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Supplies are dwindling

I’m going to start listing what I’m reading or hearing about the fact that supplies are dwindling (supply shortages), so you know what’s going on.

This breaks my heart and I want to (fill in the blank) those 13 EVIL FAMILIES, THE VATICAN, JESUITS, BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY, ETC. They are the ones responsible for ALL OF THIS.


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If you are awake, you will already know this is happening and started happening last year because the goal of the evils through their Agenda 21 is not just to starve us, but to make it so we have no clothes, items to buy for building houses, etc.

These are comments from others: (make sure to comment and add your city, state/province and country and what’s happening there.)

  1. “I’ve noticed that bath towels shelves in Walmart are bare 99% of the time. It’s been that way for months now.”
  2. “I have over 25 years experience working for some of the nation’s largest food processing and retail companies. I see the breakdown of the supply chains all around me. The problem is that the general public is in such a catatonic zombie like trance they have lost their ability to see and understand the events taking place right in front of them.”
  3. “I own a successful residential painting company of 18 years. Got a phone call yesterday from my paint rep that I have 3 weeks to fill my paint order for the year or I’m S.O.L. until at least next march… Heed warning folks. It’s all true. Thanks for the video. Be safe”
  4. Brad said that someone he knows went to buy supplies to build a bathroom for his nephew and he was going to do the same bathroom he had built for himself last year and instead of the parts being $300, it was now $800 FUCKING DOLLARS!!! And the piping wasn’t the thick piping, but thinner. He also said the tiny home lot only had 3 tiny homes when they normally have tons.
  5. “I’m seeing massive shortages in cement blocks, and you cant get a h block to save your soul. We went too building our summer kitchen and the blocks have been all worn out. We were make a simple rocket stove. I figured let’s get this done now… ugh. No. None available . I was lucky too find some here in town and a few and a few header blocks or we be S.O.L. mind blowing”
  6. “Wally World did not have the brand of coffee I wanted on my order last week. I called 2 other stores before the clerk said they had it and asked me if I wanted all they had because there were only three 12 oz. bags.. I got all of them! I tried again this week and was limited to one can.”
  7. “Las Vegas gas shortages, Arizona produce; lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, bananas etc. blamed on truck driver shortage when there isn’t one.”
  8. ” the cost f lumber has gone up 100,s %.”
  9. “Brad, here in Cambodia I don’t see any shortages yet, but prices are rising. Meat especially… plus, for the first time my city has locked down. The capital, Phnom Penh, has been shut down for a while now.”
  10. “Western NC, big lots, rural king, Harbor freight, many others all look like they’re going out of business.”
  11. “Well lumber is the new gold and I’ve heard the box stores are not able to order per usual from the manufacturer and are taking what they are given…..fast forward…now I’ve just heard that the manufacturers are offering to buy back from the box stores the lumber they have sold to them (at a higher cost) because of a need? Don’t get that but prices are going up up up! Also new campers are hard to get they are being sold as soon as they hit the parking lot …our local camper place only had one 2021 and we were able to get it as we happen to be the first to see it and ppl are traveling out of state to get one as the roll out from the manufacturer is scarce”
  12. “My wife and I put together bags of supplies for homeless twice a month. Just a simple sack with things like a roll of toilet paper, soap, snack items such as veinna sausage, crackers, little debbie snack cakes, pudding cup, cereal bar, etc. We have always ordered from Sam’s Club as it’s more affordable… this time for the first time ever, not just one, but four of the common items we I close were not available. We had to substitute and mix and match. Definitely a sign of where things are going.”
  13. “prices are rising though. I live in New York City and noticed it.”
  14. “Milk in SW Washington none in Walmart’s!”
  15. “Most shortages here in Pensacola Fl seem related to used cars, houses, anything electronics specific moreso computers, havent seen any food shortages”
  16. “Motor oil. Especially regular old oil. Most of what is on the shelves at my local Walmarts is synthetic.” Two other people mentioned this.
  17. snip.. “Lumber and fencing. I’ve noticed that many soups from main manufacturers are discontinued. Amy’s and Pacific Brands, mushroom soups and Thai soup.” snip
  18. “Brad, I live in a small town of about 800 people in Southern Indiana. When I go to the grocery store, the majority of the product is faced forward to make it appear as if the shelf is full. In actuality there is maybe a layer or two that you are looking at with nothing behind it. Medications are taking a big hit here. With some meds, the price has gone way up. With other meds, you can’t find certain items. I went into WalMart the other day by their pharmacy to check out their over the counter pain relievers. The shelves looked like something out of the riots. Everything was empty. Stuff was thrown everywhere. It looked like it had been ransacked.”
  19. “The chicken, beef and pork. Let alone the grain and feed for livestock.. Shortages and prices are going up and up here in Michigan”
  20. “I haven’t gone in store in a while. Have been using Instacart instead or my husband running errands. I first noticed the big jars of PB were no longer an option over 6 months ago. Now the regular, cheapest, pb has been out of stock for over six weeks. The price has stayed the same, but quantity of jars are getting smaller. We see the TP packages are smaller also. Thankfully, we’ve been mentally preparing for a year and doing as best as we can. My husband has two jobs just in case. I am working on my education and building multiple streams of income from home, as well as doing what we can to be as self-sufficient as possible. I am studying stories from the Great Depression and how they all stretched their dollar. It has begun.”
  21. “No Excedrin medicine ANYWHERE, plywood is sky high and everywhere I go the shelves are seriously sparse- I kept thinking mabye they’ve been busy and haven’t had time to get it from the back but now I see. Thank you for reminding me….I got to comfortable again”
  22. “Drinks bottled in plastic, also talked with a owner of a large auto battery store he was ordered by corporate to increase 10% across the board. But to do it slowly over next 1.5 months he said he believes it will continue to go up after that, he is a franchise and is very worried. North TX.”
  23. “All quiet on the md/dc front for now…. Where I live is the fastest growing illegal migrant population in ussa and will grow exponentially with this pres and vp puppets opening up the floodgates to deliberately destroy the citizens and our economy.. I am a home renovation contractor and am definately feeling the punch with the cost of building materials and homeowners here are living beyond their means..nothing new, keep up with the Jones’. To me what is most concerning is very soon I believe big icb missiles postmarked from the axis of evil will be pointed at us here in the capitol city ussa…. that’s all..no biggie 😮”
  24. “At the big box store, the items were put at the front of the shelf, but don’t try to grab a “sanitary” box from the back because it’s an illusion. Only random boxes were behind the first layer.”
  25. “Eastern WV wood left on shelf’s at Lowe’s are only split or warped very few good boards. Walmart here finding bread selection is about half, gallon drinking water is very low and next to no restocking. It’s getting bad here.”
  26. “Bacon has increased 25% more over the price I paid for it 2 weeks ago.
    Yes I understand supply and demand but at what point can they just not charge more because either no one will pay that price or the just have too little. There has got to be a line drawn somewhere.”
  27. “It is getting harder to find “some pulp” fresh orange juice, and I have changed brands twice. It’s either all or nothing. It is almost impossible to find sugar free bread in any of the local grocers around me.”
  28. “Building supplies, steel, parts… the list goes on. For example, this last week my wholesale price on 4” solid pvc pipe went up by $.70 a linear foot in the last 45 days. I can’t even price a job because my wholesalers are telling me they are having price increases on their end several times a week. There is a huge shortage in repair parts for vehicles and machines right now as well”
  29. “Narcotic medications here in Canada at my pharmacy there is a sign up that says to call a day before to tell them what you may be needing … due to shortages”
  30. “I was at the car dealership last week. The service manager told me the supply crunch is coming. Can’t get enough computer chips to put into the cars.”

Okay people, that’s it for NOW on this supplies are dwindling article!!!



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  1. I’ll keep adding as I come across more.

    “I own a florist and my suppliers are going up so high I don’t no how much longer I will be in business. Very worried, customers not buying. “

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