bubble and ignore the REALITY of what’s really going on out there. They want to help themselves and ignore the rest of the world.

  5. You realize that we are ALL connected.

    That being selfish and ONLY caring about oneself (although that is the FIRST STEP to study themselves – see #1) is part of the problem.

    This is how the EVILS divide us.

    They first train us to bow down to parents.

    Then they get parents to put their kids in the government-run school system where they have to be obedient little slaves towards their teachers.

    Where they teach kids the lies about what really happened in history. Where they teach them basic math and science, NEVER teaching them the expanded occult versions that would help society.

    Why would they?

    They do NOT want people to have this information!

    All the while they are also using brainwashing tactics like politics, religion, race, the poor vs the middle or upper class, etc.

    They do this ALL with the schools and post-secondary schools, and their devil companies such as the mainstream media and Hollywood. It’s a great plan to get the message out there.

    This gets people afraid and fighting amongst themselves.

    YET… Look how the MASSES NEVER FIGHT against the actual EVILS who are doing all of this.

    Crafty wouldn’t you say?

    If people are constantly fighting because they DON’T understand that we are ALL connected by energy, then they aren’t working together towards making this reality a better more loving place.

    The REAL science behind spirituality – it’s easier to create a momentum of either love or evil when you have everyone working together and you have people who are EDUCATED!

    When one person is evil, anyone who hangs around him/her then becomes evil.
    When one person is afraid, anyone who hangs around him/her then becomes afraid.

    Want PROOF???

    Just look at the Trumpet fiasco!

    “You ARE the company you keep” and even if you aren’t physically seeing that person, it doesn’t mean their energy isn’t affecting you.

    Energy knows NO boundaries.

    So even if you have a happy rich life, ignoring everyone ELSE who doesn’t have a happy and rich life is narcissistic. That means from a spiritual perspective you are dead.

  6. Once you have learned about yourself and the occult, then your next step is to pass that information on to others.

    It’s EVERYONE’S duty to do that.

  7. And eventually, we all gather together to be FREE and get RID of our slave masters – the government and the EVIL CORPS.



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