Did You Hear that Trump Will Release Free Energy?

Trump will release free energy

We aren’t sure Trump will release free energy, but this is what he said in a recent press conference. Of course we all know Trump lies on occasion, but we can only hope this won’t be one of those times.

For many years the government and EVIL CORPS have been suppressing free energy which would drastically change the world we live in for the better. Trump knows about this and plans to release these hidden secrets to the public.

Other news from this video you should watch:

  1. Trump may go after the States who have legalized marijuana. We hope this is just him trying to make his Republican buddies happy and that he NEVER follows through on this.
  2. Thrive Movement is a movement that started back in and around 2011 by Foster Gamble and his wife Kimberly. They came out with this movie that inspired many that there is HOPE!While we already knew most of the recommendations Foster suggested to help start the movement, we were hopefully more would come forth in the future.The one thing we didn’t resonate with were the heavy sales tactics while being on Thrive Movement’s list. While some trust was lost because of that, the message and hope is what is most important, not the person delivering it.
  3. Foster is currently working with a healer who is training others so his methodologies don’t get wiped out. Foster is doing everything in his power to keep this person safe so he doesn’t get killed off by the EVIL CORPS or government. This is what is known to happen to holistic doctors who start spreading the truth. These doctors either disappear, or suddenly have accidents that kill them off.One or two doctors who pass over, okay fine, this happens, but five to ten doctors dying all within a short period of time, is NOT a coincidence.
  4. There will be new technology coming out soon to clean our food and water. We can not WAIT to hear about this. This is crucial exciting information that will help save humans, animals, insects, our planet, etc.
  5. Foster has talked to thousands of scientists who have had to go into hiding or change their area of expertise because they had to fear for their safety. Many told him that they get a lot of their information from spiritual entities they channel, or ETs from other planets. This is a common thread amongst them.The government has been hiding the evidence of aliens (ETs) from other planets for YEARS!While we don’t expect the closed minded stuffy government to admit there is such a thing called, “spirits,” we certainly believe in them and have for many years. Everyone (dead or alive) is a spirit, it’s just a matter of learning how to tap into that part of our essence.

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