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Toxic water in Mexico

Toxic water in MexicoAll about the Toxic water in Mexico.

So when I talk about the Toxic water in Mexico, I’m not talking about how they always tell you not to drink the tap water.

I’m talking about water in the lakes and oceans that are so toxic, that it directly affects the people living near them.

Even tap water full of pesticides, herbicides, glyphosate, fecal matter, arsenic, etc.

This makes people very sick with cancer, kidney issues, and babies are being born with deformities.

Mexico doesn’t purify the tap water. Most people don’t understand this.

The border towns with the US are the worst, because the evil corps had set up manufacturing plants on the border so they could get cheap labor. Then they dumped their chemicals into the water poisoning all of not just the Mexicans, but also the immigrants who travel from across the world just to get work there.

NEVER live in a border town.

But even if it’s a bit of a ways in, if there’s American manufacturing plants set up there, you will make yourself sick just like if you live in an American city with a manufacturing plant.

The ONLY fakebook group for Mexico and expats that is even awake and talks about the toxic water and air pollution in Mexico just banned me from his group for no reason at all. I just private messaged him to confirm that he did do that and not one of his other admins and he first told me that I ask too many questions that could easily be searched.

Expats have an issue with me asking questions. I never know why, but they do.

I searched his group many many times and I can’t remember how many questions I asked, maybe 3-4 with one beng about margaritas.

What the HELL is a group for if not to ask questions???

Then he said that I demanded an answer from him.

Demanded no, was I irked because Felipe has a habit of not answering all of my 2-3 questions when I PM him and he did it once again this time as a post in his group? Yes.

Was I irked because he lied to me and said he would send me the Word doc version of his book after I purchased it and he didn’t? Yes

Was I in a rush because I needed to quickly figure out where to get an Airbnb and he was the only one who could answer that question and I needed to get over to that part of the country so I could finally get a place to call my own?


So he’s right, I didn’t say please when I asked him if he could answer my other question which I already asked, but did I DEMAND IT? No.

Does Felipe hate a lot of expats? Yes.

Can expats be loud, obnoxious and demanding? Yes. Are ALL of the like that? NO!

Did Felipe believe the American scammer who scammed me into coming to his area (where I am now) so he could show me rentals and then I got here and he tries to get me to pay for dinners for him and his son, I paid over the top prices for him to pick me up (I could have taken an Uber that was less), he starts trying to guilt me about everything he did for me when I never asked him to do any of that stuff and I thought he was just being a nice guy?

Did he then lie and say that because he was searching for rentals for me he didn’t do work and therefor lost money?

I’m sure of it.

Did I have to pay him again to drive me back to the closest city when I was now 100% sure this guy was nuts? YES,

Felipe believed the scammer who reached out to him to tell him that I never gave him a dime when he picked me up from the bus station. Why? why would this scammer who got 2 meals out of me and 1,000 pesos reach out to smear me?

Felipe NEVER even asking me for my side of the story. He just banned me. Oh, and he said, “I suggest that you consider Lake Chapala.” If you don’t know, he says Lake Chapala is THE most poisonous place in Mexico, so clearly He wants me to get sick and die.

I’ll detail the story in another article and the only reason I’m summarizing here is because all of the information I have about the toxic water in Mexico is FROM FELIPE.

Prior to being banned from Felipe’s Mexican expat group on fakebook, in this article I spoke highly of Felipe and recommended his fakebook group and his book.

Felipe pretty much ONLY ever recommended these 4 places in Veracruz that I was looking into after hunting for low cost living elsewhere.

I am now positive he only wanted people coming to that area so he could show them around for $100 USD per day and also, he is trying to sell land he purchased in that area.

Fortin de Las Flores

Now that he’s treated me this way, I no longer trust him.

My advice is to test the water in the area you want to live in. I said that in his group about a month ago and he shrugged it off that the testing couldn’t be trusted.

I just found out from a Mexican American that chemists set up these testing places, so even if you have to go to two just to be sure, I’d do that instead of ONLY trusting Felipe now that I know what he’s really like.

I’m still going to give you this info below because you need to know what could be happening in the area you want to live in.

I have also been wondering if all of the articles he shows as proof (and there are a lot) is the evils’ handwork. I mean they are ONLY coming from the mainstream media.

I can’t say one way or another because I do believe the evils are poisoning Mexico, but if it’s not all true, then WHY don’t they want us coming to Mexico?

Most other Mexican expat groups on fakebook are full of the walking dead and they lash out at anyone who speaks the truth whether it be about the toxic water or the war/scamdemic.

They either lie out of ignorance, or because they have a vested interest in you coming to them to give them money. I already summarized why so many expats take advantage of newbie expats.

Here are some excerpts from Felipe about the toxic water in Mexico…

“After NAFTA companies from the entire world opened factories in Mexico to exploit the cheap labor and lapse environmental enforcement. They all build close to a river to dump their toxic waste. The sewage systems are also overburdened and outdated. Nobody wants to smell or swim in the ocean with sewage but it also hassome major health risks.

One got mad because I said you can smell the sewage in the ocean in Boca del Rio (which you can) and skin infections are common to those who swim there… snip”

Another got mad because I posted a report that Mexico will send a nurse to your home and vaccinate your child who is in public schools if they fall behind, even if you are not home, they will inject and leave a note. … snip…”

A lot got mad when I reported that children were dying from breathing the pesticides evaporating off of Lake Chapala which was documented by blood tests by the University of Guadalajara. They own BnB’s there or sell real estate.

A lot got mad when I reported that cancer in women went up by 40% in one year in the Yucatan including Merida because there are pesticides in the water that are inhaled during a shower.

More got mad when I reported alpha radiation 300% over the permissible limits, arsenic and excessive fluoride in the water in San Miguel de Allende causing childhood cancers to fly, they too own real estate ventures.”

“Merida is not “crime free” nor, “the safest city in Mexico” as they have titled themselves, There are murders, kidnappings, child rape, coyotes holding immigrants in houses and cancer in women rose by 40% last year alone from showering in water that has pesticides in it.”

“In other places such as Guanajuato, including San Miguel de Allende the aquifer is being depleted at such a fast rate that the water coming up now is drawn from such depths that naturally occurring toxins are coming up with the water, alpha radiation 300% over the permissible limits, arsenic, and excessive fluoride are causing cancer rates to fly.

Erionite exists on the surface and entire adobe houses are built with earth that contains erionite, this is causing lung cancer rates to skyrocket.

All beaches in Mexico contain some amount of fecal coliforms, the amount depends on the location and population and the proximity of rivers flushing millions of gallons into the ocean daily, particularly after a hard rain. Mazatlan, Sayulita, Puerto Vallarta and others. Generally Oaxaca beaches are cleaner than those to the north.

But, some of the most popular expatriate destinations which are populated with the largest number of expatriates or expats are so polluted people are dying. I will touch on the different types of problems briefly here so that you get an understanding of just how severe the pollution can be in places here and then will cover them in greater detail later in this book.

For example in the state of Guanajuato, including the very popular San Miguel de Allende cancer rates are literally flying through the roof. Also there was a rise of breast and uterine cancer in women which rose 40% in 2018 alone in the Yucatan. Why, you ask? Because there are pesticides in the water supply there and really severe toxins in the water in Guanajuato.

People think, “I will only drink bottled water and be safe” but this is not the case. This isn’t Kansas, the pollution in certain places is so severe and the water treatment so questionable that just showering in some places is causing the sudden rise in cancer because the toxins are inhaled while showering.

Just breathing the fumes of pesticides and glyphosate coming off Mexico’s largest freshwater lake, and one of the top expat destinations, Lake Chapala is causing kidney failure, deaths, birth defects and neurological damage to the children.

According to a report from Reuters, pesticides evaporating from the lake are breathed by the population and this is causing children all along the shores of the lake to die from kidney failure. There are also birth defects such as heart defects, club feet, malformed hands, and neurological damage, the children can’t even color within the lines at an age where they should be doing this. More than half of the school children have damaged kidneys, and only one in 6 demonstrates healthy cognitive development according to a study done by the University of Guadalajara. The research found significant attention and memory deficits among local children with many struggling with fine motor skills used for drawing, writing and eating.

The rivers of Mexico are largely open sewers contaminated with industrial waste, chemicals, raw sewage, runoff of pesticides, and chemical fertilizers, herbicides such as Roundup or glyphosate, a known carcinogen, heavy metals and chemicals used in mining such as mercury.

Mexico has some of the toughest environmental laws on the pollution of rivers but they are simply not enforced. This lack of enforcement is in part due to no governmental agencies actively inspecting industrial facilities along with corruption.

Factories are always located on a river, to get rid of the waste. If they build a waste water treatment facility which is expensive to operate and maintain, most of the time it is simply bypassed until an inspection is announced and the toxins wind up in the river untreated. When detected, “fines” or extortion will be imposed and all is forgiven.

In the case of the Lerma River which eventually dumps into Lake Chapala, it flows through five states receiving the toxic waste of almost nine thousand factories.

In 2008 an eight year old boy named Miguel was kicking a ball with his friends alongside the Lerma River in northwestern Mexico. The ball rolled into the water and when he stepped into the water to retrieve it, he fell in. After grabbing the ball he immediately got out. Later that night Miguel began to vomit. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he fell into a coma, eighteen days later he died and the cause was determined to be arsenic poisoning, just from that brief encounter with the water, imagine showering in poorly treated water daily and inhaling this.

In other popular expat locations such as San Miguel de Alllende, the water underground or the aquifer has been so over exploited for so long that the water level has dropped over three hundred feet in the past sixteen years. According to a report from The National Institute for Nuclear Research (ININ) of Mexico’s Energy Ministry and the Autonomous University of Mexico, at these depths in volcanic rock naturally occurring radiation 300 % over the permissible limits, arsenic, erionite, (a mineral similar to asbestos which causes cancer when inhaled) and excessive fluoride, so much that is eating holes in the children’s teeth and attacking their skeletons with skeletal fluorosis).

These toxins are inhaled during a shower in the water vapor. Later when the shower walls and floor dries, the erionite fibers are released and become airborne, causing a lung cancer similar to asbestosis.

Heavy metals is a somewhat deceptive term as heavy metals are simply naturally occurring elements that have an atomic weight and a density at least 5 times than that of water. Still, they can become airborne and inhaled such as in the shower or car exhaust, such as in downtown Merida where these toxins were reported to be five times higher in the center of town than the outlying neighborhoods .

Heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, lead, chromium, silver and arsenic in even minute quantities have delirious affects causing acute and chronic toxicities in humans. Once introduced into the body these elements are distributed through the body to the tissues. Lead is carried by the red blood cells to the liver and kidneys and is subsequently redistributed to the bones, teeth and hair.

Cadmium binds to the blood cells then moves on to the liver an kidneys. Arsenic is distributed by the blood and winds up in the heart, lungs, liver, muscle and neural tissues. Many places popular with expats have heavy metals in the water and air and will be discussed in this book.

According to a report done by Plumaslibres, Mexico uses 183 pesticides of which 111 have been banned in other countries, even though scientific evidence shows that these substances are capable of generating cancer and other effects on the endocrine, metabolic and neurological system. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reported that Mexican agriculture used an average of 4.55 tons of pesticides (fungicides, herbicides and insecticides) per thousand hectares between 2009 and 2010.

In addition to the pesticides, glyphosate, a known carcinogen is widely used just before the harvest to speed up the drying of crops such as beans, not only as a defoliant which it is also used as.

In October of 2018 the ACO, the Organic Consumers Association announced the result of laboratory tests that found levels of glyphosate and AMPA – amino methyl phosphonic acid, the main metabolite of glyphosate in various samples of white corn and yellow corn of the Maseca brand. The most outstanding cases of the study were those of corn flour tortillas, in which the effective concentration of glyphosate were 17.59 percent were located. In the American brand of dehydrated corn HoneyVille the finding was 29.98 percent.

The entire Yucatan Peninsula has a limestone or “karst” substrate or ground. There are no rivers in this region but the water flows through underground rivers. Limestone is highly permeable, that is, any substance that is placed on the ground quickly and easily leeches down through the earth and into the water supply. This includes pesticides which are widely used on crops and pig farms and herbicides which are also used to control weeds and dry crops prior to harvesting.

Sewage also soaks easily through the ground into the water supply. The city of Merida has over a million residents with thousands more showing up monthly but only treats 1.6 percent of its sewage, the rest trickles back down into the water supply. Women from all over the Yucatan tested positive for pesticides not only in their blood but also in their breast milk, passing these poisons onto the babies.”

Someone asked about El Cuyo and Felipe’s response was… “You won’t find good water in the Yucatan, cancer rates are flying there, an increase of 40% last year alone. Showering in and inhaling pesticides are the main problems. I personally would avoid the Yucatan completely. ”

That’s just some of the evidence of what goes on.

I’ll leave this with you so you can get an understanding of what we have to put up with here.

Here’s my first article about escaping to Mexico.

Here’s my information on drinking water in Mexico.

I hope you have learned something.


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  1. I found this the other day. It’s about “The Atoyac River in the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico is considered one of the most contaminated rivers in Mexico.’ Like most of Mexico’s rivers little is being done to clean it up, but unlike rivers in most of northern Mexico, Oaxaca’s river pollution problems have scarcely been studied.”

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