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Quora policing what I say

So like all sites online, around the end of 2021 I started to notice that Quora was censoring and book burning a lot of my comments. Quora is now part of the collection of evil collective sites online who censor what we say.

I’m not allowed to say anything that isn’t 100% nice. This is part of the new age cultist and leftist robotic society, and it controls our behavior.

I still need to analyze this more about WHY the evils are doing this (their purpose), but this falls inline with how facebook told all group owners that if their members emojied a post/comment with an angry or unhappy emoji, they would be docked points and their group wouldn’t show up high in the rankings.

Then several months later nazi goolag YouTube stopped allowing us to see how many people DISLIKED a video.

Why would they do that?

One reason is so the zombies don’t wake up to what is going on.

And like I said, it controls your behavior so you have to stop, waste time to think about what you are saying before you say it and police  and censor yourself. Assuming there ever WAS Freedom of Speech, that is LONG GONE.

Here are the examples of what nazi Quora book burned

    1. This was a post about a guy who quit smoking after being in a coma. It is literally the most TAME comment I could possibly write and yet it was book burned citing I was rude. LOL

      I wrote: Thanks for that John. I’m always shocked when people say… “I like smoking.” It’s both an addiction & an oral fixation.

      Btw, did you know that the reason why American cigs are soooo toxic is due to the sugar, not the nicotine?

      In France they don’t put sugar in their cigs & people don’t get sick.

      They also put other very toxic chemicals on the tobacco. Tobacco (as much as I hate the smell) is actually healthy b/c it’s just a plant in its natural state.

      Did you know that Phillips Morris (I think it was) bought out certain sectors of the fake food industry?

      This book was VERY educational & horrifying all at the same time – Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

      Everything they tell you is a lie. It’s best to look outside mainstream society to learn the truth. I don’t think anyone should smoke (I’m an ex smoker myself), but I still find it interesting to learn the TRUTH. I’m glad you quit.

    2. You can create topics that you are an expert in and I created this and Quora book burned it. “The topic I’ve Been Studying the Truth About the Evils and Who Controls the World Since 2015 was removed”
    3. Everything above was written in 2021. Sorry I never got around to publishing this. I went to look for this because I just realized that Quora is now reviewing our questions whenever we edit the question.I admit I don’t ask a lot of questions, but I just don’t remember that being the case before and when they approved the edit, they removed important information, like the state Arizona and something else. WOW and Why?

      Quora is 100% evil now. I was on there helping an online friend because her once GREAT house insurance company USAA is refusing to pay out the claim after the evils used their weather weapons over and over again to create hail storms and it tore her carport.


Our Free Society

The only way to win this war is with US!

People can shirk their responsibility in all of this which is just cowardice, but every day you can always choose to REALLY wake UP to Help Save Yourself, Humanity, and our Mother Earth.

Truth, Spirituality (nothing to do with the psyop known a religion), shedding your childhood trauma, becoming a mature adult, and then taking responsibility for yourself HAS to be done.

I know it’s hard because the evils control us, but it HAS to be done. If we all start to do it, this war WILL BE OVER. We have the POWER to stop them, but you have to play your part.

The key is learning who you are with everything else stripped away. Truly look in the mirror.

Learn how to love and respect yourself and then help others. If we all help one another, that’s sharing the workload.

Build alternative communities based on FREEDOM and Truth. Do it together outside of the evils’ mafia governments. It’s the ONLY way.


It’s our negative energy they feed off of. So long as we aren’t United and Strong, they can control us. We need to be United and Strong and NOT just accept what is going on. This is NOT a movie!!!

Both parts have to be done AND people have to STOP WORSHIPING MONEY.

The evils use money as a WEAPON. Money shouldn’t be used to judge others by their WORTH. Anyone who thinks this way is controlled by the evils and is harming Humanity. Yes we need it in THEIR system, so that’s why you need to break FREE from their evil MATRIX.

This war can ONLY BE WON BY US, not some deity or Human. That’s where the psyop religion comes in – SALVATIONISM.

They want you to NEVER grow up and fight them. They want you waiting for someone ELSE to save you so they have free reign to kill us.

Here’s my alternative therapy page. I hope you read and bookmark it. https://ourfreesociety.com/alternative-therapy-courses/

There’s NO SHAME in admitting you have issues. WE ALL DO.

It’s when you don’t care and don’t work to rid yourself of them (this doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a work in progress) that I have a problem with that because you refusing to not do the work affects ALL of us, not just YOU.

With tough Love

Our Free Society
I hope you learned something.

Never make Authority your Truth… make Truth your Authority

The definition of insanity is blind obedience.

Culture teaches us that only the police have the right to defend.

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