White Man and Their Genocide

Understand The White Man and Their Genocide

White Man and Their GenocideHere is an article that explains the white man and their genocide towards the Native Indian tribes that inhabited the American land for the last 500+ years. They lived in American long before the white man even came to be here and had no problem living without government. They learned and lived by the law of nature.

What did the white man do to the Native Indians back in the 1830’s because of their greed over wanting ALL the land the Native Indians posessed?

  1. The Indian Removal act perpetuated by Andrew Jackson drove Native Indians off their land by forcing them to walk the entire length of the West to Oklahoma (Trail of Tears killed 1 in 4 Native Indians)
  2. They even forced these people to pay THEM for throwing them off their land.
  3. Forced them to become Christians
  4. Forcibly removed their children from their parents and put them into a prison like school to learn the “white” man’s ways
  5. Killed MANY Native Indians
  6. Gave them small pox infected blankets

To read more history on how they succeeded in killing off 90% of the Native Indian population (genocide), read here…

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