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Why I Don’t Believe in Religion

All of the religionsMy reasons for why I don’t believe in religion.

I had to buckle down and finish this off because religion has once again become the new weapon during this war. Nothing but people preaching gawd, Jesus, the Messiah over and over again waiting for their elusive figure to come save them while they do nothing to save themselves.

And people often confuse Spirituality with religion. I remember years ago out of the blue my father (a traditionally religious abusive little boy who forced religion down my throat) started using the word spirituality when he had NEVER EVER used that word before.

This was around 1995 or so if memory serves.

He wasn’t the only one, so I figured out that the religious ones were trying to hijack TRUE spirituality by using that word.

Here’s a good example of how I perceive our Creator. This is supposedly written by a group of entities working on this game of life.

  1. “Religion is either actually created, or at very least, heavily influenced by us. God is a human concept, which is a misunderstanding of the original concept of “Creator”. This is further confused, as there are many macrocosmic level creators, or Logos, as has been explained previously. “God” implies some separate entity which is “outside” of you, which you must supplicate to and worship.

    Our One Infinite Creator and almost all of our Logos and sub-Logos do not want your worship. They want you to understand creation and your place within it as a co-creator. Ultimately, there is a supreme being in the form of the One Infinite Creator. But we are all a part of it, rather than its subjects. None of the names given for this supreme being by your religions are the true name. But they are indeed correct, in that there is one supreme being, namely the Infinite Creator. They just have different concepts about it, which spring from the texts their religion is based upon.

    Do not worship your Infinite Creator, but rather live in a state of thanksgiving and service to it for bringing you into being, and for this amazing game it has created, in which we may forget who we really are, in order to remember and know ourself again as the Creator.”

The only thing I disagree with is “living in a state of service.” To me that sounds exactly like worshiping.

I love when I feel love. I do NOT bow down to anyone or anything unless I’m forced and if you have to force me to love you, then IT’S NOT LOVE.

I’m going to give you a brief explanation of what being truly Spiritual means to me after years of me studying the topic and yes, some of these concepts are mentioned in both bibles from what I’ve heard.

  1. Our Creator is a big BALL of energy. I had the pleasure of feeling it one day in 2004. WOW, is all I can say. I was literally “on cloud 9.” Now I know why they have that term.Back to our Creator… It decided (or so they say) to one day exam itself because it wanted to know more. That’s when the journey of creation began. What was created at what time and in what order, we have no idea.

    I’m not sure this is 100% correct, but since we have no proof otherwise of what REALLY happened, I’m going to go with it as I learn more about us being in a MATRIX, why the evil arcon/satan/etc. came to be, and why it got so strong that it took over, etc.

    Unfortunately I don’t have time to really study this topic because of the fucking evils – sigh, but it’s just part of the MANY topics I study to get to the Truth.

    I believe that the new testament is JUST an allegory which I learned about in this book, and I learned from this book that there have been many jesus type stories for thousands of years prior to the jesus story everyone now worships.

    In fact, I was shocked to find out that the Jews created the concept of Jesus. Long story, you will have to read the book yourself if you are a Truther like I am.

    At this point I don’t care if he existed. What matters to me is how people treat themselves, others, our Mother Earth, and what kind of a society we live in.

    As for the old testament, I highly doubt the evils wrote the new testament, but then didn’t write the old one, so I’ll assume that was their way to control the jews, and guess what, it WORKED. ALL RELIGION IS ABOUT CONTROL and not taking responsibility for yourself and worshiping and waiting for something outside yourself.

    Then I found out it’s actually a BLUEPRINT. That amused me and I think I have another video that discusses this, but I can’t find it right now. Link.

  2. There is NO division. We are all ONE. No different regions, countries, no women being better than men and vice versa, etc.
  3. All humans are made up of a spirit and a soul. We are here on earth to learn how to improve ourselves as a spiritual being and connect to Consciousness. Unfortunately growing requires strife, because most people don’t learn anything when life is great. I wish it weren’t true, but it is.
  4. Since we come from the one creator, we logically all have to be a part of one another even if we come from different ethnic backgrounds.
  5. To be truly spiritual, we need to work on our childhood trauma to release them so we don’t harm others, animals, our mother earth, etc. by our emotional baggage. We all have these issues, some more than others, but we ALL have them. Here is my alternative therapy page that explains what alternative therapy is and tons of therapy choices for you to choose from.
  6. Judging is not healthy. Not judging yourself or others. Everyone is at a different level of spiritual development until they are ready to learn more and move forward. Even if you have done negative things towards yourself or others, the goal is to forgive yourself and others and move on. It’s not easy, but it can be done.
  7. We ALL have a dark and light side. Ignoring the dark is ignoring yourself and not understanding yourself. Spirituality and real science go hand and hand. None of this fake science BS that people worship as a religion.
  8. Learning how to love and respect ourselves is key to spiritual development. The evils (society) have taught us that we need to love everyone else, bow down to everyone else and if you learn how to love yourself, that you are selfish. This is BS. It’s why people are so insecure, full of fear and constantly look outside themselves for validation in life.

In this article I will detail why I feel religion is toxic.

While I will be focusing on religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, etc. there are in fact other religions most people don’t consider like the toxic new age religion, the religion of science, government, allopathic medicine, now the religion of covid, the religion of fear, money, a degree, a career with status, slavery, porn, sex, and the list goes on.

I don’t believe in religion. Never have and never will.

My Brief Story as a Child

I was raised in a very religious family that was abusive, controlling, and took away my life, freedom, and mind.

Due to the hypocrisy, by the age of 12, I knew I would never be religious.

I also figured out that religion wasn’t about love.

Despite begging gawd for years to save me from my abusers, I finally realized he wouldn’t, and shortly thereafter I stopped believing in gawd.

Thank gawd (no pun intended) the Universe showed me spirituality in 1992, otherwise, I would have been LOST or taken my life and passed over to the other side.

Spirituality saved my life, and I became spiritually conscious after at least 6-10 years of studying the topic.

I never liked religion, and I mean ALL religions. I could tell it was all about segregation and who thought THEIR religion was better. Like I said above, spirituality is about UNITY (not group think or communism) from an energetic perspective. Religion is only about unity if you belong to that religion, otherwise they try to convert you unless you are Jewish and then they only try to get you to be more religious if you are secular.

With spirituality, there is no BETTER. We are all spiritual beings, so there’s little to no overt EGO (I’m talking about toxic EGO, not the normal EGO we all have) or control involved in true Spirituality.

Now that doesn’t mean that we as humans don’t have our issues when it comes to letting our EGO control us, but that’s not a spiritual construct and it is just a sign that we need to work on WHY we feel the need to control due to our fears, feeling like we aren’t loved, seen, or heard, etc.

Christians trying to convert everyone into Christianity

Fast forward to today 2020, I started to get really triggered by all the religious Christian fanatics online who are constantly preaching scripture, damnation, this was foretold, and Jesus this and Jesus that. In fact, the constant preaching online really started when I started to learn the truth back in 2015 and I’ve been online since 1998 full time every day 365 days.

I am a nettie and netrepreneur and I never saw this before I became a truther when it escalated exponentially in the last 3 or so years. I wrote this article in 2020, so it really started around 2017.

This was everywhere in Facebook groups that had NOTHING to do with religion and in almost every YouTube commenting area before nazi goolag destroyed the platform.

It seems to have somewhat died down as I write this in June 21, 2022.  I am publishing it in 2022 (sorry.)

I’m editing this on 10-25-23 and in the last week I’ve had 2 Christians try and convert me and get me to read the bible that I can’t even understand when people quote short scripture. SMH I will NOT be converted to toxic religion and if everyone has their own opinion abut what the bible is saying, then that’s just ridiculous.

I shouldn’t need a bloody translator for ANY book, I don’t care what book it is. A translator has their own point of view and can skew the meaning of words and sentences.

I’m not an idiot, I should be able to understand it myself without someone explaining it to me, and the very fact that I can’t, means I’m not interested. I need to be able to resonate with what I’m reading. I’m a very Spiritual person.


People don't need religion

Jews don’t try to convert everyone. Muslims don’t do this or as much. I don’t even think Catholics do this, only Christians.

I do know that religion is meant to control humanity, and that’s ALL religions, not just Christianity. And this is why religious people love to control others and even sort of threaten me. Here’s what I consider a lashing (even if it’s subdued) by a religious person… “I’m sorry you missed the memo. There is only one G-d, and He will make sure you know that one way or another.”

You see how they want you to fear gawd. This is NOT what Spirituality is all about.

I also know that Christians are constantly trying to convert people. Look at what they did to the Native Indians. And there are Christians who travel all over the world trying to convert people to be just like them.

Jews do it too to non religious Jews, and if I’m not mistaken, Muslims do it too, but usually to other Muslims.

Fanatical Christians have ruined millions of Native Indians’ lives and took them away from our Mother Earth.


And just to be clear, I lump all of the other Christian religions together, like the born again Christians, the LDSs, Jehova Witnesses, etc. There was a video about Jehova Witnesses that was not good, but I wasn’t able to confirm it was true by myself, so I didn’t upload it.

Sure people say that many thousands of years ago supposedly Mohammed went around threatening everyone to join his religion of Islam, but I’ve since heard the evils put him up to it.

How religious fanatics probably scare people away from the TRUTH

So these religious fanatics have been pissing me off for the last two or so years.

Not a day goes by when I don’t see some religious doctrine written by a Christian fanatic in fakebook groups, on YouTube channels, MeWe, Gab is full of them, and most truthers are religious christian fanatics, so most of their videos preach jesus at some point in the video.

Sometimes I can’t even learn the Truth because it’s shrouded in RELIGION! It disgusts me. So anyone who says that religion is on its way out because of the evils doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Religion is the biggest psyop of ALL TIME

Religion is a control mechanism created by the evils so you don’t think you are worth anything or have POWER. The evils needed to control everyone, so what better way than to make up stories about our CREATION so everyone segregates themselves and bows down to something else instead of themselves.

And this is the MAIN reason we are in this state of SLAVERY.

Back to religious fanatics…

In fact, I will bet you anything that there are more born again Christians now and in the last 3-4 years than probably in the last 100 years.

This is one sure-fire way to turn off people who don’t know the truth and who don’t believe in religion, so the damage is being done that people who could be waking up to the Truth are not, and this directly affects us fighting the evils and building a free society.

This makes it look like ALL truthers are right-wing religious fanatics.

I know that I myself didn’t watch a lot of truther videos at first because of that. I eventually realized I had no choice, because like I said, most of the truthers are christian fanatics. That of course also clouds their judgment about several topics including spirituality.

I even told a channel owner who was a born again (once a new ager) that I don’t believe in religion, and when she realized she couldn’t convert me, she deleted my long comment about spirituality.

Yes, she has that right because it’s her channel, but it just goes to show me how unloving, judgmental, and totally disturbed these people are.

And not only that, I just heard from a born again Christian that Jesus is ALL about judgment, shame, and sin. WOW.

Morality and Natural Law

You can be moral WITHOUT believing in Jesus and no one should EVER be forced to believe in something just because someone else thinks they should.

That’s NO DIFFERENT than the government and the evils.

And what does morality even mean? What you consider moral and I consider moral may be two different things.

The ONLY laws I follow are Natural Law or Laws of Nature. You can watch the full lecture here.

Any religious person who worships man made laws (we all have to follow them or risk being beaten, kidnapped and imprisoned by the evils) again, doesn’t understand spirituality at all.

People don't need religion

Most people who follow religion are closed minded

So recently I got into a back and forth with ANOTHER Christian because she doesn’t believe in reincarnation since the bible says it’s bad.

LOL this is exactly WHY I don’t believe in religion.

They have brainwashed these people to NOT follow spirituality. This is how they have been controlling them for thousands of years.

And now I’m 100% convinced that the bible is a fake man-made book, because today while watching a video about astrology  that nazi goolag book/video burned (I just checked), another Christian asked Laura how she can accept astrology since the bible ALSO tells them that astrology is bad.


Here’s proof positive that these books are fake indoctrination tools by the evils.

I’ve never read both bibles. At least the old testament (Jews) believes in reincarnation, but I highly doubt they believe in astrology, AND they tell all Jews they can’t study the Kabbalah unless they have studied all the other books for at least 10-20 years.

I’ve come to realize that most religious people REFUSE to learn anything new unless it’s inside their bibles. This means they are closed minded and ignorant about a lot of things.

I want to be very clear here that even brain dead worshipers of money, science, degrees, etc. (many are religious too) who don’t believe in religion at all are also close minded and have no clue what is going on or why they are here on earth.

The Latin meaning of religion

What is the Universe?

The Universe is what we as humans (and all living creatures and organisms) came from, and I wouldn’t use the word “worship,” but I definitely love the Universe and talk to it organically when I’m in the right frame of mind emotionally and physically. In religion you are forced to talk to gawd on a specific day and in most of these religions, even at a specific time. sigh Again, it’s all about force and control. Nothing is natural/organic. It’s all about bowing down to what the book says because people think they will get brownie points if they worship this gawd of theirs. Brownie points where either the gawd saves them or they go to heaven and not hell. It’s ALL about fear and control.

We are energetic bodies and deeply connected to the Universe and the Universe is about love energy. VERY powerful in fact. Unfortunately most people don’t know this nor care, and I feel this is why the world is in a state of constant pain.

So to recap the reasons I don’t believe in religion

  1. It’s all about control. I believe even thousands of years ago it was also about control. This is why most people in today’s society need to be CONTROLED! They can’t think for themselves, they always have to look to a bible, priest, pope, rabbi, government, life coach (yes sometimes we need help), therapist (how many years do people go to therapists and never stop?), teachers and professors, Dear Abby, stars, authors, and the list goes on. It’s all abut how supposedly gawd knows more, knows better, judges, decides for you, you have NO say in the matter, For me that’s being a slave and I will NOT submit to being a slave within my heart and spirit.
  2. It’s all about segregation. If you don’t belong to their religion, very often they ostracize or shun you.

    I’ve been ignored by die-hard Christians, or yehoshua, yawia people, and they were truthers. I wanted to learn the truth from them, but their constant preaching in the online meeting and then the ignoring afterward just proved to me again that religion is all about segregation.

    Almost every religion except maybe Buddhism and the New Age religion is like this, and I don’t like either of those either.

    While I get that we almost always feel more comfortable with our “own” kind, if we were all spiritually conscious, this wouldn’t matter for the most part except from a cultural or intelligent standpoint.

  3. I can’t even stand it when ignorant New Agers talk down to me and preach their “think positive thoughts,” or “you create your own reality” bullshit because they don’t even know what they are talking about.

    My point is their arrogance and talking down behavior I’ve encountered for many many years starting at least around 2004. I think that was around the time that Abraham Hicks started to become very popular.

    I even had one guy (an American expat in Panama when I lived there) verbally attack me when I was going through a very rough time.

    He would constantly raise his voice saying that I caused everything that is happening to me as if I did it ALL on purpose.

    Considering that I was in a very distraught state and anyone with a brain would be able to see that, it’s a good thing deep down inside I had strength to not kill myself. You see, most religious people don’t learn how to communicate with empathy. This is something you learn in alternative therapy or if you were just very spiritual your whole life.

    On the day I was finally going to LEAVE Panama (I hated it there), him and I had no longer been talking, but he somehow heard I was leaving and sped over in his jeep to start talking down to me about how I’m running away and this isn’t going to solve anything and he wouldn’t even let me close my door to the van I was getting into. SHOCKING.

    I’m not saying I’m never arrogant and shame on me for being that way, but I know when I do it and I’m usually just fed up by something at that point. They are doing it because they are brainwashed and think they know it ALL and have any right to tell anyone how to live their life. Maybe if he was a dear old friend I would say it was tough love even though I didn’t need that, but he wasn’t. We had met a total of 3 times.

    Did you know that the New Age religion was created by the evils?

    When I learned that by this video here, things just started to make sense after that.

    It’s not just new agers who are this controlling, a lot of religious people think it’s their job to tell YOU how to live your life. Again, they are controlled by religion, so they naturally want to control others.

  4. Another trigger for me when it comes to religious fanatics is when Jews say “gawd willing” as IF they have no control over anything in their lives which is another reason I don’t believe in religion.

    I’m not sure what Muslims say.

    From what I have learned, the Universe can NOT interfere in our lives because that’s why we have free WILL.

    To interfere with every step of our lives (not by totally leave us stranded) goes against the Laws of Nature.

    We also have a higher self that is much more spiritually inclined than we are as humans. It looks out for us often, but we need to learn how to connect to it.

    One of the biggest problems is that we have no idea what the tools are to give us power, and I’m not talking about evil power, but just power.


    Because the evils have hidden it from us for thousands of years. Why else do you think we are slaves?

    Again, I am not saying there aren’t tools to connect us to Source and the Universe, I’m saying we don’t know what those tools are.

    If all anyone has to do is pray or meditate to their gawd, Jesus, the Universe or Source, then we are we in this situation?

    How many of you have prayed (maybe even for months and years) and gawd has never helped you?

    My point is, praying and meditation do NOT work unless we do it together and correctly.

    We are supposed to have one another’s backs, and we don’t because you believe that segregation is needed instead of looking at the totality of humanity, our Mother Earth, and our spiritual Universe, Source, Top Creator, etc.

    Since we are all in this together, if 10 million people are starving and you are selfish and don’t care and somehow try to help them, then you are helping destroying our society.

  5. Religion has set people up to bow down and worship something or someone else other than themselves.They don’t have minds of their own and they don’t believe and trust in themselves, which then means they cause strife for everyone else because they are mindless puppets who are very dangerous.

    Ignorant fools are almost always more dangerous than people who are awake and in the know unless they are of evil mind with no consciousness.

    There’s a difference between not knowing something and being so brain dead you aren’t even aware enough to keep your eyes and senses open around you.

  6. If I really wanted to go deep, I’d say religion even causes people to be robotic parrots.In a church/synagogue/mosque, they are taught to repeat the same things over and over again. This then means they never STOP to think about what they are saying. How can you even truly mean what you say if you don’t even stop to think about what you are saying?I find they just follow the pack because they are followers.Whoever came up with this plan was smart though, because you can clearly see this is why 90% of the entire world is under deep mind control. They are just robotic followers.Prior to the scamdemic starting, I was learning about the subconscious and how it pretty much rules our life.When you want to create a different reality, you first have to retrain your subconscious by repeat the same things over and over again until it becomes natural to think that way and feel that way.So again, this is what religion is like, they repeat the same verses over and over again until they don’t even think, it just comes out of their mouth with no actual thought to why they are saying what they are saying.And this is also why they are easily brainwashed and manipulated outside of religion except in this case, they know enough not to follow the evils because instead they are following their gawd.

    This is also why I have found tons (not all) of religious people selling MLM (multi level marketing) products. That whole industry is about brainwashing and it’s very culty. I consider religions to be cults.

    In fact, I once came across a guy who was through with Islam and wanted to know what OTHER religion he could get into.

    I asked him, why don’t you study spirituality. He said NO, he wants a religion. SMH

  7. Religion is ALL about following RULES, abstaining from the pleasures in life like making love, food, music, TV, movies, etc.), FREEDOM, and the list goes on. You show me one religion where they don’t have these components to them.

    In spirituality, there are no rules. If you make a mistake, you hopefully learn from it. I can’t force myself to learn from a mistake, but I try, and I try not to beat myself up when I don’t learn from it because that’s just self abuse. The more you shed your trauma, the easier it is to learn from life.

    One hopes that eventually we do learn from our mistakes, but as history shows us, humans are TERRIBLE at learning from their mistakes and I think that’s also because they don’t take responsibility for their actions and they are in slave mode all the time.

    Which is another thing that religion allows. It allows people to do whatever they want without taking responsibility because hey, if gawd decides what goes on in your life or you are absolved of your sins when you do absolution, then you can do ANYTHING and not have to own up to it.

So enough with my points. I hope you got them.

I will never change my opinion on this. I know instinctively that this is fact and I’ve known this for years and since I started this article in 2020 I’ve read more and watched more videos with varying different points of view on religion which even solidifies my opinion that it was made by the evils to control the slaves and that’s US.

Saying that, many years ago I released my hatred towards religion. I didn’t care anymore because I wasn’t around religious people, but then around 2018 when the Christian preaching online just got to be too much for me and now with the war in full force, with the exception of Muslims, I see the preaching both in the Jewish and Christian groups online.

I understand they are living in fear and this is their coping mechanism, but if they actually understood spirituality and gave up their controlling religion and started studying spirituality, we may actually heal this hell of a society we live in worldwide.

I want to make it very clear that I do not hate religious people. I just can’t stand the way they act and they make me feel very very uncomfortable.

I get that they are in slave mode and they want everyone else to be in slave mode too. To me they are no different than the zombies except many (not all) of these ones are awake to the truth (at least).

I wish no harm to anyone even if I don’t like their personality traits and how they try to control others and get them into their cult.

I care about ALL of humanity. I don’t care what religion or ethnic background you come from. You ALL deserve to be alive unless you are ready to pass over to the other side.

Saying that, because you refuse to study the TRUTH about TRUE spirituality, I feel you are responsible for why we are enslaved as a human species. sigh

Michelle – Hugs
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1 comment on “Religion”

  1. All I can say is WOW when I read this from someone because he believes that information on Odysee should be removed if it’s illegal or wrong.

    So, my question to him was… Who decides what’s right or wrong?

    I can’t even talk to this person he’s so brainwashed.

    “Ultimately it comes down to who God has put in place to govern us. Some of those whom he puts in power are totally going against his will, but still he has a purpose for giving them to rule (albeit for a season most probably). A society that has no law becomes a morally devolving society because everyone would be encouraged to do as they wish. And the human nature is simply evil, so evil would become the norm.

    Yes, there is objective good and objective evil. Again, ultimately it would come down to what God deems as good and what He deems as evil. He even put this compass in our hearts, so that we all know deep down what is right and what is wrong.

    There is no one better than you. Also, you’re not better than anyone else. We are all equal. So it isn’t because they are better than you that they get to rule over you. It’s just that they were given that role to play in the story of existence which is unfolding before our eyes.”

    First off, he thinks that all men and women are evil or bad. SMH

    And that if we didn’t have laws and a mafia government, they would be MORE bad then they already are & we’ve had man made laws for how many hundreds of years now??? LOL

    He doesn’t understand the first thing about psychology, spirituality and of course bows down to the controlling jealous gawd.

    AND that gawd gets to decide everything (there’s that religious indoctrination again) and we are just slaves to do his bidding and the mafia government’s bidding by way of his slave gawd. sigh

    I have no words.

    I think I’m going to start posting people’s comments every time they floor me. At least this will show you why I get triggered so much.

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